Judge Jeanine to PC Republicans: “Shame on them”

This is good… “… you’re going to jail… ” We all sure hope so.  Today would be good. Too bad we’ll all need to wait until January 21 or unless she croaks first.  Either will work. Funny how Hillary couldn’t wait for her plane to take off so she and her team could be served drinks last night.  All those meds and alcohol must must be great for her.   Keep it up. Lastly, all those pantywaist republicans that bailed on Trump… F**k You!  He’s our candidate and our only bulwark against Hildabeast.  We won’t forget your cowardice. ~ Hardnox

McFarland: A mean junkyard dog is what America needs

      Published on Oct 10, 2016 Fox News National Security Analyst KT McFarland argues Donald Trump is what the U.S. needs to deal with other tough foreign leaders.   Exactly!  Late last night came breaking news that an Iran ship fired missiles at a US ship.  A strong response warning shot should have been issued along with an equally strong radio communication broadcast.  Iran has stepped up their attacks from taking over a US ship to practically firing on our vessel.  It appears to me that this is an effort to help Obama stay in office longer. Can’t … Continue reading

The Donald Puts A Hurting

on Cankles and another “debater” makes his appearance. EXCERPT:  “TRUMP: “Bernie Sanders and between super delegates and Debra Wassermann Schultz and I was surprised to see him sign on with the devil. The thing that you should be apologizing for are the 33,000 e-mails that you deleted and you acid washed and the two boxes of e-mails and other things last week that were taken from an office are are now missing. I didn’t knowledge I would say this, but I’m going to and I hate to say it. If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general … Continue reading

Trump vs Hildabeast Debate #2 – Open Thread

For those of you without TV here is the live stream: Btw, Trump punked the press by trotting out a number of BJ Clinton’s rape victims setting the tone and tenor on tonight’s debate. Bwhahahahhahaha. I think Trump will come out swinging in this debate.  We’ll see. ~ Hardnox   BEST LINE:

Putin Suspends Nuclear Pact, Ratchets Up The Global Stakes

  Russia suspends nuclear R&D pact with United States Science Magazine Richard Stone Oct. 7, 2016 Even during the Cold War things were never this bad, U.S. officials say. On 5 October, the Russian government suspended an agreement with the United States on nuclear R&D cooperation and terminated another on retooling Russian research reactors to no longer run on weapons-grade uranium fuel. The suspensions are largely symbolic, but have nonetheless plunged relations between the world’s most formidable nuclear powers to a new low and driven a new wedge between nuclear science communities that had forged close ties in the wake … Continue reading

Obama Admin Sues Peter Thiel’s Palantir Over Alleged ‘Racial Discrimination’

  CNN Money USA by Seth Fiegerman September 26, 2016 U.S. regulators are going after one of the most valuable tech startups for discriminating against Asian applicants. The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit Monday against Palantir, a data software startup said to be valued at more than $20 billion, for allegedly being biased against hiring Asian candidates. The secretive startup was cofounded by Peter Thiel, an investor and Facebook board member who has emerged as perhaps the most prominent Donald Trump supporter in the tech industry. Thiel is also known for backing lawsuits against Gawker Media, which forced … Continue reading

Republicans Eating Their Own – Well, There They Go Again

From Canada Free Press The GOP has an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. In a race where a Republican presidential candidate has generated more excitement than any since Ronald Reagan, the establishment GOP has from the get-go tried to sabotage that candidate. From the usual cabal of neocon pundits (Bill Kristol, etc), to Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz delaying their endorsements of Donald Trump it would seem that the entire establishment has been doing everything they can to prevent the choice of the grass roots, middle class and independents from becoming the next president. And … Continue reading

Pussy Posse Pounces on Wrong Perp!

From Canada Free Press Rampant media foofaraw notwithstanding, Donald J. Trump, as it turns out,  is not the leader of the Pussy Posse, because it is Barack Hussein Obama who holds that dubious honour. The Donald doesn’t own the term “pussy”,  and in fact when he was unknowingly recorded saying it 11 years ago, it was intended only for Billy Bush’s ears. Obama, on the other hand, openly bragged about Malcolm X’s use of the term in his book, ‘Dreams From My Father’ and did it with a noticeable chuckle in his voice during the 1995 Cambridge Public Library Reading … Continue reading

Where The REAL Outrage Should Be

So you lefties (and many RINOs) are appalled that Trump  used the “P” word 11 years ago. Maybe you should be appalled by this too In this audio tape from the 1980’s, we hear Defense Atty. Hillary Clinton bragging and laughing about getting a pedophile off a child rape charge. Keep this in mind when going to the polls in November 2016 to vote for the new president.    Donald Trump is attracted to beautiful women. ADULT WOMEN. Sometimes he says off-color things about them, in the presence of other men. That’s what men do. Well, except for the many girly-men that … Continue reading

Holier-Than-Thou Democrats NEVER Use the ‘P’ Word When the ‘F’ Bomb Will Do

From Canada Free Press For sheer sanity’s sake, it’s getting to be that anything said or written by the mainstream media during election campaigns should go in one ear and immediately out of the other. Scandal City has replaced the Shining One on the Hill, the lies and smears of the already elected, the order of the day. When are those among the unwashed ever going to realize that citizen dissidents who complain about political corruption are racist, misogynist, homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic,  dirty, rotten scoundrels and the keepers of the gates saints, with a perfect, God-given right to heap Marxist … Continue reading

Liberals are Prudes – Who Knew?

From Canada Free Press Recently much ado has been made of some crude comments that Donald Trump made some years back.  Media mavens are all aflutter with outraged disgust.  I do not know what convent these shocked sisters came from, but I have heard similar male braggadocio my entire adult life.  Perhaps they need to get out more. Apparently many of the pundits we watch on TV have been closet Puritans all this time – who knew?  Many of them are the same ones that informed us that displaying Christ crucified in a jar of human urine is art; that … Continue reading

Jesse Jackson on Donald Trump

Donald Trump worked with the Rainbow-PUSH coalition to bring blacks and minorities into corporate America. Here’s the mumbling nabob Jesse Jackson as he repeatedly praises Donald Trump for his efforts in bringing economic opportunity to black Americans: Funny how Trump is suddenly a racist since he announced his bid for the presidency last year. Of course, the whole narrative is bullshit.  The Dims don’t have anything else left to sell since everything they have touched has turned to shit.  Same thing with Trump being anti-Mexican.  That too is bullshit.  He only said that he was against illegals sneaking into the … Continue reading

Clinton vs Trump – Taxes

  As we near the finish line if you have not thought about the policies Trump and Clinton have developed for their reasons to be elected, you really should be checking them out.  Do Not rely on what mainstream media and others have to say. For a very long time businesses and individuals have lamented the ever-increasing rules, regulations, and penalties that those in Congress and coincidentally those at IRS have been creating.  Nearly every year, there are mutterings of changing, simplifying, and reining in IRS.  There are also volumes of weighty papers and articles expressing economists, financial views, political views … Continue reading

The Comey Coverup For The Hildabeast

is having a wicked backlash. But first, didja know that Comey’s brother was a big donor to the Clintons while at DLA Piper? Yep. Thank you Open Secrets. Oh, and Director Comey’s brother works at the firm that does the Clinton’s taxes. How…quaint. Comey has made millions off of his Lockheed Martin connection and of course Lockheed Martin (LM) is not only a huge Clinton donor but is also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative (2010). Oddly enough, Comey was once the General Counsel for Lockheed Martin and LM belongs to the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, and again, oddly … Continue reading