Dem Jim Moran Says Congressmen Are Underpaid

From Breitbart: Virginia Democrat James P. Moran is claiming that members of Congress, who collect an annual salary of $174,000, are underpaid. Moran stated to CQ Roll Call, “I think the American people should know that the members of Congress are underpaid. I understand that it’s widely felt that they underperform, but the fact is that this is the board of directors for the largest economic entity in the world.” Moran spoke during the session of the Legislative Branch subcommittee, where the bill outlining salaries for Congress was being marked up. He said he will try to add an amendment … Continue reading

Ethics Reform for Congress? Get Real!

From Paul Dietzel at the Daily Caller: (Paul Dietzel II is the founder of and a candidate for the United States Congress in Louisiana’s 6th district.) Fast cars, luxury yachts, international five-star resorts, top-shelf liquor and fine china from Bloomingdale’s — this sounds like a rap song, but this is the life of some members of Congress. For example, Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) was exposed in a 60 Minutes investigation for spending leadership PAC money on the items listed above. And, my guess: he isn’t alone. We, the taxpayers, shouldn’t accept this behavior; we must fight it. I will … Continue reading

Reid Gave Granddaughter Not $17K But $31K in Campaign Funds

New York Post: Harry Used Campaign Funds to Buy Jewelry from His Granddaughter’s Business to Hand Out as Christmas Gifts WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s troubles deepened Thursday when it was revealed that his campaign bought $31,000 worth of jewelry from his granddaughter, nearly twice the amount he previously acknowledged. The money went to Ryan Elisabeth Reid, the daughter of Reid’s son Rory. On campaign disclosure forms, her name was listed as “Ryan Elisabeth.” Reporters began combing through Reid’s 2012 campaign filings after discovering payments of nearly $17,000 to his 23-year-old granddaughter in 2013 for jewelry that was to … Continue reading

Wild Bill: Benghazi Boehner

  Bill has a few choice words for John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Bill is 100% correct.  It’s been a full 18 months since the murder of those four Americans and all we have seen is Kabuki theater. I can’t help but wonder what the administration has on Boehner for him to refuse to do anything about Benghazi.  My only other conclusion is that he is waiting for the Hildabeast to announce her run. ~ Hardnox

Harry Reid: People Don’t Know How to Use the Internet

From IJ Review: While answering a journalist’s question about the newest Obamacare delay, Harry Reid blamed people’s lack of understanding on how to use that newfangled contraption called “the Internet,” which is probably like a series of tubes or something. Never mind that young people are signing up at a fraction of the rate forecasted by the administration; and they certainly know how to use the Internet. Anyway, the blame-shifting and reality-denying of Senator Reid would normally be considered astounding, but it’s the kind of thing that we’ve all come to know and love from the Democratic Senate. ~~~~~~~~~ While … Continue reading

Minnesota Bill Seeks to Nullify EPA Regs

From Tenth Amendment Center: A bill recently introduced in Minnesota would nullify federal Environmental Protection Agency regulation and overreach within the state. HF3094, introduced by Representative Mary Franson, is Minnesota’s latest reaction toward federal encroachment of state and local authority. The bill’s text indicates: “The legislature declares that the regulation authority of the United States Environmental Protection Agency is not authorized by the Constitution of the United States and violates the true meaning and intent as given by the founders and ratifiers, and is hereby declared to be invalid in the state, shall not be recognized by the state, is … Continue reading

Priorities Ain’t What They Used to Be !

  The great E-Cig debate …     While every citizen in every State is affected by Obamacare   (Posted on YouTube by Washington Free Beacon) What we need in Congress are more adults ! I’ve made my comment and now it’s your turn. Mrs AL      

I Don’t Think ‘Pissed’ Really Covers It…

~This came as a “forward” in my e-mail today and I thought I should share it. It reflects what many of us already think of our “glorious” leadership; political parties, notwithstanding… Received: March 20, 2014 Ms. Myers doesn’t mince words or “sugar coat” them! She is quite perceptive of the corruption infesting Congress – and of the rest of the federal government. Some serious “house cleaning” is necessary and too long delayed! Dave, I think she is pissed off? Alan Simpson, the Republican Senator from Wyoming calls senior citizens the Greediest Generation as he compared “Social Security ” to a Milk … Continue reading

Three Cheers for High Ethical Standards !

