Conservative Groups’ Last Minute Plea to Harper: Stop C-51

From Global News A number of traditional Conservative Party supporters have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to kill Bill C-51, the government’s controversial anti-terror legislation. “Bill C-51 creates a domestic spy agency designed to target all Canadians,” they write. “Do you really want to live in a C-51 Canada that you don’t govern? We thought not. We don’t either. Kill Bill C-51.” The letter is signed by traditionally conservative organizations like the National Firearm Association and Free Dominion, as well more than fifty individuals. It was facilitated by OpenMedia, the group behind the public … Continue reading

All Islamic Extremism is Unacceptable

From ME Forum On Sunday, over 700 Canadians braved unseasonal cold and non-stop rain for four hours outside an Islamic centre north of Toronto. They came to protest a bizarre celebration honouring the life and deeds of the late Iranian theocratic dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini. There were politicians from the left to the right, writers, poets, artists, former prisoners and exiles, grandmothers, refugees, victims of torture. They were mostly Iranian Canadians, but also Pakistanis, Jews, Kurds, orthodox Muslims, Marxists and Monarchists. Inside the sprawling mosque other Canadians were bused in to participate in the macabre display of contempt for life and … Continue reading

PM Harper Announces New Security Measures for Canadians

From Prime Minister’s Website Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced a number of measures that will increase the safety and security of Canadians. He was joined by Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Eglinton-Lawrence. Our Government knows that the highest calling of any government is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. To this end, the Prime Minister announced new support, under Economic Action Plan 2015, for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to increase the agency’s front-line capacity to combat the ever-evolving threat of terrorism. This funding will help support CSIS’ counter-terrorism capabilities … Continue reading

Pamela Geller: Being Targeted by ISIS Won’t Stop Me

By Pamela Geller From Breitbart: Now that it has come to light that Boston jihadis Usaama Rahim and Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq were plotting to behead me, the mainstream media is in full panic mode, tying to deny the plot against me and downplay its significance. The media wants to make it all about Pamela Geller – “controversial,” “provocative,” “inciteful” – as if they think that if they get rid of me, they are rid of the problem. The media has been avoiding reality since 9/11, and now we are suffering the consequences of their avoiding reality. There is a … Continue reading

Ted Cruz Shows His Badass Side

In a recent town hall meeting, Ted Cruz was asked how he as President would preserve and protect the American people and the Constitution from the current Islamic onslaught, right here in America. Cruz showed his badass side by harpooning O’s wimpy responses and blasted Hillary’s pandering to Islamic interests as a mistake of epic proportions. Cruz concluded his talk with this: “ISIS is the face of evil. We need a president who stands up and says we will defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Right now we have a photo-op foreign policy. Drop a bomb here, a missile there. You know, the radicals … Continue reading

Harper Not Backing Down on Omar Khadr

from National Post Prime Minister Stephen Harper sounded an unrepentant note Friday about his Conservative government’s failed efforts to keep former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr behind bars. “Mr. Khadr, as we all know, pled guilty to very grave crimes, including murder,” Harper told a news conference as he offered his thoughts and prayers to the family members of U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer. “Our government’s priority in these matters is always to make sure, first and foremost, we keep in mind the protection and security of the Canadian population.” Khadr, now 28, pleaded guilty in October 2010 before a widely … Continue reading

Canada: Trudeau Finally Calls Khadr a “Terrorist”

From Rebel Media The radio host had to ask him a couple of times, but Justin Trudeau eventually agreed to refer to Omar Khadr as “a convicted terrorist.” It’s what said after that has me concerned. His comments show that the Liberal leader doesn’t really understand how the legal system — or even his father’s Charter — really works. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trudolt really needs to get an education! What about the protection of all Canadians from Islamic terrorists in Canada? Trudeau…..Tu es bête!!!! ~Blessed B~

RCMP Intercept 10 at Montreal Airport Suspected of Wanting To Join ISIS

From The Globe and Mail A counterterrorism catch-and-release campaign by Canada’s national police force may have prevented 10 aspiring jihadis from heading off to war, but the roundup at Montréal-Trudeau airport is raising worries about what comes next for radicalized youth. On Wednesday, while federal and provincial political leaders applauded the police work, anti-radicalization experts said only an integrated effort involving civilians and police can deal with youth fixated on taking up arms in the Middle East or joining terrorist groups. In Montreal, which has become a jihadi recruiting hotbed, the only tool appears to be handcuffs. In the past … Continue reading

Immigration Hearing Continues in Toronto for Islamic Terrorist

From Global News An undercover RCMP officer says he has no doubt a Pakistani man was serious about blowing up buildings in Toronto. The agent tells an immigration hearing that Jahanzeb Malik wanted to instill terror, and damage the economy, by attacking the U.S. consulate and Bay Street financial buildings. He says Malik also believed Canadian civilians were legitimate targets. The federal government is trying to deport the 34-year-old permanent resident as a security threat. The undercover Mountie, who is testifying under a broad publication ban on his identity, says Malik professed admiration for the Islamic State and al-Qaida. He … Continue reading

The Benghazi-Syria Weapons Connection

From CFP The shameless lying that has formed the heart of the Obama administration’s Benghazi narrative took another turn yesterday. Documents obtained by Fox News reveal that U.S. intelligence agencies were “fully aware” weapons were being moved from Benghazi to Syria before the attack on Sept. 11, 2012, that claimed the lives of ambassador Christopher Stevens,Navy SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and diplomat Sean Smith. The documents also put the lie to President Obama’s assertion that the rise of ISIS caught the administration “by surprise.” “Newly released documents show a serious disconnect between what the administration said, and what … Continue reading

