Wasteful Government Spending – Coburn’s Latest Report

As you have probably heard, Senator Tom Coburn (OK) released his latest ‘Wastebook’ on Tuesday just before the Senate vote on the latest budget deal proposed by Paul Ryan & Patty Murray. Coburn said it doesn’t go far enough to address the long-term debt and doesn’t achieve any savings by eliminating any of the wasteful spending highlighted in his report. Here are some of the highlights of waste in 2013 that add up to around $30 billion. Beachfront Property for Millionaires — $500 million: A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) home loan program, created to help people with low and moderate incomes afford a home … Continue reading

NOW You Know WHY He Was Hired.

Back when the Obama Regime decided to “help” General Motors, the-then-CEO Richard Wagoner was summarily tossed out on his ass. The Regime wanted THEIR guy in there. For THIS, among other reasons. From Breitbart.com   CEO Dan Akerson: General Motors Should Not Repay $10 Billion Bailout Loss.      ” You DID vote for Obama, right, Dan” ??     No question about it. Besides, this bailout was NEVER about “saving” General Motors. It was all about “saving THIS…………….   …..the UAW / VEBA agreement. The loan amounts were EXACTLY what the deficit to the funding for retirees’ pensions and … Continue reading

Schumer: Vets Should Take a Pay Cut – Not Congress

From Joe for America: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that it’s time that US military veterans do their part for America by taking a cut to their retirement benefits. Because, of course, veterans haven’t done enough for the country. Members of Congress, however, should take no such cuts. According to the rather despicable gun-control advocating Senator Schumer, the government officials have sacrificed enough. Civilian federal employees have been cut, cut, cut. I think there was a  feeling, if you’re going to cut them further, which was done, that the military retirees should have about an equal amount. It’s small,” the New York Democrat told … Continue reading

Liars Hiring BIGGER Liars.

The Obama Regime figures it hasn’t lied enough about the “global warming” agenda, so it is bringing in one of THE biggest liars EVER. More Clinton Administration bullshitters practicing their “craft” where one would not have thought it necessary. From Breitbart.com   Podesta Expected to Push Environmentalist Agenda in WH. Imagine. A KNOWN liar, lying for one of the BEST who ever spewed lies, working for the Crown Prince of liars. Look for bullshit like THIS to increase exponentially.   Obama’s NEW liar , oops, ADVISOR, and his OLD boss.   New Bosses same as the OLD boss.     by             … Continue reading

A Gift Idea For Libtards

Do you have a libtard in your family that you HAVE to buy a present for ? Did you draw a die-hard o’zero idolizer’s name at the office gift exchange ? Just in time for the holidays! The perfect present for the Obama supporter in your life.  It’s the “Obama Scandals Collectable Paper Plate Series.” Each paper plate is lovingly crafted to commemorate a classic scandal from the Obama administration.  * BONUS* If you act NOW, they will receive  FREE  additional plates with each NEW SCANDAL (courtesy of the taxpayers). It’s the gift that will keep on giving and giving … Continue reading

Ahhh…Yes. Those KIND, GENEROUS Liberals.

Or, maybe NOT. THE most ODIOUS of ALL the communistic liberal loon Hollyweird leftists has a “Charitable Foundation.” Take a guess how much this BITCH’S “charitable foundation” gave in the last 5 years. From The Smoking Gun.com via Breitbart.com Report: Jane Fonda’s Foundation Hasn’t Given One Penny to Charity in Five Years. THIS is what a communist SLUT looks like. Anyone remember THIS ?? Or with THIS haughty asshole ?             by             Breitbart News                  12 Dec 2013, 10:12 AM PDT Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most liberal stars, runs a charity that hasn’t donated a penny to good causes over the … Continue reading

Will Common Sense Prevail ???

With THIS cadre of clowns in charge, one would seriously doubt it. In, to me, a STARTLING admission, an EPA storm trooper actually ADMITS to a problem. From The Daily Caller.com EPA admits the ethanol mandate has become unrealistic. 5:12 PM  12/12/2013  By Michael Bastasch Corn being harvested. GREAT as a FOOD source. But as THIS ?  Not so much.   A top Environmental Protection Agency official admitted in front of Congress that the federal ethanol blending mandate has put undue requirements on oil companies. “We’re recognizing that the blend wall has been reached,” Christopher Grundler, head of the EPA’s … Continue reading

ATF Caught Using Felons, Teens, and the Mentally Handicapped to Systematically “Manufacture” Gun Crimes

From Doug Ross: Charles C. W. Cooke, writing at National Review, describes the latest appalling ATF scandal: Since the president was reelected in November of last year, a good deal of poison has been poured into Washington’s grimy alphabet soup. Among the departments that have become embroiled in scandal are the IRS, the DOJ, the DOE, the EPA, the NSA, the USDA, and, of course, the ATF. This week, the lattermost is back in the news — and for good reason. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is probably best known these days for the failure of its … Continue reading

Some Gave None, Some Gave All

On the one hand, we have this – two pukes who don’t know come here from sick-em’ about the American people or what this country is really about. They stand for nothing. On the other hand, we have, or we had, guys like this, who absolutely gave their all, because they believed in what we’re doing. They stand for everything. Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly gave this speech in 2010 just four days after his own son had passed away. Here’s the bulk of it: Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. and Iraqi forces, in fact, … Continue reading

How Is “The War On Coal” Going?

