The Destruction of Europe and the West

Watch this video.  It’s an eye-opener. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC The treason being committed by the European left is now being realized.  The people of Europe have been treated like frogs in a pot placed on a stove and the heat slowly being turned up until it is too late. In the aftermath of World War II and the shortage of manpower muslims were welcomed into … Continue reading

Muslim Brotherhood Influence in the United States

Hardnox and friends have done many posts on Muslim Brotherhood.  We hoped to sound an alarm for those not already aware of the precise understanding of who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is and the mass infiltration of its tentacles into the life we know in the United States.  We should all be vigilant and aggressively active in attempting to bring these groups before the public and expose their true goals.  No Democrat or Libertarian can possibly explain away what has already been entered into court records.  We MUST meet this threat with truth and determination.  Each of us daily … Continue reading

Justin Trudeau Sworn In As Canada’s New Prime Minister

From Yahoo News ~~ I couldn’t help myself. I had to add some commentary to give a more balanced approach to the Media’s Trudeaumania!~~ Blessed B TORONTO (AP) — Justin Trudeau was sworn in Wednesday as Canada’s new Liberal prime minister, and his new cabinet ministers vowed to honor campaign pledges to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of the year. Trudeau, the son of the late iconic Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, also promised a less controlling style of “government by Cabinet” after almost 10 years of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper. ( My note~ Less controlling style? … Continue reading

Cruz Legislation to Force Obama’s and Kerry’s Hand

From the Washington Free Beacon: Lawmakers in both houses of Congress filed legislation on Tuesday that would formally designate the Muslim Brotherhood a sanctioned terrorist organization, according to an advance copy of the legislation obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The legislation outlines the Brotherhood’s long history of sponsoring terrorism and outlines congressional support for it to be designated a global terrorist outfit. The bill also would force Secretary of State John Kerry to explain why the Obama administration has been hesitant to label the Brotherhood a terrorist group. Should the State Department refuse to move forward with the designation, the bill would … Continue reading

United Nations Part II – Group Most Likely to Influence

The second part of this concerns who is the most influential group behind the United Nations. There are a lot of information and research passages to wade through. Given the ever-increasing power and growth of the United Nations, or for some the intrusion, how the organization really influences our world, the United States in particular, needs immediate review. Kathy mentioned in her Part I comment that where the presidential candidates stand on this is an important point that should be considered.  Agenda 21 as intrusive as it was is only the starting point of the UN push on Agenda 2030. … Continue reading

United Nations – Closer Look Part I

THE DEBATE — SHOULD THE USA REMAIN OR LEAVE THE UNITED NATIONS?   This is a very serious question.  If we leave, then will it collapse or will other groups step in and make the UN change even more drastically? Do we stay at a more passive role?  If we stay, how do we maintain our country sovereignty when there is tremendous  pressure to have only one world government? Time for a closer look at the role United Nations is playing in our lives. October 24, 1945..The United Nations officially comes into existence to replace the League of Nations. Representatives … Continue reading

Indoctrination of Our Young – Part 2

Part 2  Indoctrination of our young — Here is but one example of reaching out to youth by a well known figure and foundation.  Others are also known if you check, for instance Disney World.  There will be videos, emails, and dozens of other ways the UN will be reaching out through mega funding to begin preparing children for a different kind of world, if not immediately definitely soon. From Dave Hodges ” Commonsense Show” March 12, 2015.   Information HERE.   Bill and Melinda Gates have initiated an offshoot of Agenda 21 programs known as Global Citizen Nights. Global … Continue reading

What Trudeau Has Promised Canadians

From Global News The polls hadn’t even closed across Canada when news organizations called a Liberal government – and, within an hour, a Liberal majority. Justin Trudeau’s party went from a distant third in the polls barely a month before the election to sweeping Atlantic Canada, much of Quebec, the urban centres of Ontario and even spots in Alberta’s Conservative strongholds. But after the Liberals finish celebrating their comeback victory, they’ll have to govern. And they have a tough set of promises to live up to. What Trudeau’s promised: Tax changes Trudeau’s promised to bring in tax changes – hikes … Continue reading

Man In Niqab and Others in Masks Gets to Vote !

From The Rebel Media Last month, the Federal Court of Appeal ordered Canadian citizenship courts to allow the wearing of face-obscuring Muslim niqabs while taking the oath of citizenship. What’s next — wearing niqabs while voting? We thought we’d check, by sending David Menzies to vote, while covered from head to toe in a niqab. The results were shocking.  Elections Canada did almost nothing to determine his real identity. All Elections Canada required was the signing of an oath to confirm his identity.  It’s one thing to insult Canadian culture by degrading women. It’s just insane to let people vote … Continue reading

Canada’s Proposed Niqab Restrictions Mild Compared to Those in Some Muslim Countries

From The Rebel Media Did you hear? The Egyptian government is anti-Muslim. It’s true, in elections that will take place at roughly the same time as ours, October 18-19, all women wearing the niqab will be forced to remove it while voting or be refused their ballot reports the Egyptian news service Ahram. Spokesperson to the Higher Elections Committee (HEC) Omar Marawan has said the law stipulates that all niqab-wearing women will only cast ballots if they remove the face veil while voting, for identity verification purposes. Otherwise they will be barred. They must really hate Muslims in Egypt since … Continue reading

