Wind Power Fail: Silly Saturday

Thought y’all might like to watch an Al Gore Fail over your Saturday morning coffee.  Betcha those flames contributed to global warming.  The smoke spirals are kinda cool, though…. Seems this is a common problem, when high wind speeds cause the blades to spin faster than their design limit.  The bearings overheat, and POOF. Next week:  Amusing Smart Car Fails! — SafeSpace —  

Can You Pass The FAKE NEWS Test ?

How gullible are you ? See if you can spot the FAKE NEWS ARTICLE    Solar eclipse path  will overwhelmingly pass over Trump Country Is the eclipse throwing shade at Clinton supporters? The path of ideal viewing spots for this month’s highly-anticipated total solar eclipse cuts overwhelmingly through places that voted for President Trump in November. There are about 240 counties roughly along the central path of the eclipse, a 70-mile-wide trail extending across the country where people will be able to see a total eclipse, meaning the sun will appear completely obscured by the moon. And about 92 percent of … Continue reading

Al Gore Predicted The World Will End on January 27th, 2016

From If climate change alarmists are going to continue to make predictions, they could save themselves a good deal of embarrassment by predicting out into the future long after they’ll be dead. Who could forget the hilariously wrong apocalyptic predictions on the first Earth Day in 1970? Among them were the end of civilization within 15-30 years, 100-200 million deaths to starvation annually for ten years, urban dwellers having to wear gas masks to survive, and my personal favorite – an ice age by the year 2000. Today’s climate alarmist extraordinaire Al Gore had an apocalyptic prediction of his … Continue reading

Artic Ice Cap is Getting Bigger…Say What??

From Right Wing News: The Arctic Has GAINED Hundreds of Miles of Ice Over Last Few Years But wait, the globaloney religionists keep saying that all the ice is melting. How could the Arctic have gained ice over the last three years? As the website Real Science notes, ice has grown, not disappeared. First Steven Goddard shows this graphic: Then gives us this explanation: Red shows the September 2012 minimum extent. Green shows the current extent, which is likely the minimum for 2015. The Arctic has gained hundreds of miles of ice over the past three years, much of which … Continue reading

Global Warming Scammery For July 9 2015

I am beginning to believe there is NOTHING in the whole global warming, climate change, whatever nom-de-lie you want to give it, that is NOT a HUGE cash grabbing scheme. From the Goron, to the Pope, to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, they ALL have their hands out for funds that are JUST. NOT. THERE. When THIS house of cards comes tumbling down, it will be a joyous day. Here is the latest ruse courtesy of Dr. Susan Crockford at   Polar bears fine now but give us more money: US Fish & Wildlife Management Plan subtext Posted on … Continue reading

HEY, POPE. Stick To Religion.

It is obvious you cannot think for yourself, since you have “scientists” advising you that global warming is an issue, and that we mere humans can actually DO something about it. You have enough problems within the Roman Catholic Church to deal with. Leave THIS issue alone. Lest you look like a bigger fool. Dr. Tim Ball at has the story. This is not meant as a slam piece on the catholic Church. If you think it is, too bad.   The Pope’s Encyclical Exposes Real Agenda Behind Global Warming  July 5, 2015   Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball … Continue reading

Global Warming Insanity For July 1 2015

Over the past few months, I have prattled on about the insanity of the left as it regards the non-issue of  global warming. We have seen the left pillory EVERYTHING as capable of destroying the planet. For ONCE, a Hollyweirder  has come out, and kept the hysteria simple. Robert Redford has taken it on himself to exhort the U-frigging-N, of ALL organizations, to “save the planet” before it is too late. Pam Key at fills us in.   Robert Redford: Moderate Weather ‘Going Extinct,’ December ‘May Be Our Last Chance’ by Pam Key  29 Jun 2015 Monday at the … Continue reading


Or, maybe a more appropriate title for the asshat’s remarks would be “YOU FIRST”. Bill Nye is BACK, with more asininity. This time, he blames…wait for it…. PEOPLE BREATHING for climate change. This fool is worse than a repeating dose of clap. Rick Moran at PJ has the asshattery.   Bill Nye Thinks People Breathing Contributes to Climate Change by Rick Moran June 28, 2015 – 11:36 am   Bill Nye, formerly known as “The Science Guy,” has made some jaw dropping gaffes over the years when he’s talked publicly about climate change. The most notable occurred on Meet … Continue reading

The Non-Global Warming Triumvirate Continues.

In my two earlier posts today, we saw how CO2 concentrations, and glacial formations are EXCEEDING, by leaps and bounds, the hand-wringing, fear-stricken and panic crazed leftist environmentalists’ “projections”. We hit’em with a right cross, and a left upper-cut, now here comes the gut-punch, from Dr. Susan Crockford at Seems as if our “about to become extinct” Coke-drinkers are doing quite well, thank you very much.   Polar bear news: 1st fat bear ashore in WHB, trouble in S. Greenland, and more hybrid hype Posted on June 21, 2015 | By Dr. Susan Crockford Last week, among other events, the … Continue reading

So, CO2 Is Going To Kill Us ?

If THAT were TRUE, mankind should never have started to roam the planet. Looking at this chart really puts the whole argument in a different perspective. However, some questions remain. Like, WHY has the enviroloon left NOT trotted out this chart, and how were the measurements from millions of years ago arrived at ?  I still found this chart, from Redbaiter at interesting.   The chart the CO2 alarmists don’t want you to see By Redbaiter on June 22, 2015 Could a believer please point out the spike showing mankind’s effect? ~ Sorry, Redbaiter, they won’t, because they CANNOT make … Continue reading

Another Nail In The Coffin.

