Gold Star Father… Khan’s Travel Privileges Being Reviewed?

From Canada Free Press You remember this guy, right? He got up and spoke at the Democratic National Convention, the Gold Star father of a dead U.S. Marine, blasting Donald Trump for daring to question the patriotism of Muslim Americans. Of course, Trump never questioned any such thing. He made the fairly obvious observation that most terrorists are Muslims, which is not even in the same universe with tarring the patriotism of Muslims in general – but never let it be said Democrats will pass up the chance to craft a totally dishonest narrative if they think it will help … Continue reading

Canadian Authorities Stopped ISIS-Inspired Mall Attack

From Blazing Cat Fur Authorities recently dismantled an ISIS-inspired plot to carry out a “knife and gun” attack at a Canadian shopping mall, NBC News reports. Anonymous intelligence officials told the American news network that a group of people walked through a Canadian mall to scope out its exits and plan an attack that would see them mowing down people on crowded escalators until police showed up. According to sources, authorities stopped the attack before it could happen. It’s not clear which mall was targeted. Authorities in Canada and the U.S. fear an ISIS-like attack, where either someone is publicly … Continue reading