Strong Cities Network Implementation — So It Begins

  Following up on an earlier post on Strong Cities Network  HERE.  My words are in red. “In the 21st Century, democracy demands an innovative approach to policymaking – an approach built on transparency, participation, and collaboration. These foundational qualities are the keys to creating a more effective government that taps the creativity and diversity of an entire nation to generate solutions to the challenges we face.”  (Only so far as it affects their agenda and doesn’t expose their backroom criminal activities.) –Implementing the President’s Memorandum on Open Government OBAMA’S DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE OPENING ‘DOMESTIC TERRORISM’ OFFICE Breitbart By: WARNER … Continue reading

Canadians Do Not Abandon Canada!

From Canada Free Press My name is Shabnam Assadollahi. I am a proud Canadian of Iranian origin. I left Iran 30 years ago due to oppression and lack of human rights which has been brought by the terrorist Islamist khomeinist regime of Iran and therefore I have never been back to the country of my birth again. Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy; a free country due to her great welcoming, friendly and hospitable nature which has attracted hundreds of thousands of immigrants to settle and integrate and millions of tourists visiting Canada every year.  The Freedom and Democracy of … Continue reading

DHS to Revive Terrorism Alert System for Domestic Threats

From Defense One: President Barack Obama’s top homeland security official has ordered a review of the nation’s terrorism alert system to reflect what he called the growing threat of attacks originating within the United States. The U.S. has never used the National Terrorism Alert System, a two-level system that replaced the oft-derided color-coded terrorism alerts installed after 9/11 to spread the word about potential attacks from abroad. But after a “homegrown violent extremist” killed five service members in Chattanooga, Tenn. — and amid the expectation of more terrorist-inspired attacks — the Department of Homeland Security wants to revise and jumpstart the system. … Continue reading

Russia, China, Iran Coaltion Going Active

China all set to join Russian offensive vs. Islamist, other anti-Assad forces in Syria Shianee Mamanglu-Regala 11 October 2015 China’s aircraft carrier Liaoning cruises back to port after a sea trial in Dalian, China. The warship was reported to have been deployed in the Mediterranean in preparation for a possible Chinese military role in the Russian offensive against opposition forces in Syria. The reports about China joining the fight against ISIS and other opposition groups in Syria emanated from the Middle East last week when Beijing issued a statement about the need for a strong coordinated response to the … Continue reading

Beware Conservatives-Electoral College Needs to Change or…

    Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution gives each state a number of electors equal to the combined total of its Senate membership (two for each state) and House of Representatives delegation (currently ranging from one to 52, depending on population). The 12th Amendment changed a portion and then the 23rd Amendment provided an additional three electors to the District of Columbia. The number of electoral votes per state thus currently ranges from three (for seven states and D.C.) to 54 for California, the most populous state. On the surface, citizens choose a presidential candidate as they so … Continue reading

Whistleblower Says Key Terror Intel Being Ignored

Former Army Intel analyst speaks out about raising red flag, being pushed out of position, and his ultimate Court Martial for exposing the manipulation of terror intelligence. Like everything else in this administration, the messengers get squashed despite the promise of an “open and transparent” administration.  It’s a lie. In the meantime, the entirety of the Middle East is on fire, we have Al-Qaeda in the homeland, our borders are wide open, we have a Black Lives Matter movement, cops are being assassinated, yet we are being told that Russia is weak for killing jihadis. Geez… ~ Hardnox

Ed Klein to Hillary “Time to Get A Lawyer”

Hillary’s Legal Adviser: ‘Time To Lawyer Up” BY EDWARD KLEIN / OCTOBER 5, 2015 (This article first appeared in the New York Post.) One of the Clintons’ oldest and most trusted legal advisers has urged Hillary to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent her in case she’s indicted for mishandling classified documents on her private e-mail server and for lying under oath. The adviser, who has been a Clinton confidant for more than 30 years, laid out his concerns about Hillary’s legal exposure in a wide-ranging interview. “This e-mail thing is spiraling out of control,” he said. “To paraphrase … Continue reading

Citizenship Revocation of Canadian-Born Terrorist Could End in Stalemate

From Yahoo News A dispute between a Canadian-born man convicted of terrorism and the federal government could end in a legal stalemate that keeps a member of the so-called Toronto 18 in jail on an immigration hold indefinitely. Saad Gaya, 28, was born in Montreal to Pakistani-born parents. At 18, he was sentenced to 18 years in prison for his role in the unsuccessful Toronto 18 bomb plot. In an application to the Federal Court, Gaya is fighting a government notice that his Canadian citizenship will be revoked, arguing that it would leave him stateless. Gaya, through his lawyers, asserts … Continue reading

Strong Cities Network Or UN International Police Force

Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, September 28, 2015 Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism Cities are vital partners in international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism.  Local communities and authorities are the most credible and persuasive voices to challenge violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations in their local contexts.  While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to … Continue reading