Tora! Tora! Tora! Call In A Quick Airstrike!

Just imagine:  Nearly ONE THOUSAND private jets parked tight on one single airfield in Davos.  The highly-exclusive vehicles of the global 1/10th of one percenters, the leftist “no borders / save the planet” establishment douchebags gathered to pontificate and virtue-signal. Just imagine:  Finding new ways to promote the fear of “manmade climate change” while spewing hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, hundreds of tons per each and every leftist jackwagon who just had to travel to Davos via personal jet. Just imagine:  A couple of well-placed air-to-ground shots into the parking ramp, and we’d have two … Continue reading

Oh, That EVIL CO2. It Is Going To Kill Us

Remember that meme from the left, when the ONLY CO2 detector the government, and global warming loons use on top of Mauna Loa, an active volcano, exceeded 400 ppm ? I called bullshit on it then, HERE, and HERE,  and it seems others are calling bullshit as well. Dr. Tim Ball from fills us in. Leftists. SHEESH. Too bad CO2 couldn’t eliminate THEM.   Plants encouraged as CO2 levels reach 400 ppm Anthony Watts / May 9, 2015 Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball is writing on behalf of the plants. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that … Continue reading

“AAAAIIIIEEEEE, CO2 Is Going To Kill Us”.

Yes, folks, that is what the left tells us. It is WHY the rogue Obama EPA made out of whole cloth the ruse of CO2 needing to be REGULATED as a “pollutant”. What hooey. In this article, Dr. Ian Plimer, Prof. Emeritus of geology at the University of Melbourne, and professor of mining sciences at the University of Adelaide, in the Land Down Under, tells the TRUTH about that. From     Make sure you read this!!!!!! This is a man who knows what he is talking about….not some bleeding heart left wing greenie academic socialist freak or a … Continue reading

The Hits Keep On Coming.

Against the scam known as man-made global warming, that is. In a new report released, NOAA says this hurricane season is NOT, let me repeat, NOT going to be “historic”, well, except maybe for LACK of hurricanes hitting the U.S. All this tripe, from Obama, Gore, the U-frigging-N IPCC, warning us of DIRE consequences of increased CO2 emissions, have, much like the REST of the fear-mongering over the non-existent problem, been WAY overblown. This comes to us from Barbara Hollingsworth, at   Despite Rising CO2 Levels, Hurricane Activity Remains At Historic Low September 8, 2014 – 3:39 PM By … Continue reading