Closer Look At What Border States Deal With Daily

Texas Public Safety has a declassified document called Overview 2017 that for many not living in border states should be an eye-opener as to what those states have to deal with and how many kinds of threats are found along our unprotected border areas. Before those liberals “save the illegals” get on their high horses about having to build a wall (regardless of who has to pay for it), a few facts are in order. A State Intelligence Estimate – January 2017 We access that the current terrorism threat to Texas is elevated. We expect this heightened threat to persist … Continue reading

Those Lies and Illegals We Pay For Thanks to Obama and His Henchmen Which Rarely Make Headlines

  Polk County, Florida, A drug bust back in July 2015  In a 7-month investigation, called Operation Numero Uno, detectives along with the drug Enforcement Administration discovered a ring of 11 people shipping in $5 million worth of meth disguised as Mexican candy. It looks like colorful suckers, but hides the dangerous drug.  The drugs were coming from Mexico and through Houston and Atlanta before getting to Central Florida, deputies said.   Texas: Hard Narcotics at the Laredo Port of Entry Release Date: February 26, 2016 US Customs and Border Protection 1) S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized a noteworthy … Continue reading

Mexico Legalizes Vigilante Groups

From Yahoo News and AP: Mexico essentially legalized the country’s growing “self-defense” groups Monday, while also announcing that security forces had captured one of the four top leaders of the Knights Templar drug cartel, which the vigilante groups have been fighting for the last year. The government said it had reached an agreement with vigilante leaders to incorporate the armed civilian groups into old and largely forgotten quasi-military units called the Rural Defense Corps. Vigilante groups estimate their numbers at 20,000 men under arms. The twin announcements may help the administration of President Enrique Pena Nieto find a way out … Continue reading