Life At University And In The Bureaucracy: The Department Of Nice

Prolly the best take-down of the modern American university environment, and of federal bureaucracies, that I have ever read.  Courtesy of TheZMan blog, 9 March 2017.  Enjoy! The Department of Nice The other day, I was at the Department of Nice. It is in the Imperial Capital area and while it is not a very pleasant commute, once you are there, it is very nice. It’s still technically winter here, but the weather was very mild, in the 60’s with a gentle breeze. Many of the nice people, who work in the Department of Nice, took advantage of the nice … Continue reading

Huge Increase in Student Visas from Saudi Arabia

From Conservative Review: What is happening to our Republic? Countries like Mexico are able to dictate our immigration policy. Illegal aliens are able to disrupt congressional proceedings with impunity. And now, Saudi Arabia is able to control our colleges. Did Americans ever cast a vote at the ballot box to cede control of our higher education system to Saudi Arabia? As we learned from the 9/11 attacks, our biggest vulnerability is not our air or naval defenses, it is our immigration system.  Yet, not only have the politicians failed to deal with these vulnerabilities, they have blithely ignored the massive … Continue reading