Clinton vs Trump – Taxes

  As we near the finish line if you have not thought about the policies Trump and Clinton have developed for their reasons to be elected, you really should be checking them out.  Do Not rely on what mainstream media and others have to say. For a very long time businesses and individuals have lamented the ever-increasing rules, regulations, and penalties that those in Congress and coincidentally those at IRS have been creating.  Nearly every year, there are mutterings of changing, simplifying, and reining in IRS.  There are also volumes of weighty papers and articles expressing economists, financial views, political views … Continue reading

The Comey Coverup For The Hildabeast

is having a wicked backlash. But first, didja know that Comey’s brother was a big donor to the Clintons while at DLA Piper? Yep. Thank you Open Secrets. Oh, and Director Comey’s brother works at the firm that does the Clinton’s taxes. How…quaint. Comey has made millions off of his Lockheed Martin connection and of course Lockheed Martin (LM) is not only a huge Clinton donor but is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (2010). Oddly enough, Comey was once the General Counsel for Lockheed Martin and LM belongs to the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, and again, oddly … Continue reading

The Trump Has Landed

Washington, You Have A Problem !   To commemorate the historic 2016 presidential election, Royal Bobbles decided to undertake the ambitious project of launching a Donald Trump bobblehead into space with a high-altitude weather balloon. And as you can see in the video above, they were successful! The bobblehead made it over 20 miles above the earth before it began the descent back down to the U.S.A. It took nine months of planning to prep for the Trump space launch and a team of five people with engineering, GPS satellite tracking, video and bobblehead experience to pull this together. At his presser … Continue reading

Double Asshat Alert: Michael More & Glenn Beck

On Sunday morning on “Meet the Depressed” hosted by Chuck Todd, both Moore and Beck were on crying about the possibility of a Hillary loss and a Trump Presidency. Trump’s reaction: Meanwhile, Hillary’s approval ratings with millennials in tanking.  Bwhahahahhahaha. ~ hardnox

The 2 Faces Of Miss Piggy

The hypocrisy in this manufactured story about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is incredible given that Trump was the one who saved her career from ending up in the gutter, even though he had no contractual or moral obligation to do so. Sponsors were threatening to cancel her contract because she got so fat. Nevertheless, even though the company that owned Miss Universe wanted to replace her, Trump convinced them not to, wanting them to give her a chance to lose the weight first. Is this the action of a soulless, woman-hater ? Alicia Machado didn’t seem to think so … Continue reading

Did Rod Serling Forecast The

rise and subsequent fall of Progressivism? Perhaps the most accurate statement that we’re seeing today, as the globalists, elitists, Progressives, etc, fight to maintain their lock on us, even as things like Brexit and the rise of Trump and The People kick over their apple cart is what comes at the end… “The chancellor, the late chancellor, was only partly correct. He was obsolete. But so is the State, the entity he worshiped. Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of Man, that state is obsolete.”

The “Grunt for Red October” Election Report from Coastal Virginia

Gruntington Post [Hampton, VA] – With about a month to go in the most important Presidential election of our lifetimes, the polls and electoral college tallies look very close, indeed.  The race between the presumptive First Hag, Hillary Clinton, and her intrepid challenger, Donaldus Maximus Trumpus is still far too close to predict the outcome. Of course, you wouldn’t know it where I live, in Non-Denver, Colorado, where folks are mostly conservative, anyway, and Hillary bumper stickers mostly say “Put Hillary in the Top Spot, On Death Row, 2016.”  But this week I’m working in coastal Virginia, which is also a … Continue reading

Is This Poetic Justice

or what? EXCERPT:  “Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned about an influx of immigrants into the country from African and Asian countries, according to a report Thursday in El Universal. “Many of them will have to return to their home countries,” Socorro Flores, undersecretary of Latin America and the Caribbean for the Mexican Foreign Ministry, said to El Universal. The Mexican government is now trying to deal with this influx of immigrants by setting up shelters and working with the countries of origin of the immigrants on deportations. Flores said regarding this immigration that, “yes there is a concern … Continue reading

Gingrich: Miss Universe attack may blow up in Clinton’s face

A twenty year old story?  That’s all the left has on Trump after all this time.  Stick a fork in Hillary, she’s done. Think about it… Hillary’s supporter is a porn star, a drug king pin’s baby momma, and all around attention whore and liar. Hillary doesn’t want to talk about substance because she has a horrible record.  Trump is going to crush her in November. ~ Hardnox  

Architectural Trend Today Across Europe And Mexico – Border Walls

                    Thanks to Obama, Clintons, and others looks like the wall building industry is experiencing a boom.  Reminds me of every time we hear “take away guns” and the gun shops revenue skyrockets. So WHY are the liberals so set against building a wall.  I thought they were trend setters and this appears to be a world wide trend even larger than during the last two world wars. –Uriel–

NYTimes: Don’t Vote for Trump

From (Cosmopolitan) A day after endorsing Hillary Clinton for president – and hours before Clinton and Trump will face off in the first of three presidential debates – the New York Times has published an editorial warning Americans of the potentially disastrous consequences of a Donald Trump presidency. The Times, which on Sunday called Trump “the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history,” makes its case simply by presenting facts about Trump’s record: He has encouraged violence against his opponent, admires demagogue Vladimir Putin and advocates water boarding those suspected of committing terrorism, though … Continue reading

Eternal Pessimist/Realist David Stockman Lauds Trump’s Comments On The Fed’s “Bubble”

A looooonng article (typical Stockman) written immediately after the first Trump / Hillaroid debate …. but a worthy read. Stockman is a long-time and very public critic of the Fed’s interest rate policies, predicting that repeated rounds of “quantitative easing”, and zero to negative interest rates, are techniques that enrich players in the financial markets at the expense of the real producing economy and retail investors.  I can envision Ron Paul fist-pumping as he reads this one. The Donald Nailed It: “We Are In A Big Fat Ugly Bubble” By David Stockman 9/27/2016 Most of the 90 minutes last … Continue reading

Clintons and Liberal Media Probably Hope This Doesn’t Get Out Now Before Election

    OOPSIE The Clintons can’t hide their abuse of Haiti any more!  In their own words – Clinton’s have run Haiti for 25 years and they want the Clintons ARRESTED.   –Uriel–  

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

In the debates last night, there was no clear winner in all honesty from my point of view. Trump went too easy on Hillary in several instances by allowing her to get away with debate issues. Hillary managed to “sound” like she knew what it takes to be president but the general public knows now from her own actions and illegal email server problems as well as leaked emails just how crooked she is. Trump got in jabs but he also got taken off topic and put in defense mode to easily. I doubt he makes the mistakes again though. … Continue reading