Quote Of The Day — January 17, 2014

. The conservatives see man as a body freely roaming the earth, building sand piles or factories—with an electronic computer inside his skull, controlled from Washington. The liberals see man as a soul freewheeling to the farthest reaches of the universe—but wearing chains from nose to toes when he crosses the street to buy a loaf of bread.   Ayn Rand — Philosophy: Who Needs It (1982)      ~ ~ Grouchy ~ ~

Wrong House

  By Times-Tribune (Scranton, PA) January 16, 2014 Robbery attempt of armed man fails. 3 suspects in custody, 1 at large.   Francis Muchanic, Erica Major, Dylan Brewer and Evan Hess thought they had the robbery planned. They didn’t anticipate the .357 Smith and Wesson revolver in their target’s hands. The fallout from the unseen variable led to three of them falling into police custody while one remains at large. State police at Gibson said Mr. Muchanic walked up to David Braman’s Creek Road home in New Milford and began to open the door just before 8 p.m. Monday. Mr. Muchanic, … Continue reading

Angry Veteran on Second Amendment

Crank up your volume and listen to this Veteran’s rant on the second amendment. He says what we’ve been saying. We need him addressing Congress. Kudos to you sir, and thank you for your service ~Kathy

Does this Make Your Head Spin?

The RNC Straw Poll is up and running for the 2016 Presidential election cycle.  Here is the list of candidates listed at the Straw Poll site:   – Sen. Kelly Ayotte, of New Hampshire – Haley Barbour, former Mississippi governor – John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations – Jeb Bush, former Florida governor – Herman Cain, a radio host – Ben Carson, author and neurosurgeon – Chris Christie, New Jersey governor – Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas – Mitch Daniels, former Indiana governor – Newt Gingrich, former House speaker – Nikki Haley, South Carolina governor – Mike Huckabee, former … Continue reading

Asshat Alert – Bambi Lovers

  From the Ithaca Journal: CAYUGA HEIGHTS — The latest round of village deer sterilizations removed ovaries from 12 deer in December and cost taxpayers $35,808. Does were shot with tranquilizer darts and taken to a temporary surgical facility, according to a report by White Buffalo Inc. The company conducted the sterilizations and reported that no deer died during capture, surgery or release. Cayuga Heights has struggled with a high deer population for more than a decade. The village’s efforts to reduce its deer herd led to squabbles among neighbors and a lawsuit, which was decided in favor of the municipality. … Continue reading

We’ve Lost Our Freedom of Choice

From IJ Review: Rand Paul Warns America: ‘You Have Given Up Your Freedom Of Choice’ Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned Tuesday that Americans have given up their freedom of choice, as the U.S. slipped out of the top ten on the Heritage and Wall Street Journal’s Index of Economic Freedom. The Freedom Index no longer lists the United States as among the top ten freest economies in the world. When Barack Obama took office, the U.S. was number 6th. Now it is 12th. Speaking at Heritage, Paul said that the level of economic freedom is inversely related to the size of … Continue reading

Rep. Gowdy Ready to Subpoena Hillary

From Capitalism Institute: Nearly a year and a half later, the State Department finally catches up (somewhat) with reality and released the names of the two terrorist organizations suspected for the Benghazi murders: Ansar al-Sharia in Benghazi and Ansar al-Sharia in Darnah. They pinky promise it’s not al Qaeda though, as if that makes anything any better. This must be a little awkward for the New York Times who just days ago published an “investigative report” which held on tightly to the lie that the attacks were spontaneously spurred by a YouTube video — in an effort to protect then-Secretary of … Continue reading

Creative Accounting Used in Budget Bill

From Breitbart: A document published by the Senate Steering Committee Tuesday found that there is actually $18 billion more than advertised in spending in the omnibus spending bill House and Senate establishment leaders introduced late Monday. The Senate Steering Committee, chaired by Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) and vice-chaired by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), found that the omnibus spending bill uses a gimmick called CHIMPS, or changes in mandatory programs, to hide $18 billion in more spending. “The omnibus contains $18 billion in CHIMPS,” the Steering Committee added later in the document. “$9.4 billion of that total is from the Crime … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Voter Fraud – Part I (Pennsylvania)

  This is a companion piece to Garnet’s excellent post, titled “How the RNC Has Screwed Us All”, which describes the RNC’s inability to protest voter fraud committed by the Democrats. In case you think you read that wrong… well, you didn’t… the Republicans cannot challenge voter fraud.  That is simply a fact whether you want to believe it or not. It is difficult to wrap your head around this situation insomuch that we Americans believe that we have basically open and honest fair elections. I did too until 2012. I never believed that Mitt Romney received 7 million less … Continue reading

