Is there a Coup in the Works?

Not long ago Stephen Coonts put out a new book. LIBERTY’S LAST STAND. Islamic terrorists lit the fuse…but a treacherous president planted the bomb. With the nation in shock over a series of Islamist outrages (shooting up a Catholic grade school and a baseball game are just two of them) by “refugees”, the president of the United States – Barry Soetoro – imposes martial law, cancels the imminent presidential election, and suspends the Constitution. In response, Texas secedes—and what follows is the bloodiest, most harrowing internal insurrection since the Civil War. The purges that follow arrest thousands of people, including … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

Three armed men forced their way into a home in Mount Airy, Ohio, they were greeted with gunfire from the homeowner who was also wounded. Two of the thieves unassed the AO, the third one was wounded too badly to leave – he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. The homeowner has life-threatening injuries. —oo— In Portland, Oregon, where a homeowner found an intruder in his house. Police responded to a call at about 1AM Thursday and found the homeowner injured and the intruder DRT (dead right there). —oo— A homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona came home and found damage … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

A family in Madison, Wisconsin unassed their house when a nutty guy started breaking things in their yard. A lone police officer arrived and he was waiting for back-up when the nut decided to approach the officer and menace him with a pitchfork. After repeated commands to stop and put the pitchfork down, the officer fired at the man and he was DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. —oo— Billy Little in Abingdon, Virginia who thought that a knife would convince his woman to love him again. Then he tried to hit his landlord with a sledgehammer who responded … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good stories

In Copperas Cove, Texas, near Fort Hood, Damontay Devin Holmes, 20, turned up at the local hospital with a gunshot wound. He told police that he was just minding his own business outside of Walmart when someone shot him. Under further investigation, Holmes admitted that he had been with friends when they decided to “hit a lick” in the local parlance meaning to “commit a robbery”. They took a rifle and kicked in an apartment door, yelling for everyone to get down, punctuating the command with gunfire. The residents had their own gun and returned fire before they ran out … Continue reading

Milo On Why Britain Should Leave The EU: To Stop Muslim Immigration

Published on Jun 20, 2016 While I neither condone nor condemn his lifestyle, I WILL defend his right to speak out. And so long as it doesn’t interfere with my life, or any who may object, I will defend his right to live his life as he sees fit. Only God has the right to judge our hearts and our Constitution, the LAW of THIS LAND, mandates we defend those rights. Save for the lifestyle, I’m in total agreement with him and I’m glad he’s speaking out. His videos are worthy of watching, as is evident, here: ~Overlooking his lifestyle, can … Continue reading

Homeland Security Adviser Demands National Gun Registry

BY PATRICK POOLE JUNE 20, 2016 Following the terror attack in Orlando, the dominant media/political narrativeturned to gun control and now-discredited claims of the suspect’s mental illness (claims which included gay-baiting). Now, one controversial former FBI agent — and current consultant to the Obama administration on “countering violent extremism” (CVE) — is suggesting a national gun registry be created. Such a registry would target millions of law-abiding American citizens. Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, born in Cairo, immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. He recently retired from the FBI after 22 turbulent years at the bureau. Following the Orlando attack, Abdel-Hafiz explained his rationale for creating a … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

1 – A homeowner was sleeping in his own bed in Dayton, Ohio when an intruder broke down his door and threatened him while he was still in bed. The homeowner reached inside his night stand and pulled out a gun. The thief was DRT (dead right there). “You think nothing like this is ever gonna happen,” he tells the 911 dispatcher. “I’m just glad I had something, otherwise he would have clawed my head in with a hammer.” 2 – In Muncie, Indiana, a man walked into the hospital with a leg wound. It was determined that he had … Continue reading

Navy SEAL Crushes The Left’s Gun Rhetoric, Shows Why Americans NEED Firearms [WATCH]

By: V Saxena on June 16, 2016 When liberals argue that the government should ban “assault weapons” because they serve no meaningful purpose in hunting, they forget one essential fact. “For the vast majority of people I work with, there is no better firearm to defend their homes against realistic threats than an AR-15 semi-automatic,” retired Navy SEAL and current National Rifle Association spokesman Dom Raso explained in a new video. “It’s easy to learn, and easy to use. It’s accurate, it’s reliable.” Moreover, had the AR-15 been invented in the 1700s, the Founding Fathers would not have just rewritten the … Continue reading

What REALLY is a High Powered Assault Rifle?

