Buy A Roof, Get A Gun

A North Alabama roofing company called Digital Roofing Innovations have become sensationalized after they advertised, “Buy a roof, get a gun.” I mean, how can you turn that down? Apparently, business is booming ! Read the story HERE   Their company is a purty fur distance from me. but I’d hire them. More clothing would be mandatory, of course. ~Terry

An Indictment of America’s Constitutional Republic?

The stopgap federal budget passed today is a significant marker, one that makes certain conclusions clear as sunlight.  This budget changes nothing that Trump and his supporters demanded be changed.  Sanctuary cities are still funded, along with Klan Parenthood.  Immigration reform is not in this budget, nor are funds for a border wall — this budget specifically restricts construction of that wall, no less.  And Obamacare remains in force and funded. Since inauguration day, no significant new legislation has been sent to the floor nor has any been enacted.  The only federal policy changes have been made via executive orders, … Continue reading

A Near Cat-astrophe !

April 27 (UPI) — Police in Oregon issued a “verbal warning” to a cat reportedly seen armed with a gun-shaped stick. Newport Oregon Police Department shared a photo of a black and white cat perched in a tree with its paw draped over a stick that appeared to resemble an automatic rifle.   Officers responded to the scene and were ultimately able to determine the cat did not pose any real threat. “Reports of an armed cat this morning were unfounded,” police said. “The feline was contacted by our canine and was determined to be in possession of a non-lethal … Continue reading

Black Silhouettes Matter

Gotta give the American Left credit for original thinking, when it comes to inventing new problems to get exercised over.  Now we have a call from an “artists’ collective” to remove black silhouette targets from gun ranges.  According to these geniuses, using “menacing” black silhouettes for target practice “correlates” with the death of young black men in America.  From Bizpacreview: Just when you think you’ve heard it all . . . calls to eliminate ‘menacing’ black silhouette targets at gun ranges February 19, 2017 | Tom Tillison Just when you think you’ve seen everything when it comes to racial hysteria… … Continue reading

Lefties Plot To Shut Down Inauguration

As reported by WND, a group of leftist activists is plotting to “shut down” the inauguration of Donald Trump on Jan. 20 – forcing the president-elect to take his oath of office “behind closed doors” – “if Trump is to be inaugurated at all.” The group, known as the D.C. Counter-Inaugural Welcoming Committee, or #DisruptJ20, says it calls on “all people of conscience to shut down the ceremonies.”   It continues, “It Trump is inaugurated at all, let it happen behind closed doors, showing the world that the vast majority of people in the U.S. do not support his presidency or … Continue reading

Project Veritas Undercover Video : Part IV

On and on it goes. Where it stops, only James O’Keefe knows. Here is part IV of ?? parts. The corrupt left have already dug their hole deep enough to bury a dozen dem donkeys, but O’Keefe let’s them keep digging deeper. If only we could find some way to shovel the dirt back into the hole and bury them forever. For sure the lame-stream media won’t get their hands dirty. You can see Part I HERE , Part II HERE. and Part III HERE. ~Terry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rigging the Election – Video IV: $20k Wire Transfer From Belize Returned Project Veritas Action … Continue reading


Published on Aug 31, 2016 / Posted Sept. 13, 2016 ~We knew this was a possibility and, now, it’s a reality. I hope everyone has a well stocked supply because ammo is going to get VERY RARE; nearly impossible to buy, commercially. If you’re reloading, do so quickly as possession of Wetted Nitrocellulose (WNC), aka: Smokeless Powder, will be a felony.

Trump On Target

Donald Trump fired off an M-4 rifle on Thursday as he took his ‘law and order’ appeal to a gun range at a North Carolina police lodge. But his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate, an officer told Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired. ‘He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bullseyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more,’ Ron … Continue reading

Even THEY Don’t Buy Their Own B.S. Anymore

I have the same reaction ( plus a bit of throw-up in my mouth ) as this State Dept. spokesman does when I hear these words come from ANYBODY in the obamohammed administration : The background voice has it right. ~Terry

Sunday Feel Good Stories

In Snellville, Georgia, a man and his wife were awakened by the sounds of someone breaking into their home. The man secured his weapon and found a man climbing in through the second-floor window in his bathroom. He shot at the intruder and called the police, unsure if he hit the crook. When they arrived, the criminal was DRT (dead right there) with a single round to his facial housing group. —oo— A homeowner in Union County, Tennessee, got into an altercation with two masked men in his home. When the police arrived, one of the criminals was DRT. The … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

