Trump’s Five-Point Plan For Ethics Reform and “Never Trumper’s” View Of It

Trump: It’s Time To Drain The Swamp In Washington, D.C – Five-Point Plan For Ethics Reform     DONALD J. TRUMP’S FIVE-POINT PLAN FOR ETHICS REFORM “It’s Time To Drain The Swamp In Washington, D.C. That’s Why I’m Proposing A Package Of Ethics Reforms To Make Our Government Honest Once Again.” – Donald J. Trump First: I am going to re-institute a 5-year ban on all executive branch officials lobbying the government for 5 years after they leave government service. I am going to ask Congress to pass this ban into law so that it cannot be lifted by executive … Continue reading

WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails, Continuing the Clinton Saga

  WikiLeaks Press Release Today WikiLeaks begins its series on deals involving Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta. Mr Podesta is a long-term associate of the Clintons and was President Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff from 1998 until 2001. Mr Podesta also controls the Podesta Group, a major lobbying firm and is the Chair of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a Washington DC-based think tank. Part 1 of the Podesta Emails comprises 2,060 emails and 170 attachments and focuses on Mr Podesta’s communications relating to nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and … Continue reading

Eric Shawn reports: Shocking election fraud cases

    Fox News Special Report:   Eric Shawn reports: Shocking election fraud cases Still think the votes won’t be rigged if we aren’t paying attention? Interesting fact backed up by fact checking sites who could not prove them false: Obama lost in the four states that had a strict photo-only ID requirement in 2012 — Georgia, Indiana, Kansas and Tennessee. Granted the trend of these states to Republican candidates pre-dated the photo ID laws, the first having been implemented in 2008. Voting record facts from the 2012 election have supported in some precincts for other states, total counts exceeding … Continue reading

Yes. Yep. Yeah. Mmm Hmmm.

A. 406 Q. What is “How many times did HildaBeast nod her head during Bernie’s indoctrination ….I mean ENDORSEMENT…speech? If you don’t want to watch all of the video, be assured it is the same during the entire 6 minutes.   If you would like another question, try this one : How many times does Killery smile,wave and point at someone in the crowd like they were the bestest of budddies ?     Crikey ! I once observed this same ritual during an expedition to observe the mating habits of morons in the wilds of Bobbleheadzania :     Lord … Continue reading

Waked Money Laundering Organization Take Down

Treasury Sanctions the Waked Money Laundering Organization 5/5/2016 Press Release Action Exposes Extensive Drug Money Laundering Network Based in Panama WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated the Waked Money Laundering Organization (Waked MLO) and its leaders, Nidal Ahmed Waked Hatum (Waked Hatum) and Abdul Mohamed Waked Fares (Waked Fares), as Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers pursuant to the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act (Kingpin Act). OFAC also targeted six Waked MLO associates and 68 companies tied to the drug money laundering network, including Grupo Wisa, S.A., Vida Panama (Zona Libre) S.A., and … Continue reading

Today’s Battle for Critical Delegates

From Breitbart: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will try to separate themselves from their competitors on Super Tuesday as both frontrunners are in line to rack up the lion’s share of the delegates and build what may be insurmountable leads. Republicans will battle for 595 delegates while Democrats have 865 delegates at stake tonight. Trump, who has won three straight nominating contests, has a 33-point lead in the latest national CNN/ORC poll. And according to the RealClearPolitics average of the polls, he has commanding leads in nearly every Super Tuesday state. Trump is up 14.5 percentage points in Virginia, 15.2 in … Continue reading

Donald Trump Delivers Speech To Veterans Aboard The USS Iowa

In case you missed it… YES… We are DISGUSTED! We’re not taking it anymore either. Here’s the follow-up by Hannity and Mark Steyn where they talk about the establishment hacks are now talking about fielding a 3rd party hack if Trump actually wins the nomination. GOPe heads are exploding.  I love it. ~ Hardnox

Voters Unenthusiastic About Democrats

I think the stats are telling.  So only 35% of millennials are excited to vote D?  It’s no small wonder that we get treated to the latest outrage of the week like homo marriage, the Confederate Flag, the bullshit jobs numbers, the bullshit economic numbers, the war on blacks by cops, income inequality, the war on women, white on black racism, slavery, etc. etc… the left needs to continue their “hey, here’s a new shiny object” to keep their base riled up and hopefully get them to the polls. Granted, it’s still 17 months before the election and a lot … Continue reading

Fly Specks on the Debate Commission Table

From American Thinker by Clarice Feldman: The last thing I read before going to sleep was Rick Ballard’s pithy comment on the news that almost every media operation and figure had contributed to the Clinton slush fund: “It’s actually the perpetual Clinton Campaign using tax deductible donations to the Foundation to finance itself. If the investigative press were not extinct, they would be trumpeting the names of Clinton campaign workers and vendors sustained by employment by the Foundation rather than paying access fees to it.” So it wasn’t surprising that I had a weird dream in which I was a … Continue reading

Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory

And HERE is the GOPe’s blueprint for it, headed up by none other than Weepy Boehner’s right-hand man. With this bunch around, we are most certainly about to witness not so much a return to democrat majority, nor White House, but the same FAILURES of the last two election cycles. You don’t need to take my word for it. Just read this stellar article from David Steinberg at     GOPointless: Jeb Hires … John Boehner’s Spokesman If anyone but Jeb becomes a GOP president, he or she will spend the term being sandbagged by his own party’s leadership … Continue reading