Unfortunately, it’s STILL going strong, especially under Asshat’s watch. Secession is sounding BETTER all the time. From The Daily Caller.com   Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South. 1:57 AM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch OK. Northeast liberals. SHUT ALL THEM DOWN NOW. We shall see how LONG you can last during THIS period of “global warming”. Assholes. The CLEANEST, and SAFEST of ALL electrical generation sources, and you MOONBATS would NEVER allow another one to be built. THINK about THAT when WE secede, leaving YOU assholes in the DARK, and hopefully, COLD.   Eight Democratic states … Continue reading


You’ve GOT to hand it to the adherents of the “Religion Of Global Warming” to hold “church” while a snowstorm rages. It doesn’t matter if there is a foot of snow, they’ll show up for THIS nonsense. From The Daily Caller.com   NO SNOW DAY: White House holds global warming task force meeting despite snowfall. 4:15 PM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch     Nothing like a good, old-fashioned SNOWSTORM as a backdrop for a “global warming” conference. Leftists. DUMBER than the damned snow, I swear. Yessiree, Bob. “Global Warming” all over the place. Morons. THIS, GOD, is what I’M TALKING ABOUT. … Continue reading

White House to Focus on Mental Health

From Breitbart: After failing to pass any gun control at the federal level during 2013, the White House has signaled its intention to lay off guns for a time and focus on mental health. Just days before the first anniversary of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, Fox News reports Vice President Joe Biden is presenting arguments for the mental health focus. The administration believes there are things they can do in this arena “to prevent future shootings.” During a December 10th meeting with “parents of Sandy Hook victims” Biden said: “The fact that less than half of children … Continue reading

Asshat Alert – TSA agent confiscates sock monkey’s pistol

Maybe this should be filed under “you’ve gotta be shitting me”. From King News: by SUSAN WYATT / KING 5 News “Rooster Monkburn” the cowboy sock monkey is without his pistol, thanks to a diligent TSA agent in St. Louis. Phyllis May of Redmond, Wash. says she is “appalled and shocked and embarrassed all at the same time” about the incident that happened on Dec. 3. May has a small business selling unique sock monkey dolls. She says she and her husband were on their way from St. Louis to Sea-Tac and she had a couple of monkeys and sewing … Continue reading

Now HERE Is A Novel Approach.

This will be interesting to see how well South Carolina fares. It may well be the ONLY way to beat back the atrocity that is Obamacare. From The Daily Caller.com South Carolina voting on bill to end Obamacare in state.   Kudos to the South Carolina Senate for showing the way. At least ONE state understands the 10th Amendment, and making the joke on THESE asshats. 11:54 AM  12/09/2013  By Bruce Parker   A bill set for fast-track passage in the South Carolina Senate in January aims to eliminate Obamacare in the state. The law could become a model for other … Continue reading

Another “Obama Success Story”.

Bad enough the asshat hates the nation, BUT our national SYMBOL as well ?? And, WHERE is the OUTRAGE from the environmentalist left?  From The Washington Times.com   Obama administration issues permits for wind farms to kill more eagles. By Stephen Dinan The Washington Times Friday, December 6, 2013   THIS magnificent creature was named our NATIONAL BIRD for a REASON. Not a crow, not a tufted titmouse, not a robin, but an EAGLE. Strength, beauty, grace in one avian package.   HERE will be the result of another one of asshat’s “brainstorms”.   And to THINK, this is acceptable … Continue reading

One From The “GEE, NO SHIT” File.

It is looking more like we “deniers” are not the “lone wolves” we may have thought. Michael Fumento NAILS the Gorons. From (of all places)  The New York Post.com Global-warming ‘proof’ is evaporating. By Michael Fumento December 5, 2013 | 12:14am According to the Gorons, if THESE don’t kill us ALL, then THIS will…… …either the hot air, or the halitosis. Or, maybe THIS will get us…. Might not be too bad. Would CLEAN the shithole up, anyway. As long as it covers THIS….. ….then I’m good. Saves wear and tear on the ‘dozers. The 2013 hurricane season just ended as … Continue reading

Who Says Crime, AND Lying Doesn’t Pay?

Looks like it sure has for this Goron. From Fox News.com   This story has it’s start in July of 2011. The ending has just come out. Here is the beginning: Polar Bear Researcher Suspended, Under Investigation for ‘Integrity Issues’. Published July 29, 2011   FoxNews.com Wonder how well NUCLEAR SUBMARINE tastes with a Coke ?? A leading climate scientist whose report in 2006 of drowning polar bears in Arctic waters galvanized the global warming movement — and was highlighted in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning climate-change documentary — has been suspended, possibly over the accuracy of his observations. Charles Monnett — who manages … Continue reading

Uh-oh, the “I” Word is Uttered !

(Posted on YouTube by Western Journalism) Published on Dec  4, 2013 “Congressman Steve King (R) – Iowa – explores Obama impeachment with Constitution experts during judiciary hearing. If the president is willfully and repeatedly violating the Constitution, this is a clear case for impeachment. If the People come to believe that the government is no longer constrained by the laws then they will conclude that neither are they.” Mrs AL