After two robberies in less than three months, a Sauk Rapids, Michigan gas station owner decided to do something to curb crime. —oo— In Loris, South Carolina, 75-year-old Eleanor Ring and her family were tied up, tazed and beaten by two intruders. She broke away and she was able to get to the gun in her room and shot the man and the woman. There’s no word on the condition of the pair and police are still investigating. —oo— An armed man saw a teen breaking into a car in Jackson, Mississippi and confronted him. A struggle ensued and the … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

A family in Madison, Wisconsin unassed their house when a nutty guy started breaking things in their yard. A lone police officer arrived and he was waiting for back-up when the nut decided to approach the officer and menace him with a pitchfork. After repeated commands to stop and put the pitchfork down, the officer fired at the man and he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. —oo— Billy Little in Abingdon, Virginia who thought that a knife would convince his woman to love him again. Then he tried to hit his landlord with a sledgehammer who responded … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

1 – A homeowner was sleeping in his own bed in Dayton, Ohio when an intruder broke down his door and threatened him while he was still in bed. The homeowner reached inside his night stand and pulled out a gun. The thief was DRT (dead right there). “You think nothing like this is ever gonna happen,” he tells the 911 dispatcher. “I’m just glad I had something, otherwise he would have clawed my head in with a hammer.” 2 – In Muncie, Indiana, a man walked into the hospital with a leg wound. It was determined that he had … Continue reading

Rep. Gohmert blasts Dept. of Homeland Security leadership

This is a good interview.  On Hannity last night, Rep. Louie Gohmert skewers Jeh Johnson, the DHS head, who declared that gun control is now under the purview of the Department of Homeland Security in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre. The left never misses an opportunity to advance their gun control schemes.  The left also never misses an opportunity to destroy America either. Indeed, political correctness needs to be replaced with common sense.  Unfortunately that will not begin until January 20. ~ Hardnox    

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes is literally translated as “Who will guard the guards themselves?” CBS News REBECCA SHABAD June 14, 2016 Just days after the massacre in an Orlando nightclub left 49 people dead and 53 wounded, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday said that gun control is now a critical element of protecting the U.S. homeland and keeping Americans safe. “We have to face the fact that meaningful gun control has to be a part of homeland security,” Johnson said in an interview on “CBS This Morning.” “We need to do something to minimize the opportunity for terrorists … Continue reading

Navy SEAL Crushes The Left’s Gun Rhetoric, Shows Why Americans NEED Firearms [WATCH]

By: V Saxena on June 16, 2016 When liberals argue that the government should ban “assault weapons” because they serve no meaningful purpose in hunting, they forget one essential fact. “For the vast majority of people I work with, there is no better firearm to defend their homes against realistic threats than an AR-15 semi-automatic,” retired Navy SEAL and current National Rifle Association spokesman Dom Raso explained in a new video. “It’s easy to learn, and easy to use. It’s accurate, it’s reliable.” Moreover, had the AR-15 been invented in the 1700s, the Founding Fathers would not have just rewritten the … Continue reading

Right Angle: Self Defense YES or NO?

A lunatic opens fire yet again, and when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Why are Progressives pushing so hard to make sure that no one has a chance to defend themselves? The answer as to why the left wants our guns is simple:  they can totally subjugate us if we are unarmed. Spare me the kumbaya bullshit about pounding guns into plows.  The simple fact, supported by law enforcement statistics, is that more guns equal less crime.  That is a cold hard fact. Further, the left is willfully ignorant about the root of these mass shootings: radical … Continue reading

Bill Whittle – Number One With a Bullet

In case you missed it. Gun Ban idiots, facts first. Published on Jan 23, 2015 The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we’re not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world.

The Scandal in Washington No One Is Talking About

(New York Post) – The deadly-but-forgotten government gun-running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” has lain dormant for years, thanks to White House stonewalling and media compliance. But newly uncovered emails have reopened the case, exposing the anatomy of a coverup by an administration that promised to be the most transparent in history. A federal judge has forced the release of more than 20,000 pages of emails and memos previously locked up under President Obama’s phony executive-privilege claim. A preliminary review shows top Obama officials deliberately obstructing congressional probes into the border gun-running operation. Fast and Furious was a Justice Department … Continue reading