Pennsylvania High Court Vacates State Constitution

Rule of Law collapses into Rule of Men Activist Post Friday, May 9, 2014 The State of Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently ruled that probable cause is all that is required to search an automobile during a traffic stop. The decision effectively ends the process of requiring a warrant to search a vehicle unless there is probable cause and exigent circumstances.Further the Pennsylvania High Court’s decision overrides Pennsylvania’s own Declaration of Rights in State Constitution Article I, Section 8. Article 8 stating:  The people shall be secure in their persons, houses, papers and possessions from unreasonable searches and seizures, and no warrant … Continue reading

School censors parent upset over sexually-explicit book content

Dad handcuffed for protesting graphic-sex book Cop takes action at school-board meeting Jerome R. Corsi | WND William Baer, a parent upset over a reading selection in Gilford, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct when police said he did not leave a school board meeting after being asked. A parent who complained about a book assigned to his daughter at Gilford High School in Gilford, New Hampshire, was arrested and taken away in handcuffs from a school board meeting for refusing to “be quiet” when repeatedly admonished by a board member. William Baer, whose ninth-grade daughter last week was … Continue reading

FBI Investigating Bundy Supporters in BLM Dispute

From KLAS 8NewsNow: A dramatic development in the saga surrounding rancher Cliven Bundy, the FBI has entered the case. The 8 News NOW I-Team has learned that FBI agents have started an investigation into the events surrounding a potentially deadly showdown one month ago. It is one thing for Cliven Bundy and his supporters to square off against an assortment of Bureau of Land Management employees. It is quite another when the FBI enters the picture, and that is exactly what has happened. The I-Team has confirmed that FBI agents have launched a formal investigation into alleged death threats, intimidation … Continue reading

Are Terrorists Training in Your Back Yard?

From Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project: A senior official of the Muslims of the Americas/Jamaat ul-Fuqra (MOA), a terror-linked group, said during a deposition that it has a “community” outside Anchorage, Alaska. Officials also confirmed the existence of three communes in New York, California and Michigan that have yet to be publicly pinpointed. The comments came during depositions of three senior MOA officials after the group sued two critics, Martin Mawyer and Patti Pierucci, for $30 million for their book about MOA titled Twilight in America. The judge dismissed the lawsuit last week. Astonishingly, MOA Deputy Director Hussein Adams, the son of terrorist Barry Adams, admitted he … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton says US must rein in gun culture

“Situation ‘way out of balance’ when people are shot over gum chewing or text messaging, says possible presidential candidate” The Guardian, Tuesday 6 May 2014 Hillary Clinton has declared gun culture in the US is “way out of balance” and the country needs to rein in the notion that “anybody can have a gun, anywhere, anytime”. The former secretary of state and potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate said the idea that anyone could have a gun was not in the “best interest of the vast majority of people”, while arguing that view did not conflict with the rights of people to … Continue reading

Mexican Cartels with Machetes

From DML Daily: The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is a long way away from the home turf of Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, but that didn’t stop three cartel enforcers from making their way up to the region in an attempt to hunt down two teenagers they accused of stealing drugs and money from a stash house. The three enforcers were allegedly sent from Los Angeles to St. Paul on orders from the Sinaloa cartel (Mexico’s most powerful organized crime group) to find the people who stole 30 pounds of methamphetamine and $200,000 from a stash house in St. Paul. The two teens that … Continue reading

Rogue Mexican Army Troops Crossing the Border

From Tucson’s KVOA TV: Has a unit of Mexican Army soldiers who patrol right on the Arizona border gone rogue? This small group has attacked U.S. citizens, and even challenged U.S. federal agents within the U.S. A News 4 Tucson investigation into the dangerous world of rogue soldiers in Mexico’s military. In January, soldiers from this lonely outpost of the Mexican Army drew their guns on U.S. Border Patrol agents just 50 yards into the United States. Then in March, they opened fire on Javier Jose Rodriguez, a young Tucson man visiting family in Sásabe when he was driving around … Continue reading

Dad Has Message for Teacher Who Banned Bible Reading in Class

From IJ Review: When Giovanni Rubeo, a fifth grader at Park Lakes Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, received a Bible for Christmas, it quickly became one of his favorite possessions. He started taking it to school to read during his class’s free reading time. When his teacher saw Giovanni reading the Bible, she ordered him to stop reading it and put it on her desk. She then called his parents, leaving this voicemail message: “Good morning Mr. Rubeo, Mrs. Thomas.  Uh, Uh, Giovanni called you because I asked him to.  I noticed that he has a book – a … Continue reading

If This Doesn’t Make You Furious…..

