Wednesday’s Darwin Awards – Rivers Go In Circles, Right?

Confirmed True by Darwin (12 July 2016, Michigan) Stupidity doesn’t get worse than this. Three bikini-clad women were stranded on the banks of the Muskegon River with no food, no shelter, no clothing, when their first river tubing excursion became a “Naked and Afraid” predicament of their own making! A few hours before, while launching their new tubes at the Maple Island Bridge in Muskegon, they asked a passing stranger how to get back upstream. The stranger told them the river will make a big loop and circle around to take them back to the car. Using this joking advice … Continue reading

ICE Protest : Leftie Style

Soo…here we have a nice little group of protesters outside of an ICE Detention Center, trying in their patented style of logic and reason, to get their message across…. **BE WARNED. SERIOUSLY NAUGHTY LANGUAGE** This is a leftie’s brain : The top video was a leftie’s brain on alcohol… ….implanted into a pole dancer’s skull, which seems to be the standard of intelligence for many of these muck-raking scumbags. In this instance, it appears her performance even embarrassed her fat soi-boi bud, and , if you can imagine, also sent the 3 Stooges’ Larry, dressed as an overly buxom broad, … Continue reading

Finnish Scientists Prove Man-Made Global Climate Change is a SCAM

From the Black Sphere: Excerpts: File this under, “Tell me what I already knew”. Scientists prove that man-made global climate change is a scam. Scientists in Finland found “practically no anthropogenic climate change” after a series of studies.  I know, I know. The Finnish are in cahoots with President Trump who is in cahoots with the RUSSIANS! Except that Japanese collaborated the results. How did these scientists get things so wrong? Well, I’ll tell you. Models when done correctly can give good data/information. However, as Mr. Jackson says in this article, when the government stops paying for bogus money grubbing … Continue reading

Bad news for states seeking Fed grants who claim sanctuary status

Judge Gives Trump Big Win in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities Western Journal Stephen Beyer July 15, 2019 A federal appeals court ruled last week that the Trump administration is well within its rights to reward cities who cooperate with ICE, specifically involving deportations. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that the Trump administration could reward cities with grant money if they cooperate with ICE or use the funds to beef up emigration enforcement, The Washington Times reported. The city of Los Angeles sued the administration, claiming it was being treated unfairly and felt as if it … Continue reading

Polish Court Rules In Favor Of Russian Dad Who Took His Kids Back From Swedish Muslim Foster Family And Fled to Poland

From Information Liberation: This report came out several weeks ago. Excerpts: The Swedish government seized his three daughters and placed them with a Muslim foster family, Russian father Denis Lisov took his daughters back and fled to Poland where he attempted to claim asylum. The Swedish government then ordered Lisov to be arrested in absentia and reportedly put out a European arrest warrant and an extradition request demanding that he and his daughters be brought back. Mr. Lisov’s three children were seized by the Swedish authorities “solely under the grounds of their mother’s mental illness”. As Lisov himself emphasised, the … Continue reading

Fitton – Undermining the rule of law

Fitton: The left is geared towards breaking the border – Fox Business Jul 15, 2019 Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton says the Department of Justice should conduct obstruction investigations into public officials who thwarted federal enforcement programs. –00– Asylum seekers requirements under United Nations articles include first country traveled through that offers asylum. RefWorld Mexico is doing its part WHERE are our government officials? Where is congress on rewriting the Immigration Law? Safe behind their vacation home walls as they sip their drinks of choice. –Uriel–

Morning Twofer – Ilhan Omar in US Illegally? AND Ilhan’s Father and other Somalian War Crimes Preps here Illegally

From Americans for Legal Immigration and the Gateway Pundit: Excerpts Americans for Legal Immigration: Former Justice Department prosecutor and Freedom Watch founder Larry Klayman, who previously petitioned the Department of Homeland Security and the House of Representatives to investigate Rep. Ihlan Omar, D-Minn., to determine her eligibility for naturalization, now has gone to court. Klayman in March petitioned DHS and the House for an investigation of Omar on several grounds. Now he’s filing a complaint with U.S. District Court in Washington seeking a court order that would require DHS to investigate. Klayman said in a statement that DHS did not … Continue reading


Stefan Molyneux Published on Jul 14, 2019 Armed 69-year-old ‘antifascist’ shot dead after firebombing immigration centre “A rifle-armed 69-year-old has been fatally shot by the police after throwing incendiary devices at an immigration centre in Tacoma, Washington. “Officers were called to the privately run prison at around 4am where the man, identified in local media as Willem Van Spronsen of Vashon Island, had set a vehicle alight with the explosives. “He is also believed to have attempted to ignite a large propane tank outside the building. “ His target, the Tacoma Northwest Detention Centre, has long served as a holding … Continue reading

