From The “WTF ??” File.

Let’s see if I can wrap my head around this. Asshat goes in to rob a business, holds a gun to a clerk’s head, good guy comes along, and puts 5 rounds into asshat, and his “relatives” said WHAT ???  From The Daily   Family of armed robbery suspect annoyed that bystander shot him. 10:41 AM  11/25/2013 Vince Coglianese Managing  Editor Instead of looking like THIS, Thugly OUGHT to be looking more like THIS…. …Works well for me, along with his idiot relatives.   The family of an armed robbery suspect is ticked off that a “Good Samaritan”  shot their kin … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to ‘Nox & Friends

  Tada! Today we celebrate our one year anniversary.  Boy, how time flies. We are humbled by the response that we have gotten from our readers insomuch that we have received over 750,000 visits, and over 30,000 comments. We appreciate the participation we receive from each and every one of you. Our staff of unpaid citizen journalists have produced a staggering 3,300 posts in only one year.  We attempt to bring our readers the latest news and commentary pertinent to today’s news cycle that affect our American way of life, with some humor thrown in for good measure. As many … Continue reading

Time For Another Round Of “Spot The Bullshit”.

Yes, kind readers, it is time ONCE again to play. Fun for ALL  conservatives. If bullshit could be stacked, what comes from this asshole’s piechute could reach the moon.  From The Daily   Obama: ‘I’m not a particularly ideological person’. 8:41 AM  11/25/2013 By  Alex Pappas Political  Reporter Not partisan, not ideological, oh hell no.   Neither were these two. And, we saw how THAT turned out.     President Barack Obama said during a fundraiser at a mansion with Democrats  on Sunday night that he is “not a particularly ideological person” — a claim  surely to be mocked by … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — November 26, 2013

. America is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact – the first community in which men set out in principle to institutionalize freedom, responsible government, and human equality. Adlai Stevenson . ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Democrats are Revolting

From IJ Review: Yes, they are, but we already knew that.  This time they’re revolting, as in rebellion, against Obama. Democrats To Revolt Against Obama If Website Isn’t Fixed In Six Days Congressional Democrats are preparing to launch a broadside against Barack Obama if the Obamacare website isn’t “fixed” by Dec. 1, as originally “promised” – six days and counting for those keeping score at home. Got nervous, Democrats? Yeah, they got nervous. After all, campaigning for the 2014 midterm elections is right around the corner. With Obamacare a virtual train wreck and Obama’s poll numbers in free-fall, what can one … Continue reading

A Man Standing Tall

The Jerusalem Post has the story on Israel’s Prime Minister. Netanyahu: Israel to send team to US to work on final Iran nuclear deal   By JPOST.COM STAFF, GIL HOFFMAN, , REUTERS LAST UPDATED: 11/25/2013 16:07 PM says Iran interim deal is bad, would have been worse without Israeli diplomacy. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama. Photo: JASON REED / REUTERS   Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the Likud faction meeting on Monday that an Israeli team led by his national security adviser would be sent to the US next week to work on a final … Continue reading

Asshattery From The KING Of Asshats.

And, like a good, haughty little parrot, he sang the song. These morons running this administration are a sight to behold, too bad it is US that be holding them. From   Kerry on Iran Deal: Blame Bush             by  Joel B. Pollak                  24 Nov 2013,  7:13 AM PDT  What a pair. Dumb, and DUMBEST. Hey, John F-ing Kerry, have YOU paid the TAXES on your YACHT you owe Taxachusetts yet? Prick. Secretary of State John Kerry, defending the Geneva agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, told ABC News’ This Week  that despite the deal’s flaws, it was, at … Continue reading

Al Sharpton – Better Late than Never

From Breitbart: Al Sharpton Condemns the Knock-Out Game Rev. Al Sharpton denounced the nationwide trend of “knockout game” attacks on Saturday, saying the behavior by mostly black youth attacking random white, Jewish, and Asian strangers to knock them out with one punch “is deplorable and must be condemned by all us.” Sharpton made his remarks at his weekly National Action Network meeting in Harlem, according to the New York Post. The victims of the “knockout game” have been predominantly white. Some have been of Asian descent. In New York, many of the victims have been Jews, including a 12-year-old Jewish boy. “We would … Continue reading

Congressman Gingrey Unhappy With His Salary

From Addicting Info: Americans are struggling. As most Americans are fighting day after day to survive, the wealthy in this county have prospered, and that’s an understatement. The wealthy have fully recovered from the recession and have increased their wealth. No wealthy person has a right to complain about how much money they are making compared to everyone else, especially if those wealthy people are also politicians. How many ordinary Americans would complain about a job that pays $172,000 to work only 126 days a year? Georgia Republican Congressman Phil Gingrey did exactly that. During a private meeting with fellow … Continue reading

From The “Union Success Stories” File.

