ISIS Soldiers Cranked Up On Meth.

From Reaganite Republican Resistance Just when you thought the blood-drunk ISIS couldn’t possibly become more repellant or damaging to this world, now ‘The Islamic State’ in Iraq and Syria is producing its own meth (and ecstasy) in recently-captured pharmaceutical plants in order to earn hard-currency from exports, ala North Korea…    If it wasn’t worrisome enough that ISIS had taken oil fields and captured piles of gold from a Mosul bank, consider that now they’re adding lucrative drug manufacture/export- making the group more economically-independent by the day. Human trafficking, sales of sex-slaves, pirating online and off all continue to widen ISIS’s … Continue reading

10 ISIS Fighters Caught By US Border Patrol

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s show on Tuesday October 7th and reported hearing directly from the US Border Patrol that 10 ISIS fighters were caught trying to enter the US at the southern border in Texas. “I know that at least 10 ISIS fighters have been caught coming across the Mexican border in Texas,” said Hunter, who received the information from a confidential border patrol source. “They caught them at the border, therefore we know that ISIS is coming across the border,” Hunter continued. “If they catch five or ten of them then you know there’s … Continue reading

Sovereignty or Submission

From Freedom Rings 1776 I was recently reading an essay by one of our great patriots, Andrew C. McCarthy, and encountered a term he used that I had never seen before: Transnational Progressives. I knew immediately what he was referring to as I had often written about the topic under a different title … The New World Order. Henceforth I shall refrain from referencing the NWO as mention of this movement gives the leftists an attack tool of conspiracy theory. Mister McCarthy’s chosen phrase is far more defensible and accurate. Researching transnational progressivism led me to Wikipedia(disappointing results) and to … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: A Beheading in Oklahoma

It was not just a “workplace incident.” The brutal beheading of an American woman by a radicalized Muslim is just the latest in a series of un- or under-reported atrocities deemed unfit for the American people by the Mainstream Media. In this horrifying analysis, Bill Whittle describes the events in Oklahoma and discusses WHY the Leftist Media doesn’t want stories like this being told. We all of course know why.  The media is nothing more than a propaganda machine controlled by the left to support their narrative for the sole purpose of controlling the lemmings. ~ Hardnox

Jihad’s Most Valuable Asset

Think about this…. Have you ever seen a Muslim hospital? Have you heard a Muslim orchestra? Have you seen a Muslim band march in a parade? Have you witnessed a Muslim charity? Have you shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout? Have you seen a Muslim Candy Striper? The answer is no, you have not. Just ask yourself WHY??? Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, said: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s history.” AN AMERICAN CITIZEN’S RESPONSE Dear Mr. Obama: Were those Muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Nope. Were … Continue reading

AHHHHH…….. Such Tolerance.

For those of you who think about global warming as I do, hang on to your hats. We “deniers” are the subject of a forthcoming “theatrical production” that sounds like it could have been playwritten by ISIS. Here is the lunacy, from Anthony Watts at A murderous act – the “kill climate deniers” theater project. Anthony Watts /  September 30, 2014 When, if ever, will we see the reasonable and educated people in the warmer side of climate debate speak out against hateful garbage like this? What will it take? Why would government fund what amounts to a sanctioned hate … Continue reading

Feds Have No Clue if Legal Immigrants are a Security Threat

From Breitbart: During Monday’s National Security Action Summit, NumbersUSA’s Rosemary Jenks, one of the nation’s foremost immigration experts, said America must better screen legal immigrants to avoid another terrorist attack. Jenks pointed out that just this year alone, there have been “474 so-called special-interest aliens from countries linked to terrorism” such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. Jenks asked how a poor person from Yemen would have the funds to come to America. “Where do you get the money to travel to Mexico and hire a smuggler to bring you into the United States illegally?” she asked before saying it … Continue reading

Business Owner Declares Her Store a ‘Muslim-Free Zone’

  From TPNN: The Western world is at war with radical Islam. While we are constantly reassured by politicians that try to remain diplomatic that Islam is a religion of peace, we cannot deny that there are many within the Muslim faith that practice a brand of Islam committed to violence. To deny this fact is simply to deny realities of the world. Of course, not all Muslims are violent and should not be treated as such. However, one store, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has declared itself a “Muslim-free zone.” Citing safety concerns and … Continue reading

CAIR is Mailing Qurans to Mayors

From the Washington Times: The mayor of Great Falls, Montana, wrote a blistering editorial that condemns the Council on American-Islamic Relations for a recent public relations campaign that apparently brought a Quran to his door right before Sept. 11. “Last week, I received a copy of the Quran,” Mayor Michael J. Winters wrote in a Friday article for the Great Falls Tribune. “During a heightened period of instability in the Middle East, beheadings of Americans by Islamic terrorists, and ongoing national security threats, the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent me a copy of the Quran for my reference library. “I’ve … Continue reading

Trudeau’s Answer to Question About Canadian Jihadi !