……you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. And even if you don’t, you should still be livid over having to pay for this monstrosity… FreedomProject Education Apr 24, 2014 I assure you, this video, though lengthy, will make your blood boil! Brilliant anti-Common Core Speech by Dr. Duke Pesta ~I have 11 grandkids and I dread the thought of what they’re being taught and how utterly STUPID they will turn out to be. They don’t stand a chance in hell of surviving “life” IF and when they done being molly-coddled in the new federal “incubators” we once called “schools”. Janyk

Finally – Congress May Approve Keystone Pipeline

From Yahoo & Fiscal Times: For years, President Obama has flexed his executive powers to try to circumvent a recalcitrant Congress on a broad range of environmental, economic and regulatory issues. Last January, he vowed during his State of the Union address to use the power of his pen to chip away at his agenda, making clear he would sidestep Congress “wherever and whenever” he can. Now it looks as if lawmakers from both parties are getting ready to turn the tables as they press for approval of a controversial pipeline project. Frustrated that the administration appears to be slow walking a … Continue reading

Will Obama Claim Executive Privilege on Benghazi?

From legal analyst Ken Klukowski at Breitbart: With Congress breathing down his neck on Benghazi, President Obama has a legal ace in his hand – executive privilege – which he could assert to protect the documents explaining exactly why the White House came to blame the attack on a YouTube video. Politically, however, it’s a hand he dare not play. To get the strongest legal backing for the privilege, Obama would need to claim he personally participated in the conversations about telling America the falsehood that the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack was due to the video. There are two types … Continue reading

Update on Phoenix Veterans Affairs Center

A couple of weeks ago I posted a piece about patients who were dying while waiting for treatment at the Phoenix, Az Veterans Hospital.  Here is an account from Fox News of what has happened since then. Three officials at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs center where key data allegedly was concealed while dozens of veterans died waiting for care have been placed on leave, the Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday. Phoenix VA Health Care System Director Sharon Helman, Associate Director Lance Robinson and a third employee, whose name was not immediately released, were placed on leave as authorities probe allegations … Continue reading

Are You Familiar with Operation Choke Point?

Since it was established in 2009 by Executive Order, and it appears to have been kicked off in secret, there’s a good chance few people are familiar with it. You’ll find this hard to imagine, but officials at the Department of Justice have withheld information about the program from Congress, though they have eagerly shared details with federal financial institution examiners authorized to supervise and discipline the nation’s banks and related financial institutions. The operation is headed by political operatives and career bureaucrats at the Department of Justice, the FDIC, and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”). According to … Continue reading

Is the US Being Colonized by China?

From Joe for America and Special thanks to New York Property Rights activist Lynn Teger for her help in researching this article. Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence. Go to for more information. My apologies for the length of this piece but there is some very important and chilling information here. For the past few decades the Communist regime of China has been driving toward world supremacy, both economically and militarily. The regime’s main target has been, and … Continue reading

Obama Proposes Tolls on Interstate Highways

From Breitbart, by The Hon. Chuck DeVore, Vice President of Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation : As with many federal accounts, the Highway Trust Fund is running on empty. Refilled with the 18.4-cent per gallon gas tax and disbursed by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, the federal highway fund faces a $63 billion shortfall through 2018. Texas gets $2-3 billion per year from the fund which goes towards the roughly $7 billion in yearly Texas Department of Transportation expenditures. A shortage of funds tends to concentrate the mind—which is why the White House just proposed lifting an old federal … Continue reading

Judicial Watch Receives New Benghazi Documents

From Judicial Watch: Benghazi Documents Point to White House on Misleading Talking Points Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-related State Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.”  Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” and a possible kidnap … Continue reading

Cruz, Krauthammer Want Kerry’s Resignation

On Friday, speaking to a private audience about the Middle East peace process, Secretary of State John Kerry did what for many Israel supporters is the unthinkable and used the A-word: apartheid. “A two-state solution will be clearly underscored as the only real alternative. Because a unitary state winds up either being an apartheid state with second-class citizens — or it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state,” Kerry said Friday in remarks originally reported by the Daily Beast. Kerry’s comments come at a particularly sensitive time in the Middle East, as the … Continue reading

Connecticut Dems Want Milk Control

From Breitbart: Three Democrat state lawmakers in Connecticut have sponsored a bill that would ban day care centers from serving whole or 2 percent milk to children.  Democrat state Reps. David Zoni and Roberta Willis and state Sen. Catherine Osten say the proposed legislation aims to control childhood obesity. As reports, the bill would set stringent standards. It reads: No child day care center, group day care home or family day care home shall provide milk with a milk fat content greater than 1 percent to any child 2 years of age or older under the care of such … Continue reading

Dumb, Dumber and DRT

From the NRA’s Armed Citizen: DUMB, March 31, 2014:  Jeff Gegelman was at home in Golden Valley, N.D. when three men in a car drove onto his property, then knocked on his door. Suspicious, Gegelman retrieved a .22-caliber pistol and watched as the men returned to the vehicle, and then as two of the men returned to the house. The pair of men then forced open the door, at which point Gegelman leveled his gun at the intruders and told them, “You came to the wrong house today.” Gegelman and the home invaders exchanged fire, resulting in wounds to both … Continue reading