Mother Nature Builds a Wall in Canada

Seems that Mother Nature doesn’t even want the Muslim Refugees that are trying to come to Canada illegally from the USA! Let’s see them get through this!

News Anchor Shows Disgruntled Hillary Voters Fastest Route to Canada

From Brittius >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unfortunately….the News Anchor from Tulsa did not do his homework! It is not called Lord Selkin Highway! It is called “Lord Selkirk Highway”!! Provincial Trunk Highway 75 (PTH 75, also officially known as the Lord Selkirk Highway) is the main highway from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the Canada–U.S. border, where it connects with Interstate 29. The Canadian government closed the Emerson East border crossing in 2003 to consolidate resources; the American port of entry at Noyes followed soon after. Motorists wishing to travel US 75 must now take Interstate 29 south to North Dakota Highway 59 at Pembina, … Continue reading

A Message for Americans Who Want to Move to Canada

From Yahoo News Daily Buzz With the U.S. election season in full swing, Ellen DeGeneres has some sound advice for anyone considering heading North of the border if the polls don’t go their way. “So You Want to Move to Canada, Eh?” was inspired by the recent surge in online searches by Americans interested in immigrating to Canada. The tongue-in-cheek segment, supposedly an “official” message by the people of Canada, responds to the uneasiness some have felt at the possibility of a Donald Trump presidency.  Trump is now the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, leading some concerned U.S. citizens … Continue reading

It’s so dangerous to be a black American, I’ve sought asylum in Canada

From:,  by Kyle Lydell Canty,  on Nov 11, 2015,  see the article HERE. “The United States has always been a terrible country to live in. I have no intention of going back.” Black people or people of African descent living in the United States should consider seeking asylum in other countries. That’s what I did. On 24 September, I applied for asylum in Canada. We were brought to America as slaves, and the country hasn’t changed its ways at all since then. Throughout my life, police departments have harassed me and made me fear for my life – this … Continue reading