  From Fox News     The White House is backing off its push for quick confirmation of President Obama’s pick to be surgeon general in the face of opposition from the National Rifle Association and concerns among Democrats up for re-election who don’t want to take another tough vote on a controversial nominee. Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy, a Harvard Medical School physician and Obama political organizer, is the latest nominee to be targeted for defeat by an outside group in the midst of the midterm election campaign. Murthy’s support of gun control drew the ire of the NRA, which … Continue reading

It’s More Than Just Mexicans

This is from last year where Dennis Michael Lynch visited with Congressman Peter King regarding our borders and who’s coming across other than Mexicans. I believe the men Dennis is riding with are the volunteers who call themselves Minutemen. They voluntarily patrol the border because the BP is short handed. Instead of catching them and sending them back, our government provides water so they don’t dehydrate. ~Kathy  

Who Is Lee Bright ?

Several times we’ve discussed what a sell-out Lindsey Graham has turned out to be and since he’s up for re-election this year, I thought it might be good to see who his opponent is. His name is Lee Bright and he’s been in the SC state senate since 2008 and compares himself to Ted Cruz. He spoke to Glenn Beck in late February and when Glenn asked him what the differences were between him and Lindsey Graham, he had this to say: There’s so many. Actually, I cosponsored the bill to stop Common Core in South Carolina. We’ve been fighting that for … Continue reading

Rep. Trey Gowdy Received Thunderous Applause on the House Floor

From TPNN: This is some more from Trey Gowdy on Wednesday and he just gets better and better. He asks, “If a president can change some laws, can he change all laws?” More so than punishment, he seeks a remedy. I’d say he’s pissed, wouldn’t you? ~Kathy

Lindsey Graham Caught on Hot Mic Offering John Kerry Some ‘Help’

From Mediaite: On Thursday, Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding the need to provide Ukraine with economic assistance during its transition from the government of deposed President Viktor Yanukovich. The aid bill has encountered resistance from House and Senate Republicans, particularly a provision to provide aid to the International Monetary Fund which would utilize funds already allocated to the U.S. military. Following that hearing, a hot microphone caught Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) approaching Kerry and congratulating him on his testimony. Graham also offered to “help” with House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), presumably over his … Continue reading

Rep. Gowdy’s Floor Speech on the ENFORCE the Law Act

This Rep. Gowdy’s speech yesterday in support of “Enforce the Law” act. The frustration in Gowdy is palatable.  The sad part is that the House is passing a bill, which won’t be read in the Senate, in order to get the resident to abide by the written law. Welcome to banana republic time. ~ Hardnox  

Ukraine Appeals to the West as Crimea Turns to Russia

Reuters – March 11, 2014 Ukraine’s government appealed for Western help on Tuesday to stop Moscow annexing Crimea but the Black Sea peninsula, overrun by Russian troops, seemed fixed on a course that could formalize rule from Moscow within days. With their own troops in Crimea effectively prisoners in their bases, the new authorities in Kiev painted a sorry picture of the military bequeathed them by the pro-Moscow president overthrown two weeks ago. They announced the raising of a new National Guard to be drawn from volunteers among veterans.The prime minister, heading for talks at the White House and United Nations, … Continue reading

Ron Paul says US sanctions against Russia an ‘act of war’

Tuesday Mar 11, 2014   Former US congressman Ron Paul has warned that Washington’s efforts to impose sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine are an “act of war.” “Though many mistakenly believe that sanctions are a relatively harmless way of forcing foreign countries to do what we say, we should be clear: sanctions are an act of war,” Paul wrote in an article published on Monday. US Congress is set to vote for sanctions against Russia in the coming days. Last week, the White House announced economic sanctions and blocking Russian officials’ visas, but it has yet to … Continue reading