Rex Tillerson Rides with Rolling Thunder

  Rex Tillerson Rides with Rolling Thunder to Honor U.S. Military on Memorial Day Breitbart May 29, 2017 Penny Starr Secretary of State Rex Tillerson joined almost one million bikers on Sunday as a rider in a massive caravan of motorcycles that rode from the Pentagon to the National Mall and the Vietnam Memorial on Sunday. “O.K., this is just buckets of all-American awesome,” the post on Conservative Treehouse stated. “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson rides with Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Memorial Day and salute our armed forces. “We knew T-Rex was awesome, but who knew T-Rex … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“All these bad experiences that we go through, they don’t just disappear. We carry them our whole life trying to forget, escaping in habits, addictions, hate, toxic relationships. But what we don’t know is that by doing so we let them stay alive. We water them like withered flowers and we hang onto them to justify our mistakes and failures.” ― Asper Blurry, Train to the Edge of the Moon

I’m not gonna title this one (and you will soon see why)

This was forwarded to me by a long-time friend (and Nox reader).  There is really nothing more to be said about this other than “You gotta be $#!++!n’ me” Posted on May 19, 2017 by Steven Hayward in Academic left Academic Absurdity of the Year: The Socially-Constructed Penis Hoax Just about every time I post an Academic Absurdity here, commenters rightly think it has to be a hoax, and refer back to the ur-hoax of all time, the Alan Sokal Social Text article of 20 years ago that said even physics was “socially constructed.” A very sensible reaction, but in … Continue reading

Causing Trouble with Suggestions from 1988

I wandered through some old stuff this week.  Stuff I wrote long before I ever heard of Hardnox.  Stuff I wrote back in 1988 when George H.W. Bush was running for President.  I thought I would bring this stuff out and throw it into the wind and see what kind of trouble I can stir up with old ideas.   1. A commission of citizens shall be drawn from the affected community to determine the understandability of a law. If this commission cannot agree on the meaning of the law, the law shall be sent back for rewriting. This commission … Continue reading

An Indictment of America’s Constitutional Republic?

The stopgap federal budget passed today is a significant marker, one that makes certain conclusions clear as sunlight.  This budget changes nothing that Trump and his supporters demanded be changed.  Sanctuary cities are still funded, along with Klan Parenthood.  Immigration reform is not in this budget, nor are funds for a border wall — this budget specifically restricts construction of that wall, no less.  And Obamacare remains in force and funded. Since inauguration day, no significant new legislation has been sent to the floor nor has any been enacted.  The only federal policy changes have been made via executive orders, … Continue reading

Syria Timeline 2013 – 2017, Part 2 B

 Timeline 2013 – 2017 John Kerry Travel Logs 2013. You can see all four years HERE: March 1–2, 2013 – Turkey Ankara Met with President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu. Discussed the Syrian crisis.  March 2–3, 2013- Egypt Cairo Met with Arab League Secretary General Nabil al-Araby, Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr, President Mohammed Morsi, Defense Minister Abdul Fatah al-Sisi, and Egyptian political and business leaders.       March 3–4, 2013 – Saudi Arabia Riyadh Met with the Gulf Cooperation Council Foreign Ministers and with Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. March 4–5, 2013 … Continue reading

Syria Timeline 2000 – 2012, Part 2 A

Timeline of 2000 – 2012, The Clinton Years of 2009-2012 July 17, 2000 – Basshar al Assad takes office November 2000- The Basshar Assad orders the release of 600 political prisoners. April 2001 – Outlawed Muslim Brotherhood says it will resume political activity, 20 years after its leaders were forced to flee. June 2001 – Syrian troops evacuate Beirut, redeploy in other parts of Lebanon, following pressure from Lebanese critics of Syria’s presence. September 2001 – Detention of MPs and other pro-reform activists, crushing hopes of a break with the authoritarian past of Hafez al-Assad. Arrest continues, punctuated by occasional amnesties, … Continue reading

