US pulls out of UN’s Global Compact on Migration

AFP•December 2, 2017 United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The administration of President Donald Trump has withdrawn the United States from a United Nations pact to improve the handling of migrant and refugee situations, deeming it “inconsistent” with its policies, the US mission to the global body announced Saturday. “Today, the US Mission to the United Nations informed the UN Secretary-General that the United States is ending its participation in the Global Compact on Migration,” the Americans said in a statement. In September 2016, the 193 members of the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a non-binding political declaration, the New … Continue reading

Critics Call Trump’s ‘America first’ Policy Too Isolationist

Former deputy commanding general of U.S. forces in Afghanistan weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’. The general is spot on in my opinion.  What is wrong with demanding that our allies “cowboy up” when it comes to their own defense?  To me that’s common sense and fiscally responsible. I’d also like to see the next president diminish our role in the United Nations and to reset the United Nations back to their original charter. ~ Hardnox