Part 2 — Russian Response to US Supplying Ukraine Weapons

In response to what Russia perceives as interference, they posted this in the last few days.   Chechnya offers arms to Mexico to fight United States The offer comes as a response to a U.S. House measure encouraging shipment of U.S. weapons to Ukraine. By Ed Adamczyk GROZNY , Russia, March 26 (UPI) The Russian republic of Chechnya offered to send arms to Mexico, a response to a U.S. House measure encouraging shipment of U.S. weapons to Ukraine.  Dukuvakha Abdurakhmanov, the Chechen parliament speaker, said the United States has “no right” to advise Russia on behavior with neighbors, a reference … Continue reading

Part 1 – House of Representatives- Military Aid to Ukraine

I am setting this up in 3 parts because to me they are definitely linked. We have been wondering about when a hammer would fall. Well I present 3 scenarios beginning with what has caused the escalation, Russia’s response and finally why we are seeing military vehicles. In the past week things have been happening which I have a bit poo’d off since the info came from typical alarmist sites. Part 2 happened in the last 48 hours though. And the military is expanding an exercise which oddly is at the same place and time … alarmist or not? ~Uriel     In … Continue reading

Bracing for a big power grid attack (says USAToday!)

Bracing for a big power grid attack: ‘One is too many’  From:, by: Steve Reilly, on: March 24, 2015, see the article HERE. About once every four days, part of the nation’s power grid — a system whose failure could leave millions in the dark — is struck by a cyber or physical attack, a USA TODAY analysis of federal energy records finds. Although the repeated security breaches have never resulted in the type of cascading outage that swept across the Northeast in 2003, they have sharpened concerns about vulnerabilities in the electric system. A widespread outage lasting even … Continue reading

Mideast Newswriters Take on the Nuclear Agreement

Opinion: Iran’s Suspect Deal in the Making Written By:  Amir Taheri in “Asharq Al-Awsat” Full Article Link HERE. Of interest is his commentary on “The Mullah’s Contrasting World Vision” discussing a new leader for something called “The New Assembly of Experts” in the same newsletter–link found HERE. I am only drawing attention to specific points here in order to help clarify the points I think most important. “By all indications both the Islamic Republic’s “Supreme Guide” Ali Khamenei and US President Barack Obama appear determined to reach some sort of agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. The deadline they seem to … Continue reading

Russian strategist: nuke Yellowstone to trigger supervolcano

From:, by: Bob Unruh, on: March 31, 2015, see the article HERE.   The best way for Russia to solve its problem with America would be to trigger a nuclear weapon at Yellowstone National Park and hope that would set off a supervolcano, destroying the continent, according to the chief of a Russian think tank. The suggestion is attributed to Konstantin Sivkov, who wrote in an article at the Russian language VPK News that, “As a result, the U.S. will cease to exist.” While the rest of the world, he noted, would suffer a “catastrophe,” Russia likely would suffer … Continue reading

Islam Needs to Reform or Leave Canada, Says Canadian Leader of PEGIDA Movement

  From BNI Three months after landing in Quebec, controversial European movement PEGIDA is set to host its first rally this weekend in Montreal. PEGIDA — a German acronym for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West — has brought thousands into the streets of various European cities with its anti-Islamization message. The group, formed last year, opposes what it perceives as the Islamization of western countries and a subsequent erosion of western values. PEGIDA rallies have frequently been countered by opposing demonstrations in England, Germany and France, and a counter-rally is taking shape for Saturday in Montreal. The event, announced on the group’s Facebook … Continue reading

Canada: Imam Demands That PM Harper ” Stop Using the Word ‘Jihadist’. “

  From BNI Imam Syed Soharwardy says Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s ‘misuse’ of the term ‘jihadist’ may be leading to more sympathy and recruitment for the Islamic State (ISIS). Soharwardy says the word means to struggle and should not be used to describe terrorists.   See Video HERE     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SO….. I guess then the words out of the mouths of some other islamics have it all wrong? “The jihad will lead to smashing Western civilization and replacing it with Islam which will dominate the world … .” Muhammad Mahdi Akef, leader of the Muslim Brotherhood 2004-10 Front Page … Continue reading

Army Troops to Infiltrate Civilian U.S. Population – Texas is Hostile Territory

Role players to practice infiltrating towns during controversial Jade Helm exercise From:, by: Paul Joseph Watson, on: March 26, 2015, see the article HERE. A key component of the controversial Jade Helm military exercise set to take part in nine U.S. states this summer will involve soldiers operating “undetected amongst civilian populations,” to see if they can infiltrate without being noticed. The “realistic” military training exercise, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, is set to take place from July 15-Sepember 15, but has prompted concerns after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” … Continue reading

Toronto’s #StopC51 Rally — Confused Communists & PSP’s Protest Bill They Haven’t Read

  from Rebel Media Did you know Bill C-51 will make it illegal to grow garlic in your own backyard? That Canadian cops are the new dope-smoking Gestapo? When I interviewed protesters at the March 14 #StopC51 demonstration in downtown Toronto, that was just one of the more… interesting answers I received to some pretty simple questions about the Harper government’s proposed anti-terror legislation. You may not know whether to laugh or cry while watching this footage of Canada’s Left, in their own unedited words. From Ezra Levant Ezra Levant asks Marissa Semkiw of to talk about her video … Continue reading

