Connecticut Patriots Fight Confiscation Order

From Joe for America: The war on liberty is coming to a head in Connecticut, where tens of thousands of gun owners have refused to comply with their state government’s gun registration laws. Officials have literally ordered those who failed to meet the registration deadline to surrender their firearms or face arrest. The State of Connecticut is now demanding that gun owners across the state turn in all newly-banned, unregistered firearms and magazines or face felony arrest. The State Police Special Licensing & Firearms Unit began mailing out notices to gun owners who attempted to register their firearms and accessories with the state … Continue reading

Holder to State AGs: Enforce What You Want

  Eric Holder, US Attorney General tells the State’s Attorney generals that they don’t need to enforce laws that they don’t like.   (in case the video doesn’t start properly fast forward to the 1 minute mark) This is bullshit.  We are a nation of laws.  Our laws are not a menu. When the hell are we going to kick these crooks to the curb? ~ Hardnox

Virginia Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

From USA Today   Ruling by U.S. District Judge Arenda Wright Allen sets the stage for a possible Supreme Court showdown, though cases from Utah and Oklahoma also are headed that way   A federal judge in Virginia has struck down the state’s prohibition on same-sex marriage, joining a growing list of state and federal courts that have granted gay and lesbian couples the right to marry following two landmark Supreme Court rulings in June. U.S. District Court Judge Arenda Wright Allen’s ruling had been expected since the case was heard in her Norfolk courtroom last week. Also as expected, … Continue reading

Virginia has Entered The Twilight Zone

Below is an email letter received from Mark Obenshain (who lost the AG’s race).   Dear X: What a difference one vote makes. A new Lieutenant Governor—that’s all that was needed for Democrats to reorganize the Senate, and now they’re taking full advantage. The changes are striking, and to see that, you need look no farther than the  committee vote on legislation raising the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour, $2 above the federal minimum wage. The vote in the Commerce & Labor Committee yesterday was 10-6. The AFL-CIO, SEUI, the United Food and Commercial Workers International, Progress Virginia, and Virginia Organizing were … Continue reading

If you don’t like your government regulations

If you like your government regulations, and bureaucrats decisions, you can keep your regs. Tough luck it seems if not. But in the event you don’t…. here’s a place to add your voice of disapproval and disgust. For a look at the current regs of interest on Twitter, and what they’re up to: Tweets are under the name “YourVoice”. For instance, if conservatives – [translation] Tea Party members, grandmas,grandpas, small business owners, concerned patriots, retired people, and folks with common sense – don’t appreciate the abuse and agenda at the IRS, and their new rules, then you can send … Continue reading

California – It Must be Something in the Water

I realize this is a rather lengthy article, yet would encourage its reading.  There is an awful lot packed in here.  I am really curious what stands out to you as significant.   From National Review Online January 29, 2014 4:00 AM California’s Obamacare Scandal Officials say a criminal record should not keep someone from getting a job. But why this job? By Jillian Kay Melchior At least 43 convicted criminals are working as Obamacare navigators in California, including three individuals with records of significant financial crimes. Although some of the offenses are decades old, and although convicted criminals account for only … Continue reading

Double, Triple, Fourcle Standards

From Fox News (Published January 27, 2014 Associated Press)   “Disgraced ex-journalist can’t practice law, California Supreme Court rules”   SAN FRANCISCO – The California Supreme Court denied a law license on Monday to a former journalist who was caught fabricating stories for major national magazines. The court ruled that Stephen Glass had insufficiently rehabilitated himself in the years since his misdeeds. “Many of his efforts from the time of his exposure in 1998 until the 2010 hearing, however, seem to have been directed primarily at advancing his own well-being rather than returning something to the community,” the court wrote in … Continue reading

The Real Wendy Davis

By Mona Charen via From Townhall: “I came from a place of struggle,” insisted Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis after The Dallas Morning News revealed that key details of the life story she had successfully shopped to the mainstream media were false. She wasn’t a 19-year-old mom when she was first divorced, but 21. She lived with her second husband in the very  comfortable Mistletoe Heights neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas, not in a trailer park made famous by a thousand admiring profiles. She lived in the trailer park for just a few months. One of Davis’ struggles, apparently, is … Continue reading

