Homeland Security Adviser Demands National Gun Registry

BY PATRICK POOLE JUNE 20, 2016 Following the terror attack in Orlando, the dominant media/political narrativeturned to gun control and now-discredited claims of the suspect’s mental illness (claims which included gay-baiting). Now, one controversial former FBI agent — and current consultant to the Obama administration on “countering violent extremism” (CVE) — is suggesting a national gun registry be created. Such a registry would target millions of law-abiding American citizens. Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, born in Cairo, immigrated to the U.S. in 1990. He recently retired from the FBI after 22 turbulent years at the bureau. Following the Orlando attack, Abdel-Hafiz explained his rationale for creating a … Continue reading

Executive Directives versus Truth and Community Safety

As crime increases, as families are disrupted, as young and old live in fear or poverty, and  finally as loss of  synergy and economic decay set in. — We cease to exist as a republic— This is not Europe folks. Our constitution provides us with an understanding that our government is supposed to be for and controlled by the populace not an elite group of money changers and one world government bloodsuckers. Our local governments need to stop lying, stand on their legs, grab their shovels, and straighten their spine to stop the erosion of all that we hold dear. … Continue reading

RCMP Warns Calgary Family Their Home Is On ISIS Hit List

From CBC News A Calgary man is worried about the safety of his family after police notified him his house is on an ISIS hit list. There are 151 Canadians on the ISIS list, which contains the names, email and physical addresses of some 8,300 people around the globe. Although there is no indication anyone has been harmed, police are contacting the people named out of a “duty to inform.” The 32-year-old Calgary man bought the house eight months ago and believes the address was attached to a previous resident’s web account that was hacked. “If there’s a kill list, and … Continue reading

On Hillary Clinton’s Achievements

The next time a useful idiot for Hillary starts to yammer on about ALL of her awesome accomplishments, simply whip out this list and lay it on them and then you can laugh when they start to cry and run off to a safe space. A chronological list, from the public record, on Hillary Clinton’s incompetence, overt corruption, piss-poor judgement, and political/policy failures: (1)   Failed DC bar exam; (2)  Expelled from Watergate investigation staff for lying and other unethical behavior; (3)  Involved in a series of financial scandals as Arkansas’s first “lady”; (4)  Both initiated and botched the Whitewater coverup; (5) … Continue reading

Warning To All US Citizens With Teens

  This is a reminder for some and a reason others need to more closely monitor their teenagers social internet interactions. We should all be paying attention (without triggering our inner dictator) to our children and their daily habits for many reasons from predators to lonely hearts. I know it is enough to drive a caring parent into sleep deprived insanity.  Couple that now with all of the worries about what is happening around the country now and it leads to a lot of fear and paranoia.  I wish I could say to parents of youngsters that it all gets … Continue reading

South Carolina – The Founding Principle Act

This New Law Ensures South Carolina Students Will Study the Founding Documents Daily Signal Faith Vander Voort Gov. Nikki Haley, a Republican, signed a South Carolina House bill into law that implements the study of U.S. founding documents into the state’s public high schools. The South Carolina Founding Principles Act requires the study of the United States Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and “the structure of the government and the role of separation of powers and the freedoms guaranteed by the Bill of Rights” to be added into statewide social studies programs. This bill, signed June 1, reinforces South Carolina’s Section … Continue reading

Government Needs Sensitivity Training To Respect US Citizens

441 Syrian Refugees Admitted to the U.S. Since the Orlando Attack, Dozens to Florida Breitbart Caroline May June 16, 2016 In the days since an Islamic radical murdered 49 people at a Orlando gay bar, the Obama Administration has admitted hundreds more Syrian refugees to the United States, including placing dozens in Florida. According to State Department data, since June 12, 441 Syrian refugees have been resettled in communities across the U.S. Just five of the recent arrivals are Christian the rest are Muslim, including 434 Sunni Muslims and one identified as simply “Moslem.” One is listed as having “no … Continue reading

CIA Director no longer spreading Obama’s narrative

The Gorka Briefing, by Dr. Sebastian Gorka, June 16, 2016:   The President and his coterie at the top level live in a bubble. They manufactured a narrative that says there is no such thing as jihadism, that terrorism is a product of poverty and lack of education. They’ve locked themselves into that narrative. But it’s stunning — John Brennan, the CIA Director, used to carry the water for the President. He used to perpetuate this narrative, but something has changed. At yesterday’s Capitol Hill hearing, he said not only that ISIS is still globally capable, but later on in his … Continue reading

Western Culture Under Siege in England – What We Here Can Expect If Nothing Is Done

We are all convinced (assuming we are not comatose) that Islam has for years planned and begun an all-out assault on western cultures. We see it across the world in leaked social media reports which mainstream media in most western countries has scrubbed from view. Now we see what the election of a Muslim to be mayor of a major ally city is doing from practically the first day he was sworn into office. Can England save itself? Only English fortitude and courage can answer that but their lives and livelihood are at stake as well as that of the … Continue reading

ICE Too Busy To Hunt Down Visa Overstayers-Because Its More Important To Focus On Gun Legislation Says Texas Democrat Representative

What happens when DHS personnel follow their bosses directives, Jeh Johnson and Obama, in apprehension and deportation of aliens overstaying their visas? Well, let’s see, I mean after all DHS and Democrats are sooo busy trying to take guns away and having to explain to congress why they “cough” are not doing the jobs they were hired to do.  Imagine that.   Lamar Smith Reveals The Obama’s Administrations Administrative Amnesty Policy during a Border & Maritime Security Subcommittee Hearing June 14 2016 DHS: 527,127 Foreign Nationals Overstayed Their Visas in 2015; 2,456 Deported (CNSNews.com) June 16, 2016 — A total … Continue reading

