Quote of the Day

It is evident that the Church is always abandoning more the old traditional structures of European life and, therefore, is changing its appearance and living new forms in itself. It’s clear most of all that the de-Christianization of Europe is progressing, that the Christian element is always vanishing more from the fabric of society. Pope Benedict XVI

Thomas Aquinas College Christmas Flash Mob 2017

Not a word needed. Tissue Warning! I bid all my Friends and Family, here at Hard Nox and Friends, and the random readers, a most Wonderful Christmas celebration. You folks are not only “great” but you’re the reason I drink (and I thank you for that)…bwahahahahaha Enjoy!!!

An Open Letter To America And Her New President

By Dave Merrick —— Bio and Archives December 31, 2016 Years ago in a Wal-Mart, I was walking past the toy department. A screaming four year-old was demanding that his mom buy him the little car set he had opened and scattered all over the floor. After the young mother had several times declined and asked him to come along with her, the boy threw one of the toys at her, leaving a cut on her forehead. The rattled mom stood there and began slowly counting as some parents do before administering discipline. After she got to ‘five’, the kid … Continue reading