Defense Official Warns About 2010 DoD Directive

Posted June 1, 2015 Intellihub Alex Thomas, writer Defense Official warns that DoD Directive allowing the use of military force against American citizens is latest step towards martial law  — In a stunning revelation published by a mainstream news outlet, an anonymous Department of Defense official has revealed their belief that a DoD Directive outlining military support to civilian authorities is the latest step towards President Obama eventually using military force against the American people. The quote from the defense official was published in a now viral report that detailed the 2010 DoD Directive and how it could be used, under authority from the … Continue reading

More than Climate Change to Worry about

Michael Snyder DC June 12, 2015 He posted the following which I thought interesting. Is something really big about to happen? For months, people have been pointing to the second half of this year for various reasons. For some, the major concern is Jade Helm and the unprecedented movement of military vehicles and equipment that we have been witnessing all over the nation. For others, the upcoming fourth blood moon and the end of the Shemitah cycle are extremely significant events. Yet others are most concerned about political developments in Washington D.C. and at the United Nations. To me, … Continue reading

White Hat Hacker: Data Breach More Serious Than Government Admits

Wow, ALL federal employees?????????????  That would include military as well. Hearings behind closed doors.  Humm… this isn’t good.  No wonder the admin is covering this up. So, to that end, what the hell are we paying for the Department of Homeland Security for, or what about the NSA?  The assholes are spending all their time spying on American citizens, at the behest of the lefties in charge, instead of our enemies. ~ Hardnox

Conservative Groups’ Last Minute Plea to Harper: Stop C-51

From Global News A number of traditional Conservative Party supporters have written a joint letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to kill Bill C-51, the government’s controversial anti-terror legislation. “Bill C-51 creates a domestic spy agency designed to target all Canadians,” they write. “Do you really want to live in a C-51 Canada that you don’t govern? We thought not. We don’t either. Kill Bill C-51.” The letter is signed by traditionally conservative organizations like the National Firearm Association and Free Dominion, as well more than fifty individuals. It was facilitated by OpenMedia, the group behind the public … Continue reading

All Islamic Extremism is Unacceptable

From ME Forum On Sunday, over 700 Canadians braved unseasonal cold and non-stop rain for four hours outside an Islamic centre north of Toronto. They came to protest a bizarre celebration honouring the life and deeds of the late Iranian theocratic dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini. There were politicians from the left to the right, writers, poets, artists, former prisoners and exiles, grandmothers, refugees, victims of torture. They were mostly Iranian Canadians, but also Pakistanis, Jews, Kurds, orthodox Muslims, Marxists and Monarchists. Inside the sprawling mosque other Canadians were bused in to participate in the macabre display of contempt for life and … Continue reading

What Good Have Obama’s “Czars” Been? Or, More From The “Trust Us” Brothers

With the Reign of King Putt, we saw NUMEROUS “czars” appointed for damn near everything. In light of the recent cyber attacks against the feral government, as well as in the private sector, the question needed to be asked. And the editorial staff at did just that. Of course, their requests for interviews were denied. They could only speak to a toady.   Obama’s ‘Cybersecurity Czar’ Is MIA As Hackers Run Wild Mon, Jun 08 2015 By Editorial Staff 06/05/2015 06:40 PM ET Privacy: In two weeks, we’ve learned that offshore hackers managed to steal 100,000 tax filings … Continue reading

PM Harper Announces New Security Measures for Canadians

From Prime Minister’s Website Prime Minister Stephen Harper today announced a number of measures that will increase the safety and security of Canadians. He was joined by Joe Oliver, Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for Eglinton-Lawrence. Our Government knows that the highest calling of any government is to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. To this end, the Prime Minister announced new support, under Economic Action Plan 2015, for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to increase the agency’s front-line capacity to combat the ever-evolving threat of terrorism. This funding will help support CSIS’ counter-terrorism capabilities … Continue reading

Problems Mount for Center for Disease Control

    I admit to being uneducated on the purpose or history of CDC except what I see in media. They are responsible for a lot of rules that labs are to follow and many different aspects of health including watchdog for epidemics and pandemics here and in other countries.  So when I heard about this “accidental” problem of shipping, I decided to look through old records.  It did not sit well with me that such a major player in the health field who supposedly had one of the top secured organizations for deadly diseases and biomedicine would have an … Continue reading

Hillary’s Aide Saw All Benghazi E-mails

WND Exclusive – Hillary’s top aide with terror ties saw all emails posted. Exposed to highly sensitive information regarding Benghazi by Robert M on June 1, 2015 at 6:09am in Groups Forum-America Conservatives2 Author: Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff writer and Jerusalem bureau chief. TEL AVIV – A full review of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails released last Friday by the State Department finds Clinton’s senior aide, Huma Abedin, was exposed to highly sensitive U.S. government information. It was Abedin who forwarded to Clinton’s personal email address details about the initial establishment of the U.S. special mission in Benghazi, updates about security … Continue reading

The Jihad Caucus

From Canada Free Press The United States allows 70,000 people from all over the world to obtain legal permanent residence through our Refugee Program—one of the most generous in the world. We also bring in another 40,000 or so through the Asylum program. Then there is the Special Immigrant Visa for people from Iraq and Afghanistan—about 10,000 in FY 2014—and a Cuban/Haitian Entrant program bringing in another 20,000 annually. That adds up to about 140,000. Many of these “refugees” come from Islamic countries like Somalia, Iraq and Iran, bringing with them at least the potential for terrorism, in many cases … Continue reading

ISIS is Here

Not exactly new news. We have known all along given the reports of mountains of prayer rugs found discarded in the desert. Chris Burgard isn’t your average Texas cattle rancher — he happens to own a large swath of property right at the southern tip of the Texas/Mexico border. And what he recently found while walking his fence line was shocking, but unfortunately not all that surprising. As he did a routine check on his property line, given the fact that his property often serves as a border crossing for illegal aliens, he found an interesting book on the ground that … Continue reading

Delusional, Or WHAT ???

