Listen and Learn

For anyone happening by who leans left progressive, please take the time to listen to this interview of Mark Levin by Neil Cavuto regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Listen, investigate and learn. Perhaps the most telling remark Mr. Levin makes is that he perceives we may be living in a ‘post Constitutional era.’  Think about that.  If that is the case, we are already in chaos and most don’t even recognize it.  Law, Order, common sense, etc are no longer applicable. Doesn’t that scare you? What prompted me to put this up was Kathy’s post about a group that has filed articles … Continue reading

What Price For Power?

(I first posted this essay on Common Sense Matters II on September 4, 2011.  I am re-posting it here and now because in my humble opinion it is a timeless topic that cannot be repeated often enough.  ˜CW) Many years ago I remember reading a horrifying story about a man who set his young son on fire in a vengeful act against his ex-wife.  I was astonished and sickened that someone could be so consumed with their own selfish need for power and control that they would destroy something good and precious to fulfill that need.  The way I see it there … Continue reading

Forecast: Millions dead within a year, Part 4

This is part 4 of a four-part series about EMP’s and the catastrophic results they can cause. Part 4, Is There Anything We Can Do? In this section, we can only generalize about the damage that might be expected and how well any defenses may mitigate those damages. What and to what degree various devices are susceptible to the EMP pulses are so dependent on the type of EMP (solar or nuclear), the strength of the detonation (or CME), the height of a nuclear detonation, and the location of the devices relative to the source, that the statement, “your results … Continue reading

Forecast: Millions dead within a year, Part 3

This is part 3 of a four-part series about EMP’s and the catastrophic results they can cause. Part 3, Nuclear Detonation as a Source of EMP’s The following statement bears repeating again: “The high-altitude nuclear weapon-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP) is one of a small number of threats that has the potential to hold our society seriously at risk and could result in the defeat of our military forces.” In a nuclear EMP attack, the damage to power lines, supervisory control and data acqui­sition control systems (for utility systems infrastructure), and commercial computers would very likely be permanent due to fused power lines and lost data … Continue reading

Forecast: Millions dead within a year, Part 2

This is part 2 of a four-part series about EMP’s and the catastrophic results they can cause. Part 2. How damaging could it be? This image shows the geographic areas most susceptible to grid overload and collapse. The map was produced by a computer model showing electrical systems that would be affected by a geomagnetic storm equivalent to the New York Railroad Storm of May 14-15, 1921 event, classed as a “super storm.” The regions outlined by the heavy black lines are susceptible to system collapse lasting months or years. A solar storm like one that took place in 1921 … Continue reading

It’s Time to Demand Accountability

“We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.”   – Ronald Reagan From Fox News today: Student left in DEA cell to get $4 million from feds SAN DIEGO –  A 25-year old college student has reached a $4.1 million settlement with the federal government after he was abandoned in a windowless Drug Enforcement Administration cell for more than four days without food or water, his attorneys said Tuesday. The DEA introduced national detention standards … Continue reading

Forecast: Millions dead within a year, Part 1

This is the first of a four-part series about EMP’s and the catastrophic results they can cause. Part 1. What is an EMP and why should I worry? EMP is an acronym for Electro Magnetic Pulse. An electromagnetic pulse is a burst of electromagnetic energy. It can occur in the form of a radiated, electric or magnetic pulse depending on the source. So, why should we be concerned about EMP’s? Because a strong EMP could literally return the country to the dark ages. If the headline or that statement didn’t get your attention, it should have, because an EMP can … Continue reading

The NAACP Calls Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott “Racist”

This is a follow-up to a letter posted here at ‘Nox & Friends on July 23. If you haven’t read the original letter, you can read it here.  H/T to Terry for sending me a link to this story. FORT MYERS, FL (from an NBC-2 report). The Lee county NAACP is calling Sheriff Mike Scott a racist. That’s not all – they are also calling for his job. It comes after Scott sent a letter to the group about why he will not attend or be a sponsor for their annual fundraiser. In the letter, the sheriff says there is a double … Continue reading

Sheriff Mike Scott’s Letter to the Local Head of the NAACP

Following is a letter just beginning to make its way around the country. It was written by a brave and realistic county sheriff and addressed to the president of the county NAACP. It is a worthwhile read and represents the sentiments of many citizens, regardless of location. Kudos to Sheriff Mike Scott! He broke the bonds of Political Correctness (PC) and told it as it is. No doubt, there will be a call for his resignation – how dare he speak the truth? We have ALL had enough. It is time – no, it is PAST TIME to break free … Continue reading

In Defense of Profiling

“The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed–would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper–the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”  – George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 1 defines profiling as “the use of specific characteristics, as race or age, to make generalizations about a person, as whether he or she may be engaged … Continue reading

Obama’s Unlucky Friday, the 13th [satire]

