Why Do Climate Change Alarmists Want Our Planet to be Cold

From Climate News The infectious climate change narrative that is being drilled into the minds of the next generation isn’t about protecting the planet. The term climate change is being used to get people to believe that they are supporting science, supporting the environment, protecting the Earth, and committing to a clean future. But it doesn’t matter if your intent is good and you want to protect the planet; if you believe in the popular climate change narrative, you are simply being used by the globalists and central planners. Investments are at stake. Controlling elites will find any way to … Continue reading

It Is Now Official.

Yessirree, Bob, we “deniers” are now, according to that ESTEEMED “science Guy”, Bill Nye, and 22,000 “believers” and Klimate Kool-Aid Drinkers, deniers instead of skeptics. We KNOW we are winning when the leftists have to change the pejoratives. James Delingpole from Breitbart London.com gives us the GOOD news. Why I So Totally Love Being Called a ‘Climate Denier’ by James Delingpole 14 Feb 2015 A New Mexico physicist has launched a petition – signed by 22,000 Klimate-Kool-Aid-drinkers, and counting – demanding that from henceforward climate sceptics be referred to in the media by their proper name. That proper name, apparently, … Continue reading