Judges Dying In Odd Circumstances Over The Last Year

  What’s happening in the last year with judges being found dead? Are we seeing an uptick in unexplained/suicide/natural cause weirdness from coroners again. Without doubt,these are unrelated but certainly odd, just like other deaths over the last few years. Perhaps Murphy’s Law is simply at work picking on random professions, just as other groups oddly seem to have similar unrelated, unexplained, or coincidental increases in deaths. First it was dozens of financial and banking top management executives; then doctors.  Now it is judges which is arguable one of the most volatile professions for revenge deaths and intimidation tactics. Yet amazingly it … Continue reading

Schools and Citizens Be Aware – Urgent BOLO Issued for Joseph Jakubowski

Especially in the area surrounding Wisconsin— Armed and Considered Extremely Dangerous Manhunt is underway for gun-store robbery suspect who sent manifesto to Trump ABC By Enjoli Francis Apr 8, 2017 Wisconsin authorities and the FBI have expanded their urgent search for an “extremely dangerous” suspect who they say robbed a gun store, stealing at least 16 weapons, and who may be plotting an act of mass violence with his eye on President Trump. “Basically, he’s angry at all government officials,” Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said at a news conference today. “You know, whether it’s the president or local officials … Continue reading

“Far-Left Stacked Deck of Cards”

Remember the old game of “Go Fish”? Let’s bring it up-to-date… You are playing with a “Far-Left Stacked Deck of Cards” if — If you have a card in your hand that says “snowflakes are forever” If you have a card in your hand that says “all white men reject white privilege” If you have a card in your hand that says “change cop uniforms to be less scary” If you have a card in your hand that says “identify as no anatomically correct gender or living object, only the vision in your mind” If you have a card in … Continue reading

Obama’s Future

Will Barky Soetoro come back from Tahiti now that his puppet Susan Rice has been outed? Yes. He will face the music like a man.  No, he flees to Kenya. No, he applies for citizenship to French Polynesia No, he flees to Kenya but President Trump has SEAL Team Six bring his ass back for trial. What say ye?  

What to think about Putin

I don’t normally copy an entire article someone else wrote, but this one is too good for me to mess with.  It is copied in its entirety from IMPRIMIS – the Hillsdale College monthly newsletter.  The following is adapted from a speech delivered on February 15, 2017, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona by Christopher Caldwell – a senior editor at The Weekly Standard. A graduate of Harvard College, his essays, columns, and reviews appear in the Claremont Review of Books, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times Book Review, the Spectator (London), Financial Times, … Continue reading

Comey’s Oh Crap Moments at March 20th Grilling

In case you missed or chose not to see the entire rounds of questioning of Comey, here are few highlights you might be interested in. Watching a master “Grill Sargeant” at work is always interesting. This is a montage of Gowdy’s sessions with Comey. In this, Comey admits to beginning a FBI investigation on Trump’s political team in JULY 2016 and also there is an Ongoing investigation which means he can’t say anything except in closed session. Paying particular attention to Comey’s eyes and facial expressions give his “oh crap” moments away. However, now we have a newbie that with maturity … Continue reading

Here’s What Folks From Our Web Host WordPress Have Been Doing

They are attempting to introduce 21st century ecommerce and communications technology to Africa, specifically Nigeria.  This appears to be a genuine effort to improve the lives of others, and not just another typical progressive superiority-complex-motivated outreach to “backwards” indigenous peoples.  Let’s hope the conference organizers are not targeted by Muhammad Abu bin Jackwagon as a reward for their infidel efforts …. Field Notes: CMS Africa Summit   (CMS is a regular, scheduled open source tech event) Five Automatticians recently attended this event in Abuja, Nigeria. Automatticians, the people who build, participate in events and projects around the world every day. … Continue reading

Juan McLame Unplugged

Dear Arizona, what in the HELL is wrong with you people putting an 80 year old senile warmongering Manchurian Candidate back into the Senate instead of kicking Ol Songbird to the curb?     BTW, this was in response to Rand Paul’s EXCELLENT blocking vote to keep the pissant country of Montenegro OUT of NATO. Naturally, Senator Warmonger, desperate to start WW III, wanted Montenegro IN, in order to continue to piss on Russia. Imagine one MORE drain on the US in NATO, since according to the CIA World Book, they have about a 2,000 man military, not even a … Continue reading