Of the fervent push to have EVERYONE believe in the fallacy of climate change. Quick Quiz: What has the left told us for 3 decades now ? Give up ? That we had cataclysmic anthropogenic global warming going on. As the HUMUNGOUS amounts of posts we have had here show, that is just NOT the truth. And here is some MORE government-gathered data that PROVES IT. You know heads will roll by decree of King Putt over this one. Story from Michael Bastasch at The Daily   America’s Most Advanced Climate Station Data Shows US In A 10-Year Cooling Trend … Continue reading

Another Voice In The Wilderness

Who has come up with NASA data that TOTALLY contradicts what THEY have been saying about the “shrinking” polar ice caps. I have lost count of the posts put up PROVING the polar ice packs are, indeed, increasing. Good to have someone else on board, AND using the moonbats’ data AGAINST them. Will THIS come up in ANY “official” NASA discussions ? Highly unlikely. Unless it is to PURGE the data. Story from James Taylor at Updated NASA Data: Global Warming Not Causing Any Polar Ice Retreat James Taylor Contributor   Energy & Environment 5/19/2015 @ 9:53AM Updated data from NASA satellite … Continue reading

Climate Change LIES For May 20 2015

The “climate change believers” have been caught YET AGAIN with their pants down, fornicating the REAL data used in measuring global temperatures.  With numerous posts on this topic, by REAL climate scientists catching this obvious fraudulent activity, you would THINK the climate loons would take the hint THEY are being watched. But, as liars are wont to do, they keep right on a-lyin’. Michael Bastasch from The Daily has pounded yet another nail in the lying loons’ coffin.   More Countries Caught Manipulating Their Climate Data Michael Bastasch  2:33 PM 05/19/2015 Weather agencies in Australia, Paraguay and Switzerland may be manipulating … Continue reading

Climate Change TRUTH For May 19 2015

Remember how the climate change loons always said the “ozone in the air is going to kill us” ? The EPA rid our nation of aerosols, Freon, any number of suspected ” evil compounds”, all were outlawed, and of course, their replacements were twice as expensive, with ZERO change in the ground level ozone the rogue EPA was so worried about. In the recent past, I’ve run stories about how “global warming” may be HELPING mankind, instead of hurting it. This story puts more facts and truth behind the earlier posts. From our friend Michael Bastasch at The Daily … Continue reading

Oh, That EVIL CO2. It Is Going To Kill Us

Remember that meme from the left, when the ONLY CO2 detector the government, and global warming loons use on top of Mauna Loa, an active volcano, exceeded 400 ppm ? I called bullshit on it then, HERE, and HERE,  and it seems others are calling bullshit as well. Dr. Tim Ball from fills us in. Leftists. SHEESH. Too bad CO2 couldn’t eliminate THEM.   Plants encouraged as CO2 levels reach 400 ppm Anthony Watts / May 9, 2015 Guest Opinion: Dr. Tim Ball is writing on behalf of the plants. The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that … Continue reading

I Know, You’re Sick Of These.

Truth be told, so am I. However, the left will simply NOT give up this unicorn hunt, and the leftist lunatic media keep right on reporting shit that is NOT true. Such as “The Science Is Pure” meme. Or, any “researcher” taking money from Big Energy is somehow tainted. You NEVER hear the leftist loon media say ANYTHING about “scientists” receiving HUGE grants to push the narrative the Regime wants, however. Here it is, from John Hayward at   Climate-Change Advocates Collect Big Money From Interested Parties Reuters by John Hayward8 May 2015 As climate data continues its stubborn … Continue reading

Global Warming Insanity For May 5 2015

In the past few months, I have posted about many many things the Obama Regime is in the process of over regulating, or outright banning of said items. These have ranged from electric toothbrushes to wood burning stoves, toasters, waffle irons, and now, one of the items that can TRULY help cool you off during our “global warming epidemic” is coming into their gun sights. Yes, folks, if you use the below item, YOU are an enemy of the planet. Beam me up, Scotty. Story from our old friend, Michael Bastasch at The Daily   Rep. Blackburn To Obama: … Continue reading

From The “GEE, NO SHIT ” File For Apr 4 2015

You can always tell when your side is winning ANY argument that goes against the left’s “beliefs”, as crazy as they are. These two pieces tell the tale from both sides. The first is from John Hayward at   Abandoned By Science, the Climate Cult Is A Full-Time Witch Hunt Now  by  John Hayward 3 Apr 2015 The climate-change cult is a full-on witch hunt now, and very little else. Bereft of any actual climate change, desperately seeking to avoid tough questions about why none of its sacred computer models has borne even the slightest resemblance to reality, forced to … Continue reading

Will They “Believe” It ?

Highly unlikely. Anything that could punch a hole in the “believers” quest to control us all with the global warming scare will be impugned, ignored, and be rendered invalid. To me, this report, from Michael Bastasch at The Daily, makes a TON of sense. THAT is precisely WHY the lunatic left of the climate change movement WILL ridicule it.   Scientists Say New Study Is A ‘Death Blow’ To Global Warming Hysteria 10:07 PM 03/31/2015  By Michael Bastasch  Contributor     A new study out of Germany casts further doubt on the so-called global warming “consensus” by suggesting the … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT ” File For Mar 26 2015

Finally. A piece about the so-called “97% consensus ” being the bullshit it is. We have known for quite some time that figure was as specious as the methodology by which it was arrived at. And NOW, we have MORE proof. Prof. Richard Tol, of the University At Essex, has exposed this fraudulence once again. From Donna Rachel Edmunds at   Institute of Physics Accused of Corruption as Climate Change ’97 Percent Consensus’ Claim is Debunked  by Donna Rachel Edmunds  25 Mar 2015   In the nearly two years since John Cook and his colleagues published their ’97 percent’ … Continue reading