  From Canada Free Press If the world wasn’t such a dangerous place right now, the entertainment value of having a Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be well worth the economic cost of having a Liberal government in power. As recently revealed in Australia, the West is in danger from practitioners of the religion of peace who commit barbaric acts because, in Trudeau’s words, they feel “excluded.” Trudeau has commented about the recent legislation enacted by the Canadian government that provides for the revocation of Canadian citizenship of those who also hold citizenship in another country if they have been … Continue reading

Churches Vanadalized With Muslim Anti-Christian Graffit

Three Columbus Ohio churches have been vandalized. My advice to church goers: Don’t forget your hardware. Could this have been the work of a few dumbasses hoping to incite violence?  Yup. Could this have been the work of some wannabe jihadis?  Yup, more than likely. As time goes on and the administration continues with these pinpricks against ISIS, expect these acts of vandalism to increase.  Ditto with the beheadings of innocents in our homeland. Forewarned is forearmed. ~ Hardnox

Is The Nation’s Water Supply Safe?

From Defend Your H2O America’s Fire Hydrants Present the Next Great Threat to Homeland Security … Are We Doing All We Can to Protect the Public? Biological warfare, unprotected national borders, and threats at sea … all are on the hit list for those who seek to strike terror in the hearts of Americans. Even with the extraordinary security measures our government leaders are establishing, we live in an era of continual threat. Most citizens don’t realize that one of the most easily accessible and dangerous vulnerabilities that terrorists could exploit remains largely unchecked – America’s fire hydrants. It has … Continue reading

The Face of Islam

Alton Nolen in Oklahoma is the latest face of Islam for now, but only until another comes out to take his place in a similar spurt of evil anti-humanity. It made the three bullets of a gun priceless. What do we know? Well, he had a Facebook where he laid out his profession of evil. It makes me wonder: if Hitler was alive today, what might we see on his Facebook or Twitter feed? Among the graphic artwork he displayed were his rants laced with the religious jargon of a terrorist. Compare it to his past that is reported like … Continue reading

Speaking of ‘Mindnumbingly Stupid’…

From Allen West: Just when you think the Dems couldn’t possibly get any stupider, well, they just do. They continue to prove that their stupidness is infinite. It’s out there in the airwaves trashing out the galaxy. Every day I ask myself, can the Obama administration demonstrate any more incompetence? And every day I’m not let down – but today is really something special. As reported by CNS News, “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last Wednesday that granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the United States could encourage terrorists among … Continue reading

Confirmed: ISIS Has WMD

So now the ISIS troglodytes have Weapons of Mass Destruction and 2 Billion in cash. Great. Our military has told the asshats in charge about the non-existent WMD since 2006.  They were never destroyed.  We are governed by friggin geniuses. IF we get hit by these troglodytes, the blame goes to the asshat in charge… King Putt.  Equal blame goes to the entirety of the left who insisted that WMD never existed in Iraq for the sole purpose of delegitimizing the whole Iraq war, and thus vilifying President George W. Bush. Most of us paying attention knew that Iraq had … Continue reading

DHS Experiencing Huge Turn-overs at Top Levels

From The Washington Post: An exodus of top-level officials from the Department of Homeland Security is undercutting the agency’s ability to stay ahead of a range of emerging threats, including potential terrorist strikes and cyber attacks, according to interviews with current and former officials. Over the past four years, employees have left DHS at a rate nearly twice as fast as in the federal government overall, and the trend is accelerating, according to a review of a federal database. The departures are a result of what employees widely describe as a dysfunctional work environment, abysmal morale, and the lure of … Continue reading

Where Was Justin?

From Sun News Network Justin Trudeau called an emergency debate to determine Canada’s response to the threats and terrorism by the Islamic State in Iraq. Then, he skipped his own emergency debate. What could possibly have been more important? Check out  for some suggestions and to submit your own creative ideas!  When it comes to politics and diplomacy, suddenly, how much you know about foreign affairs doesn’t matter. What matters is who the best or cutest celebrity is. And the winner is…. Manny from Calgary! Then there is this….From Ezra Levant Trudeau inherited dad’s arrogance, not brains When Elizabeth … Continue reading

The Spread of Choudary’s Radical Beliefs

From Sun News Network September 11, 2014 13:44 How many Muslims worldwide agree with the beliefs of radical imam Anjem Choudary? Watch video Here: Sun News Network >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No to Sharia Law! Imam Choudary needs to have his head on a pike….. where is Vlad the Impaler when you need him?!!! Religion of Peace? PFFTT…Religion of pieces! ~Blessed B~

Ezra Levant Takes On Radical Imam Anjem Choudary

From Sun News September 10, 2014 21:21 London Imam Anjem Choudary blames America for the rise of Islamic extremism. He also believes the entire world will soon be governed by Sharia law. Watch video Here: Sun News >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Someone needs to commit jihad on this Imam! ~Blessed B~