Bernie Sanders – Portrait of a Socialist

Bernie Sanders – Portrait of a Socialist Early History Born in 1941 in the US to Polish Jewish immigrants, Bernie Sanders was barely 4 years old by the end of WWII. One has to believe that the horror of the Nazi extermination of his relatives back in Poland and elsewhere would have been a daily concern as he grew up. But apparently, as a child he was a bit more taken with the power and politics of one Adolph Hitler. He was also a “bit of a jock as a teen” according to reminiscences by his brother in a <a< … Continue reading

Bernie Sanders, Socialist Role Model: A Greedy, Petty Liar

When will you millennials learn?  Socialists LIE and STEAL from YOU.  Socialism benefits only the few who control the system.  For just a teensy little minute, get your heads out of Twatter, put your Facebook self-promotion on pause, and consider these facts about your hero, the hectoring curmudgeon from Vermont: The rich are evil and steal from you, sez Bernie.  So why is Jane Sanders under FBI investigation for bank fraud?  Seems Senator Bernie may well have pressured a bank to make a bad loan to Burlington College during Jane (Missus Sanders) tenure as president there.  Is it stealing for … Continue reading

Feel the BURN: Bernie Hot Mic Proves He Was Never a Real Candidate

  Interesting video from the view of Aaron and Melissa Dykes. TruthStreamMedia. Most of us knew this already, but now here’s proof. Is Bernie going down fighting for his political beliefs like a real presidential candidate would? Is he even being remotely honest with his supporters at this point? Nope. He’s keeping his mouth shut and staying on script for Hillary — who everyone knows will be the worst kind of tyrannical dictator — saying, “I’m proud to stand with her”. For those of us who didn’t know this, Bernie was like a magical fairy unicorn. People want so badly to … Continue reading

Yes. Yep. Yeah. Mmm Hmmm.

A. 406 Q. What is “How many times did HildaBeast nod her head during Bernie’s indoctrination ….I mean ENDORSEMENT…speech? If you don’t want to watch all of the video, be assured it is the same during the entire 6 minutes.   If you would like another question, try this one : How many times does Killery smile,wave and point at someone in the crowd like they were the bestest of budddies ?     Crikey ! I once observed this same ritual during an expedition to observe the mating habits of morons in the wilds of Bobbleheadzania :     Lord … Continue reading

Take Bernie Out Of The Ballgame

Legendary baseball announcer Vin Scully with a thought between pitches :     Great play by play calling Vin . Strike 3…. YERRRRR OUT BERNIE ! Terry

Because Growing Up Is So Very Hard To Do

From Canada Free Press   Liberals like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders represent the worst of America, children in grown-up positions, obstinate in their ignorance.  They abhor free market capitalism, limited government, fiscal responsibility, faith-based anything except faith in government, self-determination, individual responsibility, anything traditional or time-tested.  They assume they know everything and yet know nothing.  President Reagan rightly observed:  “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant.  It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” These liberals, like so many other liberals, personify the ne’er-do-well student who has been sleeping soundly in class, having missed most … Continue reading

The slow fall of Hillary Clinton

. The slow fall of Hillary Clinton January 15, 2016 by Ben Crystal, From Personal Liberty     I almost pity Hillary Clinton. This was supposed to be her year. Eight years after a previously unknown senator from Illinois snatched the brass ring away from her outstretched claws, the woman who made a career out of being a walking Tammy Wynette lyric was finally going to step out from behind her husband’s considerable shadow and become the most powerful woman — check that, the most powerful human — on the planet. The old girl was so confident that her time … Continue reading

Sanders: Ban All Self-Defense Firearms

Sen. Bernie Sanders essentially called for banning all guns used for self-defense.  Sanders, the only (admitted) socialist running for president in the Democrat Party primary, appeared on Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press to drop that bomb.  The junior Senator from Vermont told Chuck Todd that guns designed primarily to kill people, rather than to hunt animals, should be banned nationwide. “Nobody should have a gun who has a criminal background, who’s involved in domestic abuse situations. People should not have guns who are going to hurt other people, who are unstable. And second of all I believe that … Continue reading

Crazy Uncle Bernie, The Commie.

In a rambling, damn near incoherent blather to “Playboy” magazine recently, Ol’ Crazy Bernie once again proves liberalism is a mental disorder. Read it, and draw your own conclusions. From The Daily   Sanders: Global warming more dangerous than al-Qaida. 1:45 PM  10/18/2013    by  Michael Bastasch Bernie among friends.   Bernie, since you are SO worried about a non-existent problem, visit THESE guys, and find out what THEY think. Don’t forget to wear your best sealskin coat!! Forget al-Qaida. According to the Senate’s only openly socialist member, the  country’s main national security threat is global  warming. In fact, … Continue reading