FBI and ICE Sweep DMV Photo Databases Unauthorized

Bill Whittle Jul 15, 2019 The Boston Globe reports that the FBI and ICE sweep photo databases at state departments of motor vehicles (DMV) to run criminal searches unauthorized by state or federal law. You didn’t sign off, granting the feds permission to access your image and information without probable cause. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle complain that the law enforcement agencies have done this on their own initiative, turning the land of the Fourth Amendment — the Republic of “innocent until proven guilty” — into suspect nation. . State driver’s license databases prove valuable for FBI, ICE … Continue reading

Megan Rapinoe : SOS

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, another in the long line of dem POTUS hopefuls who are wasting the money of anyone foolish enough to back them, and who also is polling lower than smallpox, said that if he wins he would ask Megan Rapinoe to be Secretary of State. Imagine a Secretary of State that protests the National Anthem and talks about how discriminatory our nation is. The same United States Women’s National Team star who protested the National Anthem for the entire World Cup Tournament. The same sexual identity challenged cretin who used vulgarity to attack President Donald Trump, the same dyke … Continue reading

Trump Calls Out AOC’s “Squad”: If You’re So Unhappy Here, You Can Leave

From today’s impromptu outdoor presser at the White House …. Listen to the MSM reporterettes screech and shout in their best pre-menstrual fashion: ‘Nuff said. Well said. Thank you, Mr. Trump …. and Mr. Graham, too. — Safespace —

EITC costs taxpayers billions — especially when handed to illegal aliens

Hats off to Hadenough for mentioning this! Illegal Immigration and EITC A study of fraud, abuse, and liberal activism To look at this, we start from somewhere and work forwards or backwards. So I am starting at the Social Contract Press Winter Quarterly 2018. Edwin S. Rubenstein contributed an article entitled “Illegal Immigration and the Earned Income Tax Credit – A study of fraud, abuse, and liberal activism: a 2018 update” which begins the Journey. First thing to know is that Rubenstein is President of his own research firm ESR Research. Second thing, Southern Poverty absolutely hates the Social Contract … Continue reading

“Sweden Is At War”

And it is the politicians who are responsible. Excerpts: from ZeroHedge: In 2017, a Swedish police report, “Utsatta områden 2017” (“Vulnerable Areas 2017”) showed that there are 61 such areas — also known as no-go zones — in Sweden. They encompass 200 criminal networks, consisting of an estimated 5,000 criminals. Most of the inhabitants are non-Western immigrants and their descendants. In March, the Swedish National Forensic Centre estimated that since 2012, the number of shootings classified as murder or attempted murder had increased by almost 100 percent. “Sweden is at war and it is the politicians who are responsible. Five … Continue reading

Facebook slapped with $5 Billion fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal

According to Quizmodo, the Federal Trade Commission, had been investigating Facebook in the wake of its massive Cambridge Analytica scandal. They finally voted to approve levying a $5 billion fine against the social media giant. Both the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post ran stories on the fine as well. As of now this is the single largest fine against a tech company by the FTC to date, but Democrats and progressives believe the fine is totally inadequate. They strongly believe future privacy breaches by the company will occur. At this time, how much they believe is a proper … Continue reading

Former ICE Director Homan sets Oversight Dems straight

BlazeTV Premiered 15 hours ago (Story written at 9a.m. central) 1,327,003 views Former Ice Director Tom Homan attended a House Oversight hearing yesterday and after AOC started claiming that anyone that crosses the border illegally is claiming asylum, Homan had to explain to AOC that crossing the border illegally is a crime. Former ICE Director Explains to AOC that Crossing the Border Illegally is…Illegal –##– Lou Dobbs Fox Business Published on Jul 12, 2019 Former acting ICE Director and FOX Business contributor Thomas Homan slams lawmakers for failing to secure the southern border. –##– Ocasio-Cortez voluntarily swore-in so her testimony … Continue reading

Jim Jordan rips into Democrat attitude on border crisis

Jim Jordan: Hearing on Migrant Children and Border Security — July 12, 2019 Bud Meyers – Published on Jul 13, 2019 Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) The Ranking Member of the House Oversight Hearing on Border Child Separation Policy was a “witness” AND an inquisitor where a number of members of Congress were among the witnesses on the child separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border. At the same committee hearing according to Newsweek: There was yelling, crying and even fainting at a congressional hearing Friday on the Trump administration’s former child separation policy and the current conditions at migrant detention facilities. … Continue reading