Jeff Sessions, Mitch McConnell: Soul Brothers From Different Mothers – Updated

The testimony given by AG Jeff Sessions to the House Judiciary Committee yesterday convinces me that Sessions dwells in the same swamp as our ol’ pal Smidge McConnell.  Both of them do a fine job at giving credence to the leftist stereotype of dumb Southern white men.  Sessions has mastered the “duh, you’ll have to ask someone else about that, I don’t remember” response to pointed questions about his actions and overall strategy.  Watch how Jeffie handles questions from Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the founder of the House Freedom Caucus: Jim Jordan was not the only one who dismantled … Continue reading

Republicans Who Voted For Loretta Lynch Voted For The Abuse Of Executive Power

Mitch McConnell could have made a case against Obama’s overreach. Now, he’s complicit. From:,  by: David Harsanyi,  on: April 24, 2015,  see the article HERE. It’s pretty simple. After years of griping about Barack Obama’s abuse of executive power, the GOP finally has a chance to do something about it. So Mitch McConnell makes a deal: If Democrats agree to stop blocking a human trafficking bill over some boilerplate language regarding abortion funding—a position that made them look unreasonable—Republicans, with all the leverage imaginable, will help confirm another attorney general nominee who will rubber stamp the president’s many overreaches. Loretta Lynch was confirmed in a 56-43 Senate … Continue reading

Awkward: Ted Cruz Questions Loretta Lynch

  From IJ Review: Senator Ted Cruz recently questioned Loretta Lynch, Obama’s potential replacement for Attorney General Eric Holder. Lynch didn’t seem pleased with Senator Cruz’s questions. On whether the President would be able to use his own discretion over tax laws: Cruz: “If a subsequent president–let’s say president Cornyn is sworn in in January of 2017. And president Cornyn decide that he was going to instruct the Secretary of the Treasury not to collect any taxes in excess of 25%–to exercise prosecutorial discretion, and not collect the taxes. In your legal opinion, would that be consistent with the constitution? Lynch: … Continue reading