Gun Rights a Key Issue in Texas Gubernatorial Race

From Breitbart: As this year’s Texas gubernatorial race continues to unfold, one thing is certain – voters who participate in the November election will not only be casting a vote for Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) or state Senator Wendy Davis (D), but also for or against gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. Abbott is one of the most pro-2nd Amendment politicians to grace the political landscape since current Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) took the stage, while Davis holds Terry McAuliffe-like views on gun control. Abbott believes “the gun control debate was settled in 1791, when the 2nd Amendment was … Continue reading

Obama Stuck On Stupid With Energy Companies

Earlier this week, the President suggested we raise taxes on America’s Oil Industry, one of our nations biggest job creators. Is this really the best move? FNC’s Eric Bolling hosts this spirited debated between Michelle Fields, Jonathan Hoenig, Dennis Kucinich, and Wayne Rogers. Further, the asshat had the stones to take credit for the tremendous accomplishments in gas and oil production during his sorry state of the union address.  All of this has occurred on private lands. ~ Hardnox

Obama Will Take ‘Executive Action’ to Reduce Prison Population

From CNS News: Congress can pass legislation giving judges more discretion in the sentencing of prisoners, but President Obama “also has the ability to take executive action” to commute the sentences of “low-level” drug offenders — and that’s just what he plans to do, Deputy Attorney General James Cole told the New York State Bar Association annual meeting on Thursday. “A little over a month ago, the President commuted the sentences of eight men and women who were sentenced under severe — and out of date — mandatory minimum sentencing laws,” Cole said. “But the President’s grant of commutations for … Continue reading

ZoNation: EBT & Legalized Pot

Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in Colorado. The people who legalized it were probably stoned. And when they passed this bill, like a Joint, they didn’t consider that people would over-toke from the workers taxes? Well said. ~ Hardnox

Donations to Roves’s PACs Drop 98% after Attack on Conservatives

From Breitbart: After wasting nearly $325 million during the 2012 election cycle with nothing to show for it and then declaring war on the Tea Party, donations to Karl Rove’s three Crossroads groups decreased by 98% last year. The groups reportedly raised a paltry $6.1 million combined in 2013. Rove runs Crossroads GPS, American Crossroads, and the Conservative Victory Project Super PAC, which was formed this year to wage war against conservatives. Rove’s two groups raised $325 million in 2012 and about $70 million in 2010. As Politico notes, though, “Rove added a third group to the network in 2013, forming the Conservative Victory … Continue reading

It’s Game Day !

HOT DAMN ! It’s SuperBowl Sunday ! I know many of you couldn’t care less, but for the gridiron freaks, it is a Special Day ! Even though many outstanding teams didn’t make it to the Big One this year (i.e. mine), it promises to be an outstanding game between 2 excellent teams. Maybe some of you have wondered what is really said on the field between players, coaches and refs. It’s not ALWAYS about the game, as this video will show you : A little SB humor : ~The forecast for Sunday’s Super Bowl has improved in the last … Continue reading

Quote Of The Day — February 2, 2014

. Volumes can be and have been written about the issue of freedom versus dictatorship, but, in essence, it comes down to a single question: do you consider it moral to treat men as sacrificial animals and to rule them by physical force? Ayn Rand    ( 1905 – 1982 )     ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Obama says he’s open to taking executive action on immigration

  From The Hill: President Obama on Friday said he’s open to taking executive action on immigration. The president said if Congress can’t pass reform legislation, he would explore all “available options” to implement a “smart system” unilaterally. “I’m going to look at all available options,” Obama said during a virtual “road trip” chat hosted by Google. Obama said he’s “modestly optimistic” that Congress would pass immigration legislation this year and called the immigration principles unveiled by House Republican leaders this week a step in the right direction. “There are still some differences,” Obama said. “I want to engage. I … Continue reading

Governor Jan Brewer: Border is Being Over-run

She agrees with Sen. Cruz that “no amnesty, fix border first”.  “… why won’t they seal the border?” Governor Brewer know why, the D’s want new voters and the R’s want cheap labor.  End of story. I remain disgusted.  What part of “Illegal Aliens” doesn’t our government understand? ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Olympic Security

The judge weighs in on the Sochi Olympic games and the security around them: In my opinion, the Islamonazis are hell bent to make a very public display.  The Russians have an intense security ring around the sports areas which they have dubbed “the Iron Ring” but soft targets like hotels and restaurants are very vulnerable. We can pretty well bet that the terrorists will strike. ~ Hardnox

Thug Neuters Himself

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – A man police said is responsible for a shooting in a downtown parking lot ran from the scene, but shot himself in the testicles as he shoved the gun into his waistband Tuesday night. Joseph Johnson, 40, has been released from the hospital and booked into the Multnomah County Jail on charges of first-degree robbery, second-degree assault and felony possession of a firearm. Robbery detectives said Johnson and the victim, 32-year-old Jordan Merrell, knew each other well and lived in the same apartment building near Southwest 10th Avenue and Columbia Street. Johnson apparently confronted Merrell in … Continue reading

Thought For Today – Feb. 1, 2014

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

Quote Of The Day — February 1, 2014

. Needless to say, under either system [socialism or fascism], the inequalities of income and standard of living are greater than anything possible under a free economy — and a man’s position is determined, not by his productive ability and achievement, but by political pull and force. Under both systems, sacrifice is invoked as a magic, omnipotent solution in any crisis — and “the public good” is the altar on which victims are immolated.   Ayn Rand    (1905 – 1982)   ~ ~  Grouchy  ~ ~

Mohmoud Morsi Threatens to Expose Hillary Clinton.

. Report: Hillary Clinton tied to Terrorism   By Shoebat Foundation on December 13, 2013 By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack Another complaint has reportedly been filed with Egypt’s Attorney General, Hisham Barakat. According to multiple Arabic sources (Al Wafd and Vetogate among them), this one is said to allege that the wife of ousted President Mohammed Mursi not only admitted in an interview with Turkey’s Anatolia news agency that she sought to excite domestic insurrections to overthrow Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi but that she collaborated with Hillary Clinton.   Mehwar TV Channel has posted a video of a news report, … Continue reading