The Hypocrisy Flies On

In case you missed this, King Putt “celebrated” Earth Day. How, you ask ? Well, it certainly was NOT refraining from jetting off, wasting taxpayer dollars, spewing TONS of the evil, dreaded CO2 into the air, no sir. Instead, he jetted off to the Florida Everglades, to further pontificate about the scam. Story from Michelle Jesse at   Get a load of how HYPOCRITICAL Obama’s trip to Florida is Written by Michelle Jesse on June 24, 2015 Ah, President Obama, I have to admit it: sometimes I really do appreciate you. Those times when your hypocrisy goes so far … Continue reading

More “Global Warming Lunacy” For Oct 24 2014

Shrinking goats. Terrorist Toasters. Today’s lunacy comes to us from South Florida, South Miami to be exact. The mayor there, one dipshit named Walter Harris, has come up with a novel idea to “combat” global warming. Yep. HE is going to “fix it” by SECEDING from the REST of Florida. That ought to do it, Walt. OY VEY. Here is the lunacy, from Dan Joseph at Southern Florida Threatens to Secede Due to Fear of Climate Change. October 23, 2014 – 11:56 AM By Dan Joseph   Threats of a state seceding from the country, or a part of … Continue reading