In something that will bear watching the day after Thanksgiving, even UNIONISTAS don’t see it having much effect. I have a hunch it will be a BIGGER failure than THEY think. From The Daily     Black Friday union strikes against Walmart likely to fizzle. 10:23 PM  11/23/2013 By Brendan Bordelon  Sure looks like a good crowd to me.     Hate to tell you, UFCW, but Wal-Mart will be around LONG after YOU are gone. THEY can see the HARM your union would bring them. The “widespread, massive strikes and protests” targeting Walmart on Black  Friday will almost  … Continue reading

Democrats. Self-Proclaimed “Friend Of The Little Guy”.

Or ARE they ? In this series, I am going to take a look at the veracity of that claim. I do not believe we will have to travel back to what I consider the foundation of modern-day liberalism, the reign of  FDR, before we have THAT bullshit debunked. The asshats’  NEW logo. If we had TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, THIS is what it would look like………………………..   MUCH more appropriate, you think ??   The Democrat party has been able to push this notion, along with the aid of a WAY too complicit media, going back DECADES, that THEY were the party the … Continue reading

A Word From Senator Cruz on the Iran Agreement

Senator Ted Cruz “According to the interim agreement regarding Iran’s nuclear program that was reached this weekend in Geneva, not one centrifuge will be destroyed. Not one pound of enriched uranium will leave Iran. Not one American unjustly detained in Iran’s notorious prisons will be released. But Iran will start to receive, in a matter of days, $7 billion in relief from international economics sanctions. All the smiling embraces between diplomats after the interim deal was signed notwithstanding, the Iranian regime remains a brutal and oppressive dictatorship that pursues nuclear weapons for the purpose of dominating the Middle East and … Continue reading

Does The State Of Wyoming Read Us ?

They must, according to this action being taken against Duke Energy. I think I have a “solution” for the issue of birds being “Cuisinarted” by the damn turbines. From   Wind Energy Company Pleads Guilty to Eagle Deaths. By DINA CAPPIELLO Associated Press   23 Nov. 2013   Not to worry. I’m SURE the TAXPAYERS footed the bill for these bird butchering devices to be built here. And, the CUSTOMERS of Duke Energy WILL be paying the fine. WASHINGTON A major U.S. power company has pleaded guilty to killing eagles and other birds at two Wyoming wind farms and agreed to … Continue reading

Lloyd Marcus: Selling Conservatism to Minorities

From American Thinker: By Lloyd Marcus I wonder if my hypersensitivity about attacks on the Tea Party may have caused me to embarrass myself during an interview on a Detroit radio program.  The host asked, “What is the Tea Party doing to be more diverse?”  I replied, “Nothing.”  I went on to explain that I did not see a need for the Tea Party to make special concessions or pander to me because I am black. The host pressed further.  “No, I am not asking for special concessions.  I want to know: what is the Tea Party doing to be more inclusive?”  I may have misunderstood his question. Perhaps … Continue reading

A Sunday Feel Good Story

It takes place in a parked car, but former Bush press secretary and Fox News show host Dana Perino reveals a great secret about forgiveness that is travelling far across the internet. Perino relates a story about betrayal, relationships and the power of forgiveness inside the White House in a video produced by Real Clear Politics. My apologies – I could not get the video to load properly, but you can click on the link below to see the story. It’s well worth the 4 minutes it takes to watch it. One commenter had this to say: Every President will … Continue reading

An Obama Promise He Actually KEPT.

How many of you reading this remember the asshat’s words? I DO. The proof is in this article from   Price of Electricity Hit Record for October; Up 42% in Decade.   November 22, 2013 – 5:07 PM   By Terence P.  Jeffrey  Give credit where it is due. Good job, Sparky.     Damn pesky facts, anyway.     ( – The price of electricity hit a record for the month of October,  according to data released Wednesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  That made October the eleventh straight month when the average price of  electricity hit or … Continue reading

If THIS Isn’t The Apex Of Asshattery.

Then I do not have a CLUE as to what would be. No wonder the GOP is the PSP. From The Daily     Real stories: The pain of Obamacare. 11:28 AM  11/22/2013 Reince Priebus Chairman, Republican  National Committee The picture says it all, does it not ?  Here is my advice, Reince:  RE-FRIGGING-SIGN.     He didn’t start it, but he DAMN SURE exacerbated the “Stupid” part. Fewer than 27,000 Americans have selected an insurance plan from the  Obamacare website But millions of Americans  have lost their insurance  plans thanks to  Obamacare — and millions more are reeling … Continue reading