Rush on Scott Walker’s Budget Surplus

From  IJ Review: While the media obsesses over Justin Bieber’s next public embarrassment, Rush Limbaugh points to what he calls a “earth-shattering” conservative success that the media aren’t going to report. From the Blaze: The state of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is “rapidly falling” and the government’s budget ended the year with a $912 million surplus, Limbaugh explained. He says the dramatic turnaround is due in large part to the conservative policies of Gov. Scott Walker. What’s even more amazing, he continued, is the fact that Walker is going to “rebate the money in the form of tax cuts to the … Continue reading

Ted Cruz on Battleground Texas

This goes right in line with Mrs. AL’s piece on the slander of Greg Abbott coming from democratic candidate Wendy Davis’ camp. Glen Beck asks Ted Cruz about turning Texas blue and about Greg Abbott. The Dems are spending mega-bucks and they’re out in the street registering voters. It will be a harder battle this year because of the influx of blue voters, but Abbott has character, something obviously missing from Davis. ~Kathy (h/t Hardnox)

Smith & Wesson to Stop Handgun Sales in California

By Emily Miller at the Washington Times: Smith & Wesson announced it will stop selling its handguns in California rather than manufacture them to comply with the new microstamping  law. The other publicly traded firearms manufacturer in the US, Sturm, Ruger, also said this month that it will stop new sales to California. The announcement late Wednesday came a week after the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for firearms manufacturers, filed suit against California for requiring that all new semi-automatic pistols that are not already on the state’s approved gun roster have the microstamping  technology. Microstamping is a patented process … Continue reading

Wild Bill: State Courage

  Kansas is showing no fear and leading the way in standing against the Washington DC bullies who threaten freedom! MOLON LABE – “Come and Take them” The phrase was reportedly the defiant response of King Leonidas I of Sparta to Xerxes I of Persia when Xerxes demanded that the Greeks lay down their arms and surrender. This was at the onset of the Battle of Thermopylae (480 BC). Instead, the Spartans held Thermopylae for three days. Although the Spartan contingent was ultimately destroyed, they inflicted serious damage on the Persian army. Most importantly, this delayed the Persians’ progress to Athens, providing sufficient time for the city’s evacuation to the … Continue reading

Arizona Censured John McCain

From Joe For America: Tired of hearing their senior U.S. Senator only focus righteous indignation against fellow Republicans and betrayed by McCain’s reversal of a campaign promise to oppose amnesty until a border fence is completed, the most grassroots of Republicans, precinct committeemen, from McCain’s home base of Phoenix and its Maricopa County delivered their own all too vicious and all too public retort: At the annual mandatory meeting of the Maricopa County Republican Committee Saturday, a resolution censuring Sen. John McCain was overwhelming passed by the elected precinct committeemen (PCs) representing the county seat of Phoenix…Committeemen representing the Republican voters are elected … Continue reading

Arizona: 2014 Legislative Agenda

From the Washington Examiner:   Arizona governor lays out agenda for lawmakers By ASSOCIATED PRESS | JANUARY 12, 2014 AT 2:00 AM PHOENIX — Arizona lawmakers are due to report to the state Capitol on Monday, and their agenda for the 2014 Legislative session includes establishing a spending budget, overhauling a scandal-plagued child welfare agency and considering whether to repeal a sweeping election law. These debates and others will rage as Republican Gov. Jan Brewer gets what’s likely to be her final chance to flex gubernatorial muscles. Barring a successful legal challenge to redefine constitutional term limits — which experts … Continue reading

Dear Governor Christie …

Watching your press conference today has not impressed me.  I am cynical and I have every reason to be cynical.  In fact, for 40+ years I have had ample practice. Here is what I heard: You sounded as though you were making direct comparisons between yourself and the current President.  You take responsibility for your staff and their actions when your counter-part in D.C. does not. You take swift action to purge your office of those who would lie when your counter-part does not. You agree to comply with and aid investigations to follow when your counter part in D.C. … Continue reading

Wisconsin – Governor Scott Walker

From Washington Examiner   Scott Walker: Unemployment benefits, minimum wage push because Obama ‘desperately’ wants to avoid Obamacare By JOSEPH LAWLER | JANUARY 5, 2014 AT 2:28 PM Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dismissed the White House‘s push to extend emergency unemployment benefits and raise the minimum wage Sunday morning, criticizing Democrats’ all-out push for legislation as an effort to distract from the recent problems with the new health care law. They want to desperately talk about anything other than Obamacare,” said Walker, a conservative Republican being mentioned as a potential 2016 presidential candidate, said on CNN‘s “State of the Union.” … Continue reading