And…She May Run For Office !

This is what a Stanford education and a Lifetime Achievement Award can produce these days ……… Chelsea Clinton ✔@ChelseaClinton Please tell me this is photoshopped. Please? … 4:36 PM – 25 Mar 2017 1,7021,702 Retweets 4,5784,578 likes And just what was she referring to ? This tweet by WPTV’s Andrew Lofholm: View image on Twitter Andrew Lofholm The cover of the 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner program for Republican Party of Palm Beach County tonight at Mar-a-Lago. @WPTV 4:26 PM – 24 Mar 2017 Well Bless her heart. But the truth is that it’s an authentic photo. It was found in … Continue reading

The slow fall of Hillary Clinton

. The slow fall of Hillary Clinton January 15, 2016 by Ben Crystal, From Personal Liberty     I almost pity Hillary Clinton. This was supposed to be her year. Eight years after a previously unknown senator from Illinois snatched the brass ring away from her outstretched claws, the woman who made a career out of being a walking Tammy Wynette lyric was finally going to step out from behind her husband’s considerable shadow and become the most powerful woman — check that, the most powerful human — on the planet. The old girl was so confident that her time … Continue reading

Princess Chelsea Clinton – successor to the throne?

The conundrum that is Princess Chelsea Clinton From:,  by Jazz Shaw,  on Aug 5, 2015,  see the article HERE. On the various occasions that I’ve found myself writing about Chelsea Clinton in the past I have almost universally steered away from jumping on any actual criticism of her or any temptation toward obsessing over her life. I think, as I’ve said before, that this reluctance is rooted in being old enough to remember when she was a little girl living in the White House. The press left her alone which was the right thing to do. She committed no crime … Continue reading

How The Clintons Make Ends Meet

It’s hard to get by making millions for speeches containing witticisms such as ‘You can’t win if you don’t show up.’ At least, the Clintons say it is. From:,  by: Rob Schwarzwalder,  on May 20, 2015,  see the article HERE. Bill Clinton has bills—big ones. He says he needs to keep taking roughly $500,000 for each speech he gives because “I gotta pay our bills.” One wonders what kinds of expenses the paycheck-to-paycheck Clinton family has run up, particularly in light of the largesse of the taxpaying public in the long season of Clinton’s post-presidency. As Politico reports: By … Continue reading

There’s no place like a ‘Royal Womb’

I know it’s late for Funny Fridays, but then again it is not a joke. Listen to the way ABC describes the coming baby/grandchild of Clintons. “Bill and Hillary Clinton are reveling in the news they will be grandparents. Chelsea Clinton is set to give birth to America’s equivalent of the royal baby sometime this fall — and the parents couldn’t be happier. Clinton, who announced the news on Thursday, did not say if she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are having a boy or a girl.” Why didn’t they say “golden child”? They then offer a sneak peak what … Continue reading