Marines Leave Yemen Unarmed

From Fox News: Armed rebels in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa seized U.S. embassy vehicles Wednesday after diplomats fled the country over growing unrest. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren confirmed that the vehicles were taken by Houthi rebels after embassy personnel and U.S. Marines guarding the embassy evacuated. Warren said the Marines turned over their small arms to government officials before boarding a commercial flight from Sanaa. Marines “destroyed the larger weapons” before leaving Yemen Tuesday, Warren said. Members of the embassy staff told Reuters that more than 20 vehicles were taken by the rebels after the Americans left Sanaa’s airport. … Continue reading

Jury Seated for Eddie Routh Trial in Texas

From Truth Revolt: A jury was seated yesterday in the trial of the man charged with murdering the former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.  The judge estimated “no more than two dozen” were dismissed from the case due to publicity surrounding the story. Ten women and two men will serve as jurors for Eddie Ray Routh’s trial, which starts Wednesday with opening statements. Routh, a former Marine, is charged with capital murder in the deaths of 38-year-old Chris Kyle and Kyle’s friend, 35-year-old Chad Littlefield. Kyle and Littlefield were trying to help Routh when prosecutors say he shot them at a … Continue reading

Barbarians at the Gate

By Linda Chavez: I would not watch the video of Jordanian pilot Mouath al-Kasaesbeh being consumed by fire, because to do so was exactly what the Islamist barbarians who produced it wanted. They wanted not only to kill their captive in the most horrific way imaginable, but also to burn the images of his immolation into the minds of those who oppose them. Terror is their most effective weapon. The only way they can achieve victory is by frightening people into submission. Scare off those who would join an alliance to fight the Islamic State, and ISIS wins. But barbarity … Continue reading

Was Chris Kyle’s Killer a Converted Muslim?

From   The “conventional wisdom” says former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was tragically shot and killed by a former soldier suffering from PTSD. But perhaps there’s another version of the story no one wants to talk about. What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution? There are some disturbing facts about Routh you most likely will have never read. According to The Warfighter Foundation, it is highly unlikely Routh suffered from PTSD because he never served in battle. “Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007, at Balad Air … Continue reading

Carlos Hathcock – The “Other” American Sniper”

Today is the anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords which were signed on January 27, 1973 after years of stalling and negotiations. American troops were finally withdrawing from Vietnam although the war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam wouldn’t end until April 30, 1975. With so many Americans currently focusing on the Chris Kyle movie, American Sniper, it’s fitting today to pay tribute to the Marine sniper Carlos Hathcock who served for twenty years and was a lethal weapon in Vietnam, nicknamed ‘White Feather’. Although Hathcock estimated he’d made around 300 kills, he’s credited with only 93 because of the confirmation system used … Continue reading

Military is not so happy with the Big O

In his first term, President Obama oversaw repeal of the controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Then he broke with one of the military’s most deeply rooted traditions and vowed to lift the ban on women serving in combat. And the commander in chief has aggressively sought to change military culture by cracking down on sexual assault and sexual harassment, problems that for years were underreported or overlooked. Obama is an unpopular president in the eyes of the men and women in uniform. Yet his two-term administration is etching a deep imprint on the culture inside the armed forces. As … Continue reading

Wounded Warrior or Scam???

Came across this article today. I have heard mutterings from a number of different people lately about WWP – nothing good. Now this comes out. I say make up your own mind, but as for me, I shall find another place for my military money. Probably Fisher House. I already support Navy Relief Society. Years ago I quit letting the Red Cross have even a penny. During this Christmas and New Year’s season the gift of charity swells in the hearts of many.  And who better to benefit from that charity than those who have literally given life and limb … Continue reading

Update on US Troops Fighting Ebola in Africa

  From Stars & Stripes: The commander of U.S. forces deployed to an Ebola outbreak in West Africa says troops are finishing much of their work in the country and will expect new direction by month’s end. Seven Ebola treatment units have been turned over to Liberian officials, and another 10 will be finished by the end of December, said Maj. Gen. Gary Volesky, the joint force commander for Operation United Assistance. Troops are still training local health care workers and performing lab work to diagnose the disease — tasks increasingly assumed by U.S. and international aid workers. “The decision … Continue reading

Deadly Homefront Attacks Sharpens Remembrance Day Focus

From Global News TISSUE ALERT! OTTAWA – Government workers have cleared the National War Memorial of the deep drifts of flowers, flags, stuffed animals — even a couple of cans of beer — in preparation for Tuesday’s nationally televised Remembrance Day ceremony. But the tributes keep coming. Sunday morning — less than 48 hours before the prime minister, Governor General, a member of the royal family, veterans, soldiers, mariners, airmen and nests of live TV crews were to descend on the monument — a melancholy peace wrapped itself around the country’s memorial to those who fought and fight on its … Continue reading

“Freedom Was Never Free!”

By Blessed B Freedom was never “FREE“ Freedom isn’t free! Freedom is/has been bought and paid for by the men and women of our Armed Forces, who fought and sacrificed their lives. Our brave men and women battled for freedom so that all could have it.    “The only values really worth living for are those worth dying for.” ~ Canadian PM Harper.~   As Ronald Reagan so nicely phrased it … “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for … Continue reading

Sgt Tahmooressi Is Free !!

Tahmooressi free from Mexican jail! Obama to take credit in 3-2-1…   After more than 200 days trapped in a Mexican prison Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is finally home no thanks to the inaction of the Obama administration. On Friday a Mexican judge ordered the American hero released and returned to the U.S., reported Fox News Tahmooressi, 26, has been held since March 31 since he said he accidentally traversed the border with three legal and registered guns in his truck. The judge freed Tahmooressi without making a decision on the charges against him, according to family spokesman Jonathan Franks. … Continue reading

US Official Calls for Military Coup Against President Obama

From Pakalert Debbie Dunnegan Waters, the Republican recorder of deeds for Jefferson County, Missouri posed a question in a Facebook post last week to the military that why it has not launched a coup against America’s commander-in-chief. Huffington Post~ Her Facebook page is private, however her comments were reposted on social media: Dunnegan wrote: I have a question for all my friends who have served or are currently serving in our military … having not put on a uniform nor taken any type military oath, there has to be something that I am just not aware of. But I cannot … Continue reading

Marine’s Song Will Uplift Your Soul

From Allen West: Oh boy, this here video is surely going to send the head chucklehead of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Mikey Weinstein, into a apoplectic state of frothing hysteria. And you can imagine that the leadership of the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation is running about gnashing their teeth and tearing at their clothes. This video taken at Camp Pendleton shows U.S. Marines at a Christian worship service singing the upbeat Christian song, “Days of Elijah.” And as you will see, they are very enthusiastic about the song. As reported by The Blaze, “A description of the video, … Continue reading

I Had A Dream….Part Two

n the first part, I shared my dream about Islam, and the left. Today, I’ll try to conclude the dream I had while up on the ladder, painting Ye Olde Crib. I had a dream….. That the moribund, stale Republican party would FINALLY see the light, and RID itself of the Washington “consultancy class”, and listen to what WE, THE PEOPLE have to say. Also, tell them to RID us of THESE nuisances :   Next time one of these GOP clowns tells you we need a moderate, ask them the LAST time a moderate won ANYTHING. Reince, are YOU … Continue reading