Teen Cashier Seeing Food Stamp Use, Changed Opinion About the Democrat Party

From the Daily Signal: Mamaw encouraged me to get a job—she told me that it would be good for me and that I needed to learn the value of a dollar. When her encouragement fell on deaf ears, she then demanded that I get a job, and so I did, as a cashier at Dillman’s, a local grocery store. Working as a cashier turned me into an amateur sociologist. A frenetic stress animated so many of our customers. One of our neighbors would walk in and yell at me for the smallest of transgressions—not smiling at her, or bagging the … Continue reading

In Trump We Trust

According to Bucky Fox at WND,  the biggest reason for the Trump-bashers on the Republican side to not give in is they don’t want to have to wipe the egg from their faces. I think he’s on to something there. Here’s what he has to say about it……     TRUMP WILL WIN We’ll be right. When Donald Trump wins the presidency on Nov. 8, some of us can cheer our seer power. Ann Coulter called Trump a lock atop the Paris slaughter of Nov. 13. I guaranteed a Trump triumph way before the Muslim massacres in Europe and California – … Continue reading

Michael Bloomberg, Dickhead

Business Insider -Billionaire Michael Bloomberg stung Donald Trump on Wednesday night with a brutal critique in front of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, during which he repeatedly skewered the Republican presidential nominee’s business practices. The former New York City mayor, ranked by Forbes as the eighth-richest man in the world, began his address by acknowledging that he was an “outsider” who would be delivering an “unconventional convention speech.” “I’ve been a Democrat. I’ve been a Republican. And I eventually became an independent because I don’t believe either party has a monopoly on good ideas or good leadership,” he said … Continue reading

Trump: “It’s called sarcasm”

Trump was in Scranton PA yesterday and participated in an interview and responded to questions about his comment on “Russian hackers” among other questions.  The media is alleging Trump is advocating espionage.  Of course, it was sarcasm but the answer in real life is  “well no shit.  They spy on us and we spy on them” but those words were not actually said. The lefty talking points are collapsing. Well done Donald. ~ Hardnox

GITMO Prisoner Seen In Venezuela

Who didn’t know that 200+ released GITMO jihadis weren’t going back to terrorism?  Those GITMO prisoners are the worst of the worst yet the Brown Clown had them released.   It’s only a matter of time before one or more of those troglodytes makes it to our homeland and kills Americans. Donald Trump had it right when he stated this yesterday: “Ignorant” must be a codeword in Trump speak for asshole. ~ Hardnox

Just a Reminder to The NeverTrumpers

If you are still sulking on the sidelines for Senator Ted Cruz and not fighting with all conservatives against the Clinton machine, you are no better than any lefty you have professed to despise. Even comparing Trump to Hillary is as ignorant as a Lefty. It doesn’t take common sense to see that those with a mindset of stay at home or write in a vote for someone other than Trump are not concerned about the future of this great nation. All that hard work conservatives put in for years fighting against the Clinton Crime Family and Obama. For what? … Continue reading

Hammer Meet Nail – Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida

This is OUTSTANDING! Donald Trump held a long news conference from his resort in Doral, Florida, this morning, taking numerous questions from reporters. He started by pointing out how many news conferences he has had during his campaign compared to Hillary Clinton. Trump called it a “deflection” for Democrats to claim that Russia hacked the DNC emails in order to help him. Trump calling a spade a spade.  Kudos! Who else but Trump would do an open press conference and answer questions from a hostile media.  Hillary certainly wouldn’t do it. ~ Hardnox

Donald Trump Weighs On DNC, Trade, Jobs & Hillary Clinton

On Hannity last night, Trump discusses the dumbassery of the demmerhoids and how his campaign is going. Hillary asking Obama for economic advice because the economy is so great?  That’s a hoot!  Yeah, keep shining that turd.  No one except the corrupt or clueless are buying that narrative.  More muslim immigrants?  Great!  Air condition is more dangerous than ISIS?  Sure! In my opinion, the left is bent on wrecking America and are nakedly in full view for all to see.  Voters are flocking to Trump because he’s able to call out their stupidity. ~ Hardnox

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Would Cruz rather see Clinton win the White House?

Frankly, this issue should be dead and buried already especially since he’s already stated he’s not voting for Hillary. For what it’s worth, I think Cruz should have said something like this: “The campaign was brutal and contentious, like in all primaries, participants say things that maybe should not have been said in the heat of the battle.  Politics is truly a bloodsport.  I particularly did not care for the personal insults against my wife and father, and I do not forgive Donald for those aspersions and will accept no apology.  In the end, elections are not about a single … Continue reading

Hillary’s Henchmen? – Sanders Always Claimed DNC Favored Clinton

Sanders responds: We all knew the fix was in before the campaign actually began.  Hillary had a 600+ superdelegate advantage in January.   Sanders was in to make Hillary look like a moderate.  What the Dims hadn’t counted on was Bernie’s popularity.  Rigged?  Of course it was.  Further, there are a number of suits filed by Bernie surrogates alleging voter fraud and voter suppression by Hillary operatives. The Bernie supporters are pissed and rightfully so. The polls are bogus.  Trump is going to hand Hillary her fat ass. ~ Hardnox

Blazing Cat Fur: “In Advance of Tonight’s Main Event, the Last 24 Hours Could Hardly Have Gone Better.”

Excerpts from Blazing Cat Fur, entitled, “Political Seppuku: Our American Friend on Ted Cruz De-Platforming Himself:” Last night Ted Cruz was given an opportunity to address the Republican National Convention, which the night before had nominated Donald Trump for President. Given a golden opportunity to enhance a fairly damaged and toxic reputation, Cruz proceeded to refuse to endorse Trump outright and was roundly booed off the stage in a political backlash rarely captured on live television. Cruz had previously signed the pledge to support the eventual republican nominee. Not doing so, and in the most public way possible, only underscored … Continue reading