Boston Bomber Sentenced to Death

Watching Fox News live and the jury reached a decision on Tsarnaev’s fate. So far they’ve stated there are multiple areas of aggravation factors, which adds to malicious intent. It’s my understanding they only needed one. Tsarnaev is said to have shown no emotion upon hearing the sentence. The death sentence hasn’t been carried out in Massachusetts since the 1940s. ~Kathy

Fawning Canadian Media Asks Omar Khadr “Boy Band” Questions

From Rebel Media It was a day Al-Qaeda has been looking forward to for years: the release of admitted terrorist Omar Khadr to a sympathetic Canadian media. What Khadr told the media yesterday was important, but equally revealing were the sorts of questions journalists asked him — and didn’t. Khadr’s lawyer Dennis Edney crankily ordered reporters to “be respectful” and only ask his client certain questions — and these “journalists” obeyed! (They made sure not to air that particular part of the press conference on their shows, though.) PS: I explain why Khadr’s new home is more like Guantanamo Bay … Continue reading

Breaking: Canadian Terrorist, Omar Khadr, Released Today On Bail!

From Rebel Media The Canadian government lost its appeal, so now confessed terrorist and convicted war criminal Omar Khadr is now out on bail while he appeals his conviction. But this is illegal, because it violates Khadr’s signed plea agreement. In that deal, Khadr agreed, among other things, not to appeal his conviction and not to profit from his crimes. But the Alberta courts are on Khadr’s side, so they set him loose today. After this, how can ordinary Canadians trust our nation’s elites — our judges and pundits. Khadr’s illegal release on bail needs to be made into an … Continue reading

America ‘May be at a Breaking Point Already’

From WND Only eight short years from now, immigrants will make up a record-high 14.8 percent of the total U.S. population, and longtime conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly views the rising tide of newcomers as a purposeful attack on the country. By the nation’s own president. “It’s deliberate,” she said. “It’s not any accident. It’s because Obama and his friends are letting people in who don’t want to be Americans, who don’t want to speak English.” Conservative activist and author Richard Viguerie, noted that most of today’s immigrants come from nations more politically and culturally liberal than the United States. Therefore, he expects … Continue reading

Canadian Judge Grants Bail to Al-Qaeda Terrorist Omar Khadr

From Rebel Media Omar Khadr “will become a celebrity of the anti-war, anti-Canadian left” Canada’s dhimmi media loves this so-called “child soldier” but the average Canadian doesn’t share their affection. Especially after the Muslim terror attack on Parliament Hill. Khadr has never taken responsibility for his crimes or renounced Al Qaeda. He will now become a propaganda tool to demonize the West. Terrorist Omar Khadr was granted bail today. Khadr is dangerous, but for different reasons than you might expect. Khadr is dangerous, but not because he’ll commit further terrorist acts. He’s much more powerful and important as a propaganda tool. Remember … Continue reading

U.S. Company Charged With Selling Defense Technology to Iran

From Free Beacon: Three U.S. men have been charged with illegally exporting $24 million in technology to Iran, including electronics that are often used for weapons and defense systems, according to a federal indictment that was unsealed on Friday. Bahram Mechanic and Tooraj “Roger” Faridi of Houston, and Khosrow Afghahi of Los Angeles each face up to 20 years in prison, according to a press statement from the U.S. Department of Justice. The defendants allegedly used their Houston-based company Smart Power Systems, Inc. to transfer technology to their Iranian-based company called Faratel, Co., in violation of the International Emergency Economic … Continue reading

Three Ways ISIS and Its Supporters Could Strike America

From Canada Free Press Erick Stackelbeck originally published this article This past weekend, while you were attending church, watching the Masters or just enjoying the beautiful early Spring sunshine, ISIS was busy releasing an 11-minute video called “We Will Burn America.” The title is self-explanatory: the video promises another 9/11 on U.S. soil and calls on ISIS supporters to rise up and murder U.S. citizens around the world. Here are three ways in which ISIS–and the global jihadist movement–could potentially strike America and make their demonic dreams a reality: 1) “City Wolves” Back in February, FBI Director James Comey made … Continue reading

What To Do For Our Young People?   “My goodness, what shall we ever do to stop our young people from joining radical Islam? (hand-wringing sobs and voices of outrage)” Why am I showing the February tape? Because of this news report today where the same group is again being noticed. FOX NEWS REPORT found here. Feds make arrests in Minnesota, California in connection with terrorism investigation Published April 19, 2015 How about folks PAY ATTENTION to who and what your children are doing? Question, grow a bit of hutzpa and be real Parents not absentee landlords.  Get your heads out of your computers, smart phones, or … Continue reading

The Rights of a Citizen to Vote

While Obama has been taking the heat over his Immigration Executive Order concerning giving noncitizen’s free rein, there has been a grassroots effort on local levels that has quietly enacted city/county laws to give away voting privileges to non-citizens. Several have already put this into action in spite of state and federal laws.  Their explanations on the surface sounds reasonable. After all, those living for years with permanent green cards should have a voice in how they are governed right? Others say it is a way to get more voters to the poles as apathy has reduced the numbers of … Continue reading

ISIS Camp Found in Mexico Near El Paso Texas

From Judicial Watch: ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that include a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. The exact location where the terrorist group has established its base is around eight miles from the U.S. border in an area known as “Anapra” situated just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. Another ISIS cell to the west of Ciudad Juárez, in Puerto Palomas, targets the New Mexico towns of Columbus and Deming for easy access to the United States, … Continue reading