The 2016 Results We Can Already Predict

The battleground states will give you déjà vu. From:,  by: Larry J. Sabato, Kyle Kondik, and Geoffrey Skelly,  on: May 3, 2015,  see the article HERE. As the country has become more divided and polarized, the number of swing states has steadily shrunk. Even in 2000, when 537 votes in Florida elected a president, just 12 states were decided by five points or less. That number contracted to just four states in 2012. When Jimmy Carter defeated President Gerald Ford in 1976, every big state was competitive: California, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois and Ohio all had at least … Continue reading

Yay! Harry Reid Won’t Seek Re-election

From Yahoo News: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is announcing he will not seek re-election to another term. The 75-year-old Reid says in a statement issued by his office Friday that he wants to make sure Democrats regain control of the Senate next year and that it would be “inappropriate” for him to soak up campaign resources when he could be focusing on putting the Democrats back in power. Reid also mentioned the Jan. 1 exercising accident that left him badly bruised and struggling to regain sight in his right eye. He said the accident had given him time to … Continue reading

Rick Perry Weighs In on Foreign Policy

  From the Weekly Standard: In his latest fireside-chat style video, former Texas governor Rick Perry weighs in on foreign policy issues and calls for stronger American leadership in the world: There’s a lot of talk in America today about leadership, and America’s role in security on the international stage. As someone who believes America is the greatest force for freedom and prosperity in the world, it’s frustrating to see the president shuffle from one crisis to the next, and to hear his words ring hollow when there should be unwavering resolve. But let’s step back for a minute and … Continue reading

Senator Cruz Adds to His Staff

From Breitbart: The Washington Times reports in a move to “beef up” staffing for a possible run for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has hired Senate staffer Brian Phillips as senior adviser to his Jobs, Growth, and Opportunity PAC. Phillips had been the communications director for Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah. Mr. Cruz’s PAC was formed in 2013 to support the Texas Republican’s presidential ambitions. By January, the PAC had raised $2.2 million, ending 2014 with just over $130,000 of cash on hand, according to Open Secrets, which traces federal campaign contributions. Mr. Cruz’s PAC can raise unlimited … Continue reading

Another Day, Another Scott Walker Story That Is A LIE.

One thing about “the paper of record”, the New York Slimes. Set a bag of dog shit in front of them, they WILL go out of their way to STEP in it. Such as this ostensible “hit piece” on Scott Walker. But, FACTS have NEVER mattered much to the Slimes. John McCormack at The Weekly brings us the bilge drippings   NYT Columnist Blames Scott Walker for Teacher Layoffs That Occurred Before He Was Governor   8:26 AM, Feb 14, 2015• By JOHN MCCORMACK New York Times columnist Gail Collins writes about Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s recent speech in … Continue reading

ASSHAT ALERT : Jeb Bush To Conservatives: DROP DEAD.

As we gear up for the 2016 presidential run, we see where the republican “establishment” mindset is going. For ANYONE to dismiss their BASE before a single candidate announces SHOULD be suicide. If republicans in general, and conservatives in particular think Jeb is the man, FORGET about it. He’s ALREADY proven he wants to lose with THIS bullshit. Story from Tony Lee at Jeb Bush: Republicans Don’t Need Conservatives to Win White House, Should Not Defund Exec Amnesty. by Tony Lee 2 Dec 2014, 9:48 AM PDT Even though moderate Republican candidates lose presidential elections without the conservative base … Continue reading

Huckabee: I’ll Leave GOP Over Gay Marriage Issue

From Townhall: To former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, faith absolutely trumps politics, so much so that he has no reservations about casting off the R beside his name if the GOP abandons its opposition to same-sex marriage. “If the Republicans want to lose guys like me — and a whole bunch of still God-fearing Bible-believing people — go ahead and just abdicate on this issue, and why you’re at it, go ahead and say abortion doesn’t matter, either,” Huckabee said on the American Family Association’s radio show this week during a discussion on gay marriage. “Because at that point, you lose … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Gearing Up to Run for President?

Excerpted From National Journal According to sources close to the Texas senator, Cruz could be preparing for an end-of-year announcement and is now dedicating considerable time and effort to cultivating a foreign-policy foundation that might help his candidacy stand out in what is guaranteed to be a crowded field.  “At this point it’s 90/10 he’s in,” one Cruz adviser said. “And honestly, 90 is lowballing it.” The senator’s choreography since arriving in Washington has long pointed to a presidential run. His office meticulously documents the details of his meetings and events to guard against opposition research. He has aggressively pursued … Continue reading

Mike Huckabee for President?

From the Daily Caller: Huckabee Willing To Give Up New Wealth For 2016 Run Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Monday he hasn’t yet decided whether he will mount another campaign for president, but is willing to give up his steady stream of wealth to do it. “You know, if I have to, you do,” Huckabee said over coffee with a handful of political reporters. “That’s part of the consideration.” His post-2008 lucrative career in radio and television is believed to have factored in his decision not to run in 2012. Huckabee said he’s still deciding about 2016. “I have … Continue reading

Rick Perry’s Immigration Record

A hard line at the border, a softer touch in Austin From the Washington Post: Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s ongoing deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops along the Rio Grande may be helpful in his second try for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. The move also continues a distinctively Texan balancing act on immigration that Perry has been maintaining for well over a decade. The question is whether Perry represents the future of his party on immigration — or whether his nuanced positions on the issue will again become a liability in national politics. “It takes a very skilled … Continue reading