The president’s Morning Routine The president awoke at 07:00 sharp. His manservant Achmed helped him out of his unicorn-themed footie-jammies and into his rainbow-themed exercise togs for his morning workout. Barack Obama made the long trek from his bedroom to the workout room on the third floor (an agonizing 5 minute trek). He dropped into Lazyboy One, relieved that the arduous journey was over and instructed Najeed (his designated runner) that today they’d do an hour on the treadmill. Najeed begins to jog and Obama leans back in the First Recliner with his iPad and starts up Angry Birds. Later, after … Continue reading

The Pesky Truth Gazette, Vol II, Number H [satire]

Vol. II, Number H July 7, 2013 Where was the president while our mission at Benghazi was being overrun by terrorists? Now we know. Pesky Truth has received an anonymous tip from a concerned citizen (calling himself “Deep Spleen”), who has provided irrefutable video evidence that president Obama was NOT in the White House on the night of September 11, 2012 (the night of the Libyan terrorist attack that killed our ambassador and three of the diplomatic mission staff). He was not in bed, he was not in the Situation Room, and he was not golfing or shooting hoops. He … Continue reading

Redistributing Consequences

In an ideal world every able adult would assume responsibility for caring for themselves and for their own families.  This would result in a highly productive, well-cared-for society with very little need for welfare.  We should all want that, right?  Well in order to get to such a place, people must be taught to become responsible adults through exposure to the laws of natural consequences.  You touch the fire, you get burned – that’s how it works.  It’s a very simple, powerful dynamic upon which societies are able to function and flourish, therefore this can only mean one thing – … Continue reading

“No Access” my Ass!

Once upon a time a young boy came home and gave his mother his report card.  The mother opened the card and was disturbed to see that the boy had received bad grades in every subject.  She asked him, “Why did you get such bad grades in everything?” to which he replied, “Because I didn’t have access to the homework assignments.”  The mother told the boy not to worry.  Tomorrow she would call the school principal and demand that the child’s grades be adjusted upward due to his lack of access to the homework assignments.  When the boy’s father came … Continue reading

What I Learned at the Huffington Post

Every once in a great while I’ll visit a leftwing site like the Huffington Post just to remind myself about the kind of mentality we’re up against.  I am especially curious about the Left’s perceptions of current events, and indeed what they believe current events even to be.  After a few minutes reading it is inevitably such a depressing exercise that I turn away in utter disgust, reassured in my long-held belief that we are doomed as a nation. The article linked to below, entitled “How America Became a Third World Country,” was featured as a front-page blog post on Huffpo the … Continue reading

When Giving Became “Giving BACK”

(This is another essay from my previous blog.  I’m re-posting it here because of my staunch belief that we should not fall prey to the Left’s attempts to redefine our language.  Once we accept the language of the Left, the rest is just a matter of time.  ˜ CW) For the past several years now I’ve been unable to peruse a newspaper or magazine without running into the latest human-interest story about somebody “giving back” to their community or, more likely, some self-proclaimed do-gooder calling on everyone else to “give back.”  Too many people don’t seem to realize that the seemingly innocuous … Continue reading

Good Thing That Sex Offender was Registered!

(This essay is a reprint from an August 24, 2011 post on my previous blog.  With the recent killing of 8-year old Leila Fowler in California, I thought it might be a good time for some serious reflection on our handling of known sex offenders.   – CW) “A [known] sex offender brutally sexually assaulted and murdered his 14-year-old neighbour before going on a day trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, a jury heard.” “The convicted rapist and child murderer Peter Tobin drugged and murdered an 18-year-old school-leaver before burying her in his back garden next to the body of another teenager … Continue reading

Government Racketeers

“A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not actually exist, will not be affected, or would not otherwise exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.[1] Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.” ˜Wikipedia Sound familiar? Back in the 60’s and 70’s, liberals in the U.S. decided marriage was an unnecessary and outdated tradition (now that gays want to get married marriage has, … Continue reading

The Church of Oppositism

An industrious person with a strong stomach could make a full-time career out of the task of documenting the litany of peculiar positions staked out by the Left.  Ditto for the litany of lies and double standards that result from their unabashed fondness for dishonesty and hypocrisy.   The point of this post is to try and answer one simple question:  Why? The biggest problem liberals face in America is that conservatism makes them irrelevant.   The Founding Fathers already established a strong and durable form of limited government – check!   The American economy thrived and produced enormous prosperity under our system … Continue reading

“Means Testing” and Marxism

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!” ˜Karl Marx In the battle over government spending, we hear a lot about the need to cut “entitlement spending,” which generally means Social Security (SS) and Medicare.  What qualifies these as “entitlements,” I assume, is the obligation that’s incurred when we pass a law (unconstitutional as it may be) that requires people to pay into these programs in exchange for some promise of payment or service in the future.  Thus you are “entitled” to your promised benefit. The fact that both democrats and republicans are talking about “means testing” as … Continue reading