Mexicans Attack Trump Supporters at San Jose, CA Rally

Welcome to the America that lefty insanity and their open border policies built.  Trump protesters attacked Donald Trump supporters as they emerged from a rally at the San Jose Convention Center on Thursday evening. The vermin attacked people at random waving Mexican flags.  One man was punched to the ground; another was bloodied.  Many others were assaulted. Asswipe San Jose’s mayor, Sam Liccardo, who is a Democrat and a Hillary Clinton supporter, told the Associated Press that Donald Trump was to blame for the violence: “Our police officers have done an extremely courageous and professional job so far,” San Jose … Continue reading

David French’s Hatred Of The Working Class On Display

here and laughingly, this is the dipshit that neocon rump swab Bill Kristol wants to run for president (small “p” intentional). These two idiots actually think that French can derail Trump, split the electoral votes, and send the whole mess to the House to “hopefully” decide for a neocon puke like French. Once again, we can see that neocon scum hide behind the Conservative label and have been for decades. This is the drivel that French defends (written by Williamson): “It is immoral because it perpetuates a lie: that the white working class that finds itself attracted to Trump has been … Continue reading

Herman Cain: David French is irrelevant

Amen Herman.  French is irrelevant only if he pulls away Hillary voters.  Let’s not forget about democrat voter fraud.  Every vote for Trump will count. I still don’t get what these asshats intend to prove other than deny 270 electoral votes to either Trump or Hildabeast then the vote goes to the House of Representatives.  Do these morons actually think that the public would sit still for this brinkmanship?  People are disgusted with Washington politics and this just adds fuel to their already burning hatred. French for president?  Why does that have such an awkward ring to it?  Bwhahahahaha. ~ … Continue reading

Trump Leaves The Brown Clown A Smoldering Pile of Nothingness

A true babbling idiot is finally revealed. To those who voted TWICE for this jerkoff please, by all means, feel free to off yourself for the good of the US of A. All Trump need do is play this clown like a violin, remind The Clot about Benghazi, and ask Grandpa Depends about how it all worked out in Venezuela, and he’ll have the Terrible Trio babbling like the imbeciles they are. The Obomination as a lawyer, starting at 1:05.  

Veterans React to Political Fight Over Trump’s Fundraiser

It’s obvious that the guy on the right is a lefty and a Hillary shill.  As a veteran, he should be ashamed of himself for associating with an avowed hater of the military and allowing himself to be a prop for Hillary. I like how the Marine put the little shit in his place, along with a pic of the shit with Hillary.  Plain speak is the order of the day. In the end, I think Trump bit off a bit more than he realized considering he and his team needed to vet the veterans groups and chose the most … Continue reading

Where Is The Honor

in the US? The Lack of honor in America today is sickening beyond belief. Once upon a time in America there was an abundance of honor flowing through the land and even politicians, as crooked then as they are today, had the best interests of America at heart, not themselves or their own, i.e., Nazi Pelosi using a USAF jet and crew as her private transportation service, from The People’s Republik of Kalifornia to DC and back, food and alcohol included. Honor. (transitive verb)  Good name or public esteem:  reputation:  a showing of usually merited respect. 2. Recognition: pay honor to our founders. Privilege: … Continue reading

“You’re a Sleaze” – Donald Trump Calls Out ABC News Reporter

At this morning’s press conference regarding the disbursed donations to veterans groups, Trump rightfully called out an ABC reporter as “a sleaze”.  Trump then invited Al Baldasaro, a retired Marine and New hampshire State Representative, to speak who then promptly ripped the media for the corrupt lying bastards that we all know they are. Well done Donald Trump! Well done Marine!   It made me stand up and cheer. It should be no small wonder why Trump’s popularity and support by everyday Americans keeps growing.  Americans want a fighter and someone who will call out the corrupt media. ~ Hardnox

George Soros: Donald Trump IS Doing the Work of ISIS

The senile old nazi collaborator and European currency manipulator who is funding, Black Live matter, and a host of other nutcase lefty groups thinks that Trump’s rhetoric is enabling ISIS and jihadis in general. Soros is against Trump and he just gave me another reason to support him. I hope President Trump signs those extradition papers that France, Russia, and the UK have issued long ago for Soros after he was found guilty of illegal currency manipulation. ~ Hardnox

