Asshat Alert: White House expected to release more Gitmo prisoners

Unbelieveable… Batears has already released 178 of the worst of the worst terrorists.  Many are confirmed to have returned to the battlefield. In other words, Obama could give a shit about the lives of innocents or our national security. ~ Hardnox

Millennial Feminists Start 2017 At A New Low

Just when you thought leftards could not get any dumber or more hypocritical, we learn that students at Columbia University ($55K / year tuition) think that mutilation of female genitalia by ignorant peasant Muslim males is okay.  Oh, and for American Muslims, this barbaric procedure should be funded by, and performed at, Planned Parenthood clinics.  I’m certain that, if cornered and questioned, these self-proclaimed supporters of womens’ rights would find a way to squirm out of their incredible, bronze-age hypocrisy. Saul Alinsky, Leon Trotsky … y’all must be smiling from ear to ear.  You have successfully destroyed America’s best institutions … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

“Our diversity, not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse,” . General George Casey Who was worried that diversity might become a casualty of the Fort Hood shooting. Not worried, of course, about Muslim terrorists, or the deaths of more than a dozen American soldiers.

Local Democrats Express Solidarity With Islamic Extremists in Wake of Election

by John Rossomando DECEMBER 6, 2016 7:52 AM Some Democratic politicians, eager to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community and speak out against hate in the wake of the recent heated presidential election, have thrown their support behind some of the Islamic community’s most extreme elements. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring and some local Democratic politicians from Northern Virginia, made this evident when they showed up at a Veterans Day event at the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. Dar al-Hijrah stands in infamy as the mosque attended by two of the 9/11 hijackers, and as the mosque where … Continue reading

Barry Bungles Bigtime

and THIS is what happens when idiots run our government (on both sides). The Middle East in an uproar, Russia hating us, Iran taking Navy hostages, Yemen shooting missiles at US Navy ships, China joining with Russia, our allies running for cover, Barry’s red lines in the sand a joke, Syria, Libya, Egypt, our economy in shambles, the deficit up 34%, and our country falling apart, that, evidently, is the fundamental transformation Obummer and Hitlery have done for us. Gee, thanks 47%ers. EXCERPT:  “With winter approaching in Afghanistan, Taliban militants there seem more determined than ever to expand their influence … Continue reading

Obama Blows Another Hostage Rescue While Playing Golf

Language warning on this graphic. BREITBART and AMI Newswire – A group of Navy SEALS were forced to return from a hostage rescue mission in Afghanistan after President Barack Obama failed to approve their operation while he was on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. According to sources speaking to Ami Newswire, the special operations force traveled swiftly to recover two hostages, but were ordered to stand down because Obama did not have time to approve the mission.  Apparently, POTUS “wanted 24 hours to consider the rescue.” Obama approved the mission a day later, but when the special forces team returned, the hostages … Continue reading

Dark Lord: Hacked Documents Reveal Magnitude Of George Soros’s Domestic Influence

by AARON KLEIN24 Aug 2016 Reviews of the more than 2,500 documents hacked from the servers of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations highlight the undue influence the billionaire financier exerts domestically, from attempting to remake the American electorate to successfully lobbying for changes in U.S. immigration policy to funding initiatives targeting local police forces. While many of the documents spotlight Soros’s global network, focus on the hacked materials from his Foundations’ U.S. contingent begins to expose the many tentacles of the Democratic Party mega-donor’s operation and its deep impact over the policy objectives of the Obama administration, often utilizing a slew of U.S.-based … Continue reading

Best Words to Describe Our Times: “Go Away, Satan!”

From Canada Free Press The words that best describe our times were uttered by Father Jacques Hamel as he lay dying on the altar of his church: “Go Away, Satan!” Go away, Satan and take the pack of squealing hyenas that are your demons who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Satan is in every terrorist who slaughters every man, woman and child.  It is Satan who covets caliphate and it is Satan’s sharia. It is Satan who sees to it that Barack Hussein Obama gets to protect the scourge of Islamic terrorism by defiantly refusing to … Continue reading

Obama Continues to Lie And Deceive

the American people and Congress continues to DO NOTHING! Here the Bastard spends seven minutes dodging the VERY GOOD question on whether or not the 400 MILLION dollar ransom payment will be used by Iran to fund terrorism. Maybe they should have asked Iranian-born Communist Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s wet nurse, on what her countrymen will use the money for.   And that pissy smug look at the scumbag pulls it indicative of a liar. One day the bastard will get his just desserts.

