Stop Sucking. Sincerely, America

Remember those droning celebs prattling their leftie indoctrinated spiel over the election in those “Public Service Lectures” ? Well, Mary Catherine Hamm, Guy Benson, Katie Pavlich, S.E. Cupp and more turned the celebrities’ formula of lecturing videos back at them in this mocking production by Townhall Media. Good job everybody ! ~Terry  

There IS Some Hope.

Regular readers of my screeds know the animus I harbor towards what passes as “entertainment” today, especially Hollyweird and MOST of television. Every once in a while, a lone voice of reason comes from that vast, barren wasteland. The story is from Matthew Burke at Enjoy.   TV Star Gives Prescription to Cure America’s Ills; Leftists Will Hate it; Americans Will Love it. January 7, 2015 By Matthew Burke Danny Koker is a patriotic American and is not afraid to say so. Counting Cars star Danny Koker, aka: “The Count,” whose rise to stardom grew out of his passion … Continue reading