Asshat Alert: Bill Kristol Announces “Independent Candidate Will Run”

Stuck on stupid is an understatement.  These NeverTrumpers (Uniparty & Butthurt Cruzers) might as well vote for Hillary and quit with the kabuki theater and their incessant whining. Ben Carson, former presidential candidate now Trump supporter, weighs in on the latest mumblings of Bill Kristol who is a Romney surrogate: The reality is that Trump has stated that he will end Special Interest influence in Washington so how is that different than what Cruz supporters want?  The Democrat/Uniparty thieves don’t want that because they and their patrons feed at the government teat that Trump promises to end. There are many … Continue reading

Trump Rally in Anaheim, CA

Last Wednesday Donald Trump was at a rally in Anaheim, CA and while he was leaving and signing autographs he came upon a group of moms that form the group known as “The Remembrance Project – Stolen Lives” which honors American citizens killed by illegal aliens. The women held posters with photos of the victims.  Trump paused to sign and kiss the photos.  He didn’t need to stop and he certainly didn’t need to kiss the photos. The video is awful but the message will tug at your heart. Detractors will dismiss these unstaged acts as Donald Trump just pandering to … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro & Newt Gingrich: Donald Trump Vs Hillary Clinton

The good Judge has Newt Gingrich on as a guest and they discuss Trump’s abilities and the present state. Hillary has 10 times the staff that Trump has yet he is kicking her ass. Bwhahahahahahahahha. ~ Hardnox

The Raucus 2016 Gruntington Post Rocky Mountain Presidential Politics Tour and Report

Back in the day when Berkeley Breathed lived in Summit County, Colorado, and penned the Bloom County comic strip, he used to generate a very fun vibe during Presidential election years.  All the characters in his Bloom County world got into the spirit of the election and attended the caucuses and hung out in the local saloons and coffee shops and mountain meadows discussing the hilarious gaffes and outrages of the summer leading up to the November election. So, in that spirit, and without any intellectual rights ownership, but also without any monetary gain whatsoever, I set out last Wednesday … Continue reading

Why Trump Will SMASH Hillary

This is a very interesting take on Trump and his tactics and why he will win in November.  What’s more interesting is this analysis is by an anti-Trump guy. What the guy misses is the clear fact that Hillary is a shitty campaigner with a very tired message who can’t even beat an old no-name communist, and it looks like she’ll lose California to Bernie which WAS a shoe-in for her.  As I have written before, I can’t wait until Trump focuses all his energy on Hillary.  One thing for sure, this election cycle hasn’t been boring. ~ Hardnox

California Chaos – Riots Erupt Outside Trump Rally In San Diego

Wood shampoo time! The protesters are useful idiots bought and paid for.  Good to see the cops take their gloves off. Bernie is funny in his response to Trump.  🙂 Trump has changed his mind about debating Bernie probably because he knows that a Bernie win in California will result in a Biden nomination and it will be easier to bash Hillary in the general election.  My 2 cents… ~ Hardnox

Panic! Hildabeast is now ‘Anxious’ to Debate Trump

Yeah sure, I’ll bet she is… NOT.  More than likely she’d rather be waterboarded.  Trump will utterly destroy her in a debate. Anyway, here’s her drivel: Now that Trump and Sanders are planning a debate Hildabeast is suddenly feeling the floor sinking below her fat ass as the limelight is moving away from her planned coronation.  Campaign contributions are drying up, backers are fleeing, and pledged Superdelegates are changing their minds. Meanwhile, the FBI is closing in and Joe Biden is being fitted for a parachute. ~ Hardnox

Trump vs Crazy Bernie in a Debate?

As announced on Jimmy Kimmel’s show the other night, Trump and Sanders will debate in California prior to the primary election.   (ZeroHedge) – If the Trump/Sanders debate proceeds as planned in California, you’re about to witness one of the most important moments of a 2016 general election that hasn’t even begun yet. To say such a debate would be an unmitigated disaster for Hillary Clinton would be the understatement of the century. Let’s explore why. First of all, Hillary Clinton outright rejected a debate request from Bernie Sanders ahead of the June 7th California primary. Given Sanders’ recent momentum, as well as … Continue reading