Trump’s NЕW АIR FОRСЕ ОNЕ Just Сamе In, Lооk Whаt Еvеryоnе Nоtiсеd Тhat’s VЕRY Diffеrеnt

Source With the expiration of Obama’s presidency, his contract about Air Force One was also up, and while that was solely on timing, President Trump used this chance to step in and not only renegotiate the exorbitant cost of the aircraft, which came in millions higher than necessary, but he also took advantage of the renegotiation to make some much-needed changes to the new design. These changes we are talking about were not revealed to the public until today, and as soon as they were released everyone immediately noticed one thing that caused liberals to lose their minds. To be … Continue reading

IRONY ? Nah, Nothing To See Here.

Earlier, I did a post about Obozo essentially banning drilling in Alaska. I also said he most likely had never been there. Well, I was WRONG. While he was bashing Alaska’s oil and gas business, he WAS in Alaska. To get fuel. Michael Bastasch,from The Daily serves up the irony. Obama Uses Alaska To Refuel Air Force One, But Won’t Allow ANWR Drilling 3:26 PM 01/28/2015  By Michael Bastasch, Contributor       President Obama told Americans on Sunday that Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is too precious to allow oil and gas drilling, but has Obama ever spent … Continue reading