Hannity – Clinton Trying To Link Trump To KKK

Anyone catch this August 26, 2016 Hannity segment? Clinton Trying To Link Trump To KKK -Trump Vs Clinton – Race To The White House – Hannity   I am sick and tired of the stupid tactics of the Democrat Party designed to anger and divide our citizens. Speak about the real issues like the jobless rate or government assistance or a thousand other topics instead.   –Uriel–

Black Community Activist is Going Off the Plantation

Community activist Quanell X and AM 740 KTRH NewsRadio show host Matt Patrick discuss Donald Trump’s direct and honest appeal to the black community earlier this week. Quanell X’s response is NOT what Hillary Clinton  or the Left wants to hear. Let’s face it.  Blacks have fared much worse under the democrats since the early 60’s.  That is simply a statistical fact.  Glad to see that some are beginning to see the light. I am still troubled by this man’s concern about what blacks will “get”.  It’s called self determination and self responsibility.  Once achieved the rest falls in place. … Continue reading

Meet The Trumpocrats – Lifelong Democrats Voting For Donald Trump

Glad they got the memo but these people supported Bernie Sanders, a full blown communist who doesn’t have a clue of economics given all the free shit he planned on dispensing, yet the Trumpocrats support capitalism.  WTF?  I’m guessing they don’t understand what communism is. On the plus side, they are in the NeverHillary camp and that’s a good thing. Lifelong democrats?  Frankly, democrats are the anti-American party and have been since the late 70’s when the party was taken over by the tie-dyed generation and ardent followers of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven stratagems who believed collapsing the system … Continue reading

Nigel Farage With Donald Trump In Jackson Mississippi

This is real good! Nigel Farage, former leader of Great Britain’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) and the figurehead of the “Brexit” movement’s upset victory, appeared at a Donald Trump campaign rally in Jackson, Mississippi Wednesday night, encouraging the crowd to fight the American political establishment like the people of Britain did just months ago. “If the little people, if the real people, if the ordinary, decent people are prepared to stand up and fight for what they believe in, we can overcome the big banks, we can overcome the multinationals,” That left a mark.  Bwhahahahahahaha. ~ Hardnox  

Donald Trump Townhall On Illegal Immigration – Killed By Illegal Immigrant

On Hannity last night.  The families of Americans killed by illegals speak out. My heart breaks for these families. What part of ILLEGAL doesn’t anyone understand?  Trump simply wants to enforce the laws we already have on our books. ~ Hardnox

Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event

From American Thinker: Forget the arrogance and corruption — $153 million in Clinton family speaking fees from 2001, mainly bribes during her State Department years. Forget the lies, the lies about lies, and the perjury. Forget the security breaches. Forget enabling America’s most prominent sexual predator. Forget the trail of bodies stretching from Little Rock to Benghazi. Forget every scandal from Whitewater to deleted e-mails. Forget all of it. Instead, focus on coming attractions — what a Clinton presidency would mean for America. It would be the political equivalent of an extinction level event. Obama began the process of transforming … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: CNN Declares All Blacks as Felons

Congratulations assholes!  Spoken like true leftists.  Once in awhile the left exposes their true beliefs.  This time they have their collective pants around their ankles. So who are the racists here? Great ad by the way…. ~ Hardnox

Do Not Buy Into The Lies Of Mainstream Polls And Headlines

Election 2016 Presidential Polls Real Clear Politics August 21, 2016 Sunday, August 21 (LA Times/USC)……..Clinton 43…….Trump 45 In Ohio: CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 46…….Trump 40, ………………….Johnson 6……..Stein 2 Iowa: CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 40……..Trump 40, ………………….Johnson 7………Stein 2 Simple Newsmax Poll Trump………108,494………..77% Clinton……..32,322………..22% For those determined to spread the Democrat narrative (both liberal and conservative) – jerk the toilet chain and flush your polls down into the sewer. First, polls are ridiculous. They tell nothing more or less than the mood of the people at any given time. They are biased as he#l.  From the one preparing the questions to the one skewing the … Continue reading

Trump On Target

Donald Trump fired off an M-4 rifle on Thursday as he took his ‘law and order’ appeal to a gun range at a North Carolina police lodge. But his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate, an officer told DailyMail.com. Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired. ‘He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bullseyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more,’ Ron … Continue reading

Donald Trump Rally in West Bend, Wisconsin August 16, 2016

  He nails the inner city and Black American  problems!   “I wear their opposition as a badge of honor.”  Trump.   –Uriel-

What It Means to Be a ‘Never trump’….

From WhatYouThoughtIWentAway Let’s suppose that all the negative things that Donald Trump has said in the beginning of his campaign are true. Let’s also suppose that the things the little darlings in the media say about him continually are true. On her best day, Hillary would be capable mentally and physically of accomplishing exactly what? One need only look at her woeful list of accomplishments as the Jr. Senator from N.Y. to determine she is unfit for any manner of public service and should move along quickly to the U.N. , where she and “Slick” would likely be unable to … Continue reading

Trump on ISIS

From Canada Free Press: Trump, Putin, & Dalai Lama know it, but Obama and Clinton OWN it Donald J. Trump did not bother taking time to sprinkle Mary Poppins’ legendary ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ over his statement asserting that President Barack Obama and his planned replacement Hillary Clinton were the founders of ISIS. The unchurched but still sanctimonious mainstream media demand politically correct statements from all—particularly from anybody challenging what some Internet commenters call “the pantsuit posse”. The MSM knows perfectly well that Trump meant that the policies of Obama and his former Secretary of State led to the birth of … Continue reading

A Kind, Reasoned and Scriptural Call to the Never Trump Voters

From Canada Free Press After laboring for two days just to find an appropriate title for this piece; this writer almost gave up on it entirely. After finding another article on the subject at Constitution.com I was not only re-inspired, but I realized that I may have been divinely delayed. Trying to make sense of the rift between those who want Trump and those who felt Ted Cruz or another candidate should have been chosen for the nomination has become a conundrum on the level of the “order out of disorder” studies done at MIT some years ago. After writing … Continue reading

Trump on “Sleeping Hillary”

This is a clip from today in Florida in a speech to the National Association of Home Builders. Trump discussed his tax plan that drops the business tax rate to 15% in America – which would be a huge boom to the economy. Trump then hit Hillary on her questionable health. I hope he hammers on her health 24/7. Meanwhile, the media ignores it yet wants to make a mountain out of molehill over the most trivial crap.  The worst part is even conservative leaning outlets are doing it. ~ Hardnox

Words vs. Deeds

Above image via iOTWreport. #NeverTrump and their media enablers are cut from the same miserable narcissistic dirty booger-rag cloth. Here’s a bit of advice, via Cold Fury: No need to get all distressed and handwringy over the media doing what it was always going to do, what it has always done, and what it was going to do regardless of who the Republican nominee was. Remember when Mitt Romney—that nicest of all nice-guy perennial-loser candidates for whom the libtards and Republicrats (pardon the redundancy) now so winsomely yearn—was pushing grannies in wheelchairs off cliffs, deliberately giving female employees cancer, raping … Continue reading

Trump Tower Climber

Talk about taking your message straight to the top !   A man equipped with suction cups was apprehended after attempting to scale Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday afternoon. A video showing a young man explaining why he climbed Trump Tower was sent to Business Insider in an email tip The video was posted by YouTube user Leven Thumps on August 9. It had more than 12,000 views on Wednesday evening. In the video, the man said that he was an “independent researcher” who was climbing Trump Tower to “seek an audience with Mr. Trump.” Social-media users have called the suction-cup climber “Steve … Continue reading