When Laws Are Meant For Underlings And Not Bosses

Jeh Johnson granted special waiver on first day of official ban. Practice Continued Even After Clinton Email Revelations. (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today announced it obtained 693 pages of Department of Homeland Security records revealing that Secretary Jeh Johnson and 28 other agency officials used government computers to access personal web-based email accounts despite an agency-wide ban due to heightened security concerns.  The documents also reveal that Homeland Security officials misled Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) when Perry specifically asked whether personal accounts were being used for official government business. The records were obtained in response to a February 2016 … Continue reading

VIDEO : Allen West Owns a Representative from CAIR

BY TRUTHFEEDNEWS JUNE 17, 2016 Watch this verbal battle between Allen West and a representative of the Council on Islamic Relations. The muslim man gets upset then Allen West puts him in his place. ~Allan West would make a great Vice President or Dept. of Defense Secretary.

Navy SEAL Crushes The Left’s Gun Rhetoric, Shows Why Americans NEED Firearms [WATCH]

By: V Saxena on June 16, 2016 When liberals argue that the government should ban “assault weapons” because they serve no meaningful purpose in hunting, they forget one essential fact. “For the vast majority of people I work with, there is no better firearm to defend their homes against realistic threats than an AR-15 semi-automatic,” retired Navy SEAL and current National Rifle Association spokesman Dom Raso explained in a new video. “It’s easy to learn, and easy to use. It’s accurate, it’s reliable.” Moreover, had the AR-15 been invented in the 1700s, the Founding Fathers would not have just rewritten the … Continue reading

9 Point Survival Alert….ISIS Now at War With America

From Natural News Natural News does not cover politics as a news focus, yet in the wake of the massacre of 50 innocent Americans in Orlando, I feel a strong humanitarian responsibility to warn all Natural News readers about the danger we all now face due to our federal government’s runaway incompetence and abandonment of fundamental national security priorities. Incompetence doesn’t even begin to describe it, actually. What is being exhibit today by Obama and the rest of the regime in power is pure psychosis — a delusional denial of reality that’s going to get a whole lot more Americans … Continue reading

When We Talk Terrorism

let us remember that MORE terrorist attacks have happened to us under The Brown Clown’s watch than at any other time. Note that the Alinskite in the White House embraces the chaos that kills and wounds Americans and one has to ask themselves WHY? Is it to advance his gun control agenda because Operation Fast and Furious failed? Also, as this piece is being written, the Democruds are filibustering for MORE gun control instead of stopping the Muslim hordes coming in or stopping the illegal aliens flooding over the border, bringing in terrorists with them! Acts of terrorism during the … Continue reading

The POTUS Is Revolting

I would use stronger language, but I agree with Wayne Allyn Root’s assessment of our pathetic President. Mr. President, You Disgust Me – by Wayne Allyn Root via Breitbart I’ve known for eight long years what a poor excuse for a man we have as a President. I’ve known for eight long years what a deep dark hole he is leading this country down. I’ve known for eight long years that he is either mentally unstable, incredibly ignorant, or an extreme Muslim sympathizer like we’ve never seen in the White House. I hope other Americans are waking up after the … Continue reading

The Gunny’s Response to Obama’s

pathetic speech about the Muslim terrorist shooting in Orlando where in he blamed the US! The Brown Clown yammered:  “This massacre is therefore a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot people in a school, in a house of worship, or in a movie theater or in a nightclub. And we have to decide if that’s the kind of country we want to be. (It was decided in 1776 that we’re to be a FREE Constitutional Representative Republic) To actively do nothing is a decision as well.” … Continue reading

What Gays Should Know About Islam

  Try searching YouTube for this information. You will find horrific cases of where gays have been given horrible death sentences for their acts. I personally have little acceptance for homosexuality.  Especially with the way it is being rammed down the throats of general populations across the world.  One of the most basic tenants I was taught as a child was to respect the rights of others but not at the expense of common sense and majority beliefs. Another was whatever sexuality practiced should be behind closed doors of home, not forced in public places for public disdain of what … Continue reading

Trump Renews Muslim Ban in Wake of Orlando Islamic Carnage

This is going too far?  WTF! Anyone with a braincell (lefties excepted) can see the logic of vetting would-be immigrants coming to the USA regardless of origin as Trump proposes.  The jihadis have declared war on us.  Most Americans have heard it.  Only the left doesn’t want to hear it. The Orlando ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK is not a hate crime, it was an attack on the entirety of America.  Attempting to polish this turd any other way is pure lunacy. Obama has repeatedly declared that attacks like this are caused by the United States due to our military actions abroad … Continue reading

Terror Analyst Tracks Orlando – San Bernardino Link DHS Missed

Posted on June 13, 2016 by Rick Wells Philip Haney, the DHS whistle-blower who was ordered to delete his evidence of terrorist activity among a network of mosques and Islamic individuals by DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson in order to protect the Islamists and not risk any hurt feelings, made an appearance on Breitbart News Sunday radio on June 12th. Naturally the topic was the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando and he had some chilling observations. He said that had Jeh Johnson not intruded, blocked his investigation, and forced him to trash terrorist network information that he had uncovered, what happened … Continue reading