Every day, when you think things CANNOT get ANY crazier at the White Crib, something like THIS comes out. These morons are seriously super-glued on STUPID. We KNOW what a utter, dismal FAILURE Obama’s ISIS strategy, or lack thereof, has been. Doesn’t stop the cadre of clowns in the White Crib from doubling down on their incompetence, though. Charlie Spiering from  once again has the idiocy. Wonder how much he laughs when he’s writing this stuff ?   White House: Obama ISIS Strategy A ’Recipe That Has Succeeded’ by   Charlie Spiering   28 May 2015 As the debate continues over … Continue reading

Harper Not Backing Down on Omar Khadr

from National Post Prime Minister Stephen Harper sounded an unrepentant note Friday about his Conservative government’s failed efforts to keep former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr behind bars. “Mr. Khadr, as we all know, pled guilty to very grave crimes, including murder,” Harper told a news conference as he offered his thoughts and prayers to the family members of U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer. “Our government’s priority in these matters is always to make sure, first and foremost, we keep in mind the protection and security of the Canadian population.” Khadr, now 28, pleaded guilty in October 2010 before a widely … Continue reading

Canada: Trudeau Finally Calls Khadr a “Terrorist”

From Rebel Media The radio host had to ask him a couple of times, but Justin Trudeau eventually agreed to refer to Omar Khadr as “a convicted terrorist.” It’s what said after that has me concerned. His comments show that the Liberal leader doesn’t really understand how the legal system — or even his father’s Charter — really works. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trudolt really needs to get an education! What about the protection of all Canadians from Islamic terrorists in Canada? Trudeau…..Tu es bête!!!! ~Blessed B~

RCMP Intercept 10 at Montreal Airport Suspected of Wanting To Join ISIS

From The Globe and Mail A counterterrorism catch-and-release campaign by Canada’s national police force may have prevented 10 aspiring jihadis from heading off to war, but the roundup at Montréal-Trudeau airport is raising worries about what comes next for radicalized youth. On Wednesday, while federal and provincial political leaders applauded the police work, anti-radicalization experts said only an integrated effort involving civilians and police can deal with youth fixated on taking up arms in the Middle East or joining terrorist groups. In Montreal, which has become a jihadi recruiting hotbed, the only tool appears to be handcuffs. In the past … Continue reading

U.S. Preparation Lagging to Battle Potentially Devastating EMP

A report has found that up to nine out of 10 Americans could die from a long-term blackout as a result of starvation and societal collapse. From:,  by: Bill Straub,  on: May 21, 2015,  see the article HERE. WASHINGTON – A warning bell is being sounded urging the federal government to take the steps necessary to prepare for an electromagnetic pulse that could cause massive blackouts and damage the nation’s electric grid. Experts maintain an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resulting from a high-altitude detonation of a nuclear weapon high above the jet stream — perhaps by a rogue state — … Continue reading

Islam and Sharia Law Can Not Co-Exist in Western Cultures 4

Note: Free Press Chart as of 2002 (couldn’t find later chart) Center for Security Policy —Civilization Jihad Reader Series Volume 1: Shariah in American Courts: The Expanding Incursion of Islamic Law in the U.S. Legal System Press Release 5 January 2015 For Immediate Release SHARIAH IN AMERICA COURTS 2.0: CENTER’S NEW CIVILIZATION JIHAD READER SERIES STARTS WITH THE PENETRATION OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM (Washington, D.C.): Center for Security Policy Press today launched a collection of monographs called the Civilization Jihad Reader Series with the publication of an update to an earlier and highly influential study concerning the insinuation of Islam’s supremacist shariah legal code into … Continue reading

Some MORE Leftist Hitlary Lunacy

These media morons sure are putting the very miniscule amount of credibility they have left into making sure Hitlary’s sordid past is protected from her future. The latest to fall on the Hitlary sword is Susan Milligan from U.S. News And World Report. Shit, who KNEW they were still in business ? Ken Shepherd from has the lunacy.   Milligan: Unfair to Expect Hillary Clinton Supporters to Name Hillary’s Accomplishments As Secretary of State By Ken Shepherd | May 20, 2015 | 8:25 PM EDT   U.S. News & World Report‘s Susan Milligan wildly spun for Democratic presidential frontrunner … Continue reading

Islam and Sharia Law Can Not Co-exist in Western Cultures 2

Waves of Middle East immigrants is not new to Western Societies. There have been several concentrated movements over the centuries in Europe and then the US and Canada more recently from the late 1880’s. Most of the waves were a direct result of conflicts between tribes, countries, and the Christian Middle Eastern faiths. First Wave In the last years of the 1800’s a few 10’s of thousands arrived seeking protection, many from these areas Christians. After World War I and the destruction of the Ottoman stranglehold a second group began to arrive on the shores of many countries. In the … Continue reading

Rogue Mexican Police Firing on US Citizens

(As posted on Jun 18, 2014) Judicial Watch: DHS Records Detail Mexican Government Helicopter Crossing Border and Firing on Border Patrol MAY 05, 2015 (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained documents from the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) that confirm a June 26, 2014, attack by a Mexican government helicopter on U.S. Border Patrol agents. The Mexican helicopter crossed into U.S. airspace before firing on U.S. Border Patrol personnel. The Mexican government initially denied that the attack near Arizona’s San Miguel Gate occurred, but later admitted to the armed incursion. The CBP documents were released … Continue reading