Canada: Guilty verdicts for 2 men accused in Via terror plot

  From CTV News   A jury has found two men accused in an alleged plot to derail a Via passenger train guilty on eight of nine terror-related charges. Both Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for the benefit of or in association with a terror group. Jaser was found guilty on two counts and Esseghaier on three counts of participating in or contributing to the activity of a terror group. Esseghaier was also found guilty of conspiring to damage transportation property with intent to danger safety for the benefit of or in … Continue reading

Here It Is Boys & Girls Kerry’s and Obama’s Sales Job

  Iran deal would reportedly ease sanctions immediately, allow nuclear enrichment Fox News International sanctions that have crippled Iran’s economy for years would be immediately eased and the Islamic Republic could continue to enrich uranium under the terms of a deal being hammered out in Geneva between Tehran and six world powers, according to a report Thursday. Citing a draft that would serve as a framework for a 10-year deal between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, The Associated Press reported that Iran would be allowed to operate 6,000 enrichment centrifuges it claims … Continue reading

“Transparent” My ASS.

When the BECS, aka Barack Obama, first ran, and, unfortunately, was elected president, he told the WHOPPER Of The Century, and THAT was ” he was going to have the most transparent administration in history”. THAT was OVER within 5 minutes after the bastard won the first time. So, what do they do ? Double-down on the pea soup. Story from Carmine Sabia at   White House office exempts itself from FOIA regs – announces on National Freedom of Information Day! March 17, 2015 by Carmine Sabia The self-proclaimed most transparent administration ever has taken another step to make … Continue reading

CIA Chief Says ISIS Has Snowballed

  From Fox News:   CIA Director John Brennan said Friday that the Islamic State had “snowballed” beyond Iraq and Syria, expanding its presence in more than 90 countries. Brennan’s statement marks a change from the narrative the Obama administration has been pushing on the success of the fight against ISIS. “Left unchecked, the group would pose a serious danger not only to Syria and Iraq, but to the wider region and beyond, including the threat of attacks in the homelands of the United States and our partners,” Brennan told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. He added … Continue reading

Trudeau: Tories Threaten Liberty by Fostering Prejudice Against Muslims

From Global Headlines The Conservative government poses a real threat to liberty in Canada and is stoking fear and prejudice by opposing the right of female Canadian Muslims to wear a niqab, Justin Trudeau says.   And Canadians, he said, should “shudder” that the government is employing the same kind of rhetoric to raise fears against Muslims that was used to promote a “none is too many” restrictive immigration policy toward Jews in the 1930s and 1940s.   “These are troubling times. Across Canada, and especially in my home province, Canadians are being encouraged by their government to be fearful … Continue reading

Oops Can You Say Pants on Fire

  Hackers, probing Clinton server, cite security lapses By James Rosen. Published March 12, 2015. Stirred by the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State, a determined band of hackers, IT bloggers, and systems analysts have trained their specialized talents and state-of-the-art software on, the domain under which Clinton established multiple private email accounts, and uncovered serious lapses in security, according to data shared with Fox News. Full report HERE… It ended with this paragraph: The analyst with experience in the intelligence community, a “white hat” hacker — the … Continue reading

Rick Perry Weighs In on Foreign Policy

  From the Weekly Standard: In his latest fireside-chat style video, former Texas governor Rick Perry weighs in on foreign policy issues and calls for stronger American leadership in the world: There’s a lot of talk in America today about leadership, and America’s role in security on the international stage. As someone who believes America is the greatest force for freedom and prosperity in the world, it’s frustrating to see the president shuffle from one crisis to the next, and to hear his words ring hollow when there should be unwavering resolve. But let’s step back for a minute and … Continue reading

Our Air Defense Missiles

Here is another shortsighted (or deliberate) measure. I did a quick audit of executive branch outlays as posted on internet. Even My uneducated CPA eye can see the problem.  Surprise, Surprise! Guess which parts of his branch got more funds during sequestration and increasing every year to date. Did you say Executive general management, Homeland Security, and Attorney General?  Ooohhh yeah—- O was skirting around every law of the Constitution, funding Daca, harassing citizens through his Agencies, pandering to his Mideast contacts, as well as supplying billions of rounds of ammo, military equipment or office equipment to Homeland Security… BUT … Continue reading

Greta Schools Obama on Constitutional Overreach

From Western Journalism: Fox News host Greta Van Susteren took President Obama back to law school to remind him of the Constitution amidst the imminent Iranian nuclear deal. Van Susteren went ‘off the record’ to remind the so-called “constitutional law professor” that he alone does not have the power to single-handedly make a deal with Iran, according to the Constitution. “Article two, Section two, Clause two of the Constitution includes the treaty clause, which empowers the president to propose and negotiate agreements between the United States and other nations which become treaties after – yes, after – the advice and … Continue reading

Can We Keep Our Republic?

By Jon Dougherty From Absolute Rights: Our founders gave us a near-perfect system of government and then were forced to trust its posterity to imperfect beings, so it’s no wonder we have Obama, feckless Republican leaders and a constitutional crisis on our hands “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” That is the reply Dr. Benjamin Franklin gave to a woman who asked him, upon his exit from the final day of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, what form of government had been adopted. These days, watching the leadership of the party of small government in action … Continue reading