Senator Mike Lee on the Federal Register

Take a look at this picture Senator Lee posted on his Facebook page. He had this to say about it: “Behold my display of the 2013 Federal Register.  It contains over 80,000 pages of new rules, regulations, and notices all written and passed by unelected bureaucrats.  The small stack of papers on top of the display are the laws passed by elected members of Congress and signed into law by the president.” Amazing but not surprising. This probably pales in comparison to the stack of EOs that were signed in 2013. ~Kathy

Mike Huckabee’s Take on the Term RINO

  From the Washington Examiner   Mike Huckabee wants to ban the term ‘RINO’ By CHARLIE SPIERING   JANUARY 14, 2014   Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee wants to ban the term “RINO” — “Republican in Name Only” — in the Republican Party. The former governor complained in a letter to supporters that during a recent social media outreach, he was disturbed that too many Republicans were attacking each other and calling them names. “Many of you used a term that I’d like to see outlawed from the vernacular of the party: RINO,” he said, calling it a “pejorative term” that … Continue reading

Kicking Vets While They’re Down

A coworker once commented, after administering a particularly brutal Canasta defeat, “You have to kick a man when he’s down; you can’t take advantage of him when he’s winning.” While such win-at-all-costs thinking may be appropriate among friends during a lunchtime card game, there is no place for such cavalier attitude toward people in real need. Yet, that is exactly what the Obama administration is exhibiting with a proposed change in rules governing how veterans must apply for service connected disability claims. The VA struggles to catch up. As noted in a piece by N&F contributor, Kathy, the Obama administration … Continue reading

Another Mom Blasts Common Core

From the Federalist Papers: Common Core touts itself as a “set of rigorous, college-ready, international benchmark standards” but one Arkansas mom disagrees. Watch her speech to the school board and the math problem she gives them. In earlier posts we talked about one school that instructed high school girls to wear burkas so they could better understand muslim women. In another class, the assignment was to rewrite the Bill of Rights, because it’s outdated. As if Common Core weren’t already dumbing down our kids, now they’re overcomplicating basic math. Sadly, there are many parents out there completely unaware of what their kids … Continue reading

What Led To Slow Military Response To Benghazi Attack?

Here is more in the latest news about Benghazi and the release of formerly classified documents. OK, so now we know Gen. Hamm wasn’t fired??? BUT… we do know the stories coming from Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Susan Rice about the video were BULLSHIT. ~ Hardnox

Fun and Games with a Blonde Haired Angel

. Hope this makes your day~!  Maybe a Tissue Alert would be in order??? Businessman Befriends Autistic Girl on Flight, Makes Everyone’s Day By Elise Solé, Shine Staff   | The Good News – 18 hours ago   Shanell Mouland and Kate (Photo courtesy of Shanell Mouland) The mother of an autistic toddler, whose open letter to a kind stranger she sat next to on a plane made headlines, has reconnected with the man who made her daughter smile during a two-and-a-half-hour flight. On Jan. 6, after spending a week at Disney World, Shanell Mouland and her family were on a … Continue reading

Top Secret Documents Prove That Obama and Clinton Lied About Benghazi

Fox News has obtained previously top secret documents and transcripts indicating what President Obama knew about the Benghazi attack and when he knew it. Chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reported that the documents include 450 pages of sworn testimony by America’s highest ranking military officers… —oo— OK.  So now where is Congress’ investigation?  The truth is leaking out.  We’ll soon learn if Rep. Darrell Issa and Rep. Trey Gowdy will jump on this information and lean on Speaker Boehner to FINALLY appoint a select committee.  For crying out loud, it’s been 16 months since four Americans were slaughtered in Benghazi. … Continue reading

Liberals and the Reality-Disconnect – John Grisham

Needing to help pass the time while out of town a while ago I picked up the latest book by John Grisham.  “The Racketeer” is the story of a lawyer who is unwittingly used by a nefarious organization to launder millions of dollars and winds up on the wrong end of a ten-year prison sentence due to some overly zealous federal prosecutors casting an overly wide net.  I might have sympathized with a story about the federal government’s arrogance and callousness towards “the little guy” had it not been for the snippets of sanctimonious and clueless liberal moralizing gratuitously inserted … Continue reading