Is there a Coup in the Works?

Not long ago Stephen Coonts put out a new book. LIBERTY’S LAST STAND. Islamic terrorists lit the fuse…but a treacherous president planted the bomb. With the nation in shock over a series of Islamist outrages (shooting up a Catholic grade school and a baseball game are just two of them) by “refugees”, the president of the United States – Barry Soetoro – imposes martial law, cancels the imminent presidential election, and suspends the Constitution. In response, Texas secedes—and what follows is the bloodiest, most harrowing internal insurrection since the Civil War. The purges that follow arrest thousands of people, including … Continue reading

Obama Administration Back Saudi Arabian Military Intervention in Syria Against Russia

From The Muslim Issue Saudi Arabia is the cause for the civil war in Syria. Here we see how the Saudis are willing to intervene by military force against anyone disrupting their desires Sunni occupation of Syria – using weapons which of course have been sold to them by nasty, toxic alliances with the West. Syria’s President Assad is a victim of terrorist infiltration. The constant meddling by the US and it’s bizarre support for Sunni leadership, responsible for over 90% of terrorism around the world, has helped to spread and facilitate Islamic terrorism. The Syrian conflict was started when … Continue reading

Milo On Why Britain Should Leave The EU: To Stop Muslim Immigration

Published on Jun 20, 2016 While I neither condone nor condemn his lifestyle, I WILL defend his right to speak out. And so long as it doesn’t interfere with my life, or any who may object, I will defend his right to live his life as he sees fit. Only God has the right to judge our hearts and our Constitution, the LAW of THIS LAND, mandates we defend those rights. Save for the lifestyle, I’m in total agreement with him and I’m glad he’s speaking out. His videos are worthy of watching, as is evident, here: ~Overlooking his lifestyle, can … Continue reading

RCMP Warns Calgary Family Their Home Is On ISIS Hit List

From CBC News A Calgary man is worried about the safety of his family after police notified him his house is on an ISIS hit list. There are 151 Canadians on the ISIS list, which contains the names, email and physical addresses of some 8,300 people around the globe. Although there is no indication anyone has been harmed, police are contacting the people named out of a “duty to inform.” The 32-year-old Calgary man bought the house eight months ago and believes the address was attached to a previous resident’s web account that was hacked. “If there’s a kill list, and … Continue reading

Andrew Napolitano: AG Pledges Fairness In Clinton Email Probe & DC Scandals – ‘Not A Conflict’

Of course AG Lynch was instructed to have the FBI redact the 911 calls by the White House.  It’s absurd to think otherwise.  More than likely the order came from Obama who simply will not mention or talk about radical islam. Removing all references to Allah made by Omar Mateen in his 911 calls and replacing it with “God” is a shameful and disgraceful attempt to write a narrative and rewrite history.  Let’s face it, the troglodyte murdered the 49 people in Orlando because they were queer and he was a radicalised muslim.  End of story. Further, her statements regarding the investigation … Continue reading

ISIS ‘kill list’ Includes 150 Canadians, Mostly Women.

From Global News Canadian authorities say they are aware of a report on a “kill list” linked to the so-called Islamic State that includes the names of roughly 150 Canadians. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a U.S. media monitoring organization, said the list was created by the pro-ISIS hacking group the Caliphate Cyber Army and two affiliate groups. Global News has obtained a copy of the list, which includes the names, email and street addresses of more than 8,300 people from around the world. Of the approximately 150 Canadians on the list, most of them are women. Speaking … Continue reading

9 Point Survival Alert….ISIS Now at War With America

From Natural News Natural News does not cover politics as a news focus, yet in the wake of the massacre of 50 innocent Americans in Orlando, I feel a strong humanitarian responsibility to warn all Natural News readers about the danger we all now face due to our federal government’s runaway incompetence and abandonment of fundamental national security priorities. Incompetence doesn’t even begin to describe it, actually. What is being exhibit today by Obama and the rest of the regime in power is pure psychosis — a delusional denial of reality that’s going to get a whole lot more Americans … Continue reading