(From FreedomOutpost)   Sometimes you really do wonder if some politicians are lying or just plain ignorant. The latest example of this wonder if Florida Representative Alan Grayson, who thinks the AR-15 is a real fully automatic “assault rifle.” In an interview following the shooting in Orlando by a follower of Islam’s Muhammad, Grayson made the ridiculous claim that an AR-15 can fire 700 rounds per minute. In speaking of Islamic jihadist Omar Mateen, Grayson said, “If he were who he was and he was not able to buy a weapon that shoots off 700 rounds in a minute, a lot … Continue reading

Obama’s Controlled Demolition Of America Leaves Door Wide Open To A Jihad Army

Submitted by IWB, on June 13th, 2016 Omar Mateen, the man said responsible for the Pulse nightclub attack last night in Orlando, called 911 and pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State, according to officials.… [Omar Mateen researched other clubs in the area]… [Terror cells eye locations for attack]… [Religion of peace strikes again]… ~Hang on to your seats, folks, this is about to turn really nasty. I hope I’m wrong but I have my doubts…

Sunday Feel Good Stories

1) An elderly woman in Dayton, Ohio thought that a person was trying to break into her home. According to police, before he and his accomplices could get into the home, she discharged her firearm in his direction. The article isn’t clear on the injuries he sustained, but he is in the hospital and seriously injured. 2) In Providence, Rhode Island, several thieves targeted a house for reasons the police won’t disclose. One of those thieves was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived. Two of the residents were arrested, but, again, police won’t say why. An update to … Continue reading

Sunday Feel Good Stories

From “This Ain’t Hell But You Can See It From Here” website. Eugene Padilla got into an altercation with another criminal in Albuquerque, New Mexico, over their drugs, so Padilla shot his fellow drug addict in the leg. Two Good Samaritans nearby witnessed the shooting and tackled Padilla and held him with their own guns until the police arrived to take custody of the career criminal. In Montecello, Georgia a homeowner confronted an intruder with his firearm and shot the fellow. The intruder ran outside and collapsed in the yard where the police found him. He was DOT (dead over … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Feel Good Stories

From our loyal subscriber Skip via “This Ain’t hell but you can see it from here” website: Rick sends us a story that happened in Oriental, North Carolina, where Desmond Syrill Bryant, who was just released from prison last week, went nuts on a pair of store clerks for some unknown reason and they were forced to defend themselves with a handgun they kept under the counter. Bryant was struck twice by bullets and fled the scene. Police picked him up later and it looks like he’ll recover from his wounds so he can go back to prison. A homeowner … Continue reading

Who Am I

an exercise in current events. ——————————————————- DO NOT CALL me: Incompetent for I am destroying America more quickly than anyone thought possible. In over my head for I am advancing Progressivism/Liberal Fascism right under your noses. Stupid for those who voted for me are the stupid ones. Dangerous for those who fail to see the danger I bring are the dangerous ones. An Epic Fail for I am succeeding at every goal I have set. The enemy for I embrace your enemies, reject your allies, and Congress allows it. A criminal because I act lawlessly and unconstitutionally and Congress allows it. A tyrant for ignoring … Continue reading

American “Gun Obsession” Explained

Even out here in the wild west (Arizona), it is not the ‘wild west’ decried by the anti-gun forces.  Nor is it the one envisioned by those in countries where the rights of citizens to self-protection have been usurped by Draconian gun control laws. Yet, the meme continues that Americans are just a bunch of gun-crazy yahoos, looking for the next OK Corral showdown. Are Americans obsessed with their guns? Well, yes to a point.  It is not the gun itself for which we hold such passion, but for what that gun preserves. A great explanation of that concept comes … Continue reading

Celebrities to Wear Gun Control Bracelets at Oscars While Surrounded by Massive Increase in Armed Security

From:,  by AWR Hawkins,  on Feb 28, 2016,  see the article HERE. Celebrities like Patricia Arquette, Steve Carell, Bryan Cranston, and others, plan to make wear gun control bracelets at the 2016 Oscars while benefiting from massive increases in armed security at the event. The bracelets are part of a gun control push sponsored by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. According to People magazine, the bracelets are “decorated in a simple black and gold design” and part of the Brady Campaign’s efforts to recruit celebs and other Hollywood “influencers” to join their push for gun control. The … Continue reading

Georgia Business Owner Requires Employees to be Armed

From:,  by Fuzzy Slippers,  on Feb 24, 2016,  see the article HERE. While Obama and the progressive left continue their gun-grabbing attempts to leave law-abiding citizens at the mercy of random shooters and terrorists, one business owner in Georgia has instituted a new policy that requires all of his employees to obtain a concealed carry permit so they can be armed in the workplace. WSB-TV reports: A local business owner with several offices in Georgia is now requiring all of his employees to get a concealed carry license and be armed. After each employee at Lance Toland Associates gets … Continue reading