Should American Citizens Be Concerned About The Latest UN CERD Letter?

Should American Citizens Be Concerned About The Latest UN CERD Letter? MAYBE   On August 4, the ACLU sent a letter to the Dept. of State urging it to submit a comprehensive periodic report to the CERD Committee, which thoroughly reviews both U.S. progress and setbacks in implementing the 2014 Concluding Observations on the federal, state and local levels. In the letter, ACLU expects (read stresses) compliance with CERD recommendations involving a competitive grant program to increase socioeconomic diversity authored by Obama and after his 2015 report to the UN. In fact in a couple of places in the letter, the words … Continue reading

Mattis Addresses NATO and Warns of “Arc of Insecurity”

Mattis Highlights U.S. Commitment to NATO, Warns of ‘Arc of Insecurity’ By Lisa Ferdinando Press Release February 15, 2017 Defense Secretary Jim Mattis traveled to Belgium and Germany to meet with NATO counterparts and discuss efforts to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Mattis also plans to meet with international partners while attending the Munich Security Conference. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis talked with Britain’s Defense Secretary Michael Fallon during the North Atlantic Council meeting at NATO headquarters in Brussels. He  highlighted the U.S. commitment to NATO, stressing the alliance’s importance in regional and global security while calling on nations … Continue reading

Why NATO Must

GO AWAY! Just one chart (below) says it all and it proves that The Donald was right once again. Roughly NATO costs the US Taxpayer almost 650 BILLION A YEAR!  FACT:  Europe has over 400 MILLION (743M EU/318M USA 2015) more people than the USA so WHY are WE paying to protect these idiots?  FACT:  US GDP is 18T (Approx) and the EU GDP is 16.3T. Again, WHY are we funding them? WHY do WE have to support bases there? WHy isn’t this money going to rebuild OUR infrastructure? OUR factories? OUR military only? NATO, like the UN, has outlived … Continue reading

Are Democrats So Determined To Win This Election That They Are Willing and Ready To Start WWIII

From a retired, nonmilitary stance this looks like the USA is helping set up the UN to be a powerful military influence instead of assisting in unusual circumstances. The right of a governing body such as the United Nations to come in force as a military presence to handle many issues across many country lines is abhorrent. I cannot believe part of the original purpose and mandate of the United Nations.   It seems to me to tell the world, WE are driving force (bullies on the block) behind a worldwide governing regime and not there to help only as … Continue reading

Military News Being Suppressed Before General Election

Published on Oct 15, 2016 The Yemeni army has warned about the direct engagement of US forces in the war against their country. Yemen’s army spokesperson says Washington’s cruise missile strikes on three radar sites may turn the strategic strait of Bab-el-Mandab into a war zone.   –#– South Front Analysis Intelligence October 18, 2016 OVERVIEW OF MILITARY SITUATION IN ALEPPO CITY Russian and Syrian military scheduled a humanitarian pause in Aleppo city for Thursday. The pause will be aimed to allow passage to civilians and the withdrawal of militants through 8 corridors… The Russian envoy to the UN said … Continue reading

Part 5-Taking A Hard Look At Obama’s Address To The UN General Assembly

This leads me to the third thing we need to do: We must reject any forms of fundamentalism, or racism, or a belief in ethnic superiority that makes our traditional identities irreconcilable with modernity. Instead we need to embrace the tolerance that results from respect of all human beings.  Hmm so is he against morals, values and principles? Or just being strict about following the letter of the belief?  How would he view fundamentalism when applied to law and order – we know that answer.  He does not accept that He has to follow the laws of our country as … Continue reading

NATO Is Falling Apart The USA Will Soon Stand Alone

From Reclaim Our Republic NATO is falling apart. Clinton’s election will guarantee the bankers their war of profit and depopulation. A Trump election can forestall America’s demise, but not prevent it. At the heart of America’s difficulty lies in the fact that NATO is going to collapse. And we cannot put it past NATO to provoke a war before the membership becomes insolvent. NATO NATO was established in 1949 to face a specific threat. The end of the Second World War had produced a vacuum in Central and Eastern Europe, much of which was filled by the Soviet Union when Stalin … Continue reading

What Our Presidential Election Is Keeping Out of The News

Here are issues that we are facing which have yet to penetrate the mind of people. The next president will be walking into a minefield of epic proportions brought to the forefront by UN, NATO, and an idiot in the White House. The worst part is that Clinton was in the middle of all of this for the last ten years or more. She has nearly single-handedly except for Obama been responsible for the fiasco in the Middle East, Russia and China. She visited each of the country’s during her tenure in office at the behest of Obama and from … Continue reading

Update On Incirlik Air Base and What We Have Not Been Told

With all the convention news taking up the airwaves, little is getting said about Incirlik Airbase in the US. Perhaps this is by design as it might interfere with top level negotiations between NATO, the US, and Turkey. That does not mean that the citizens of the US should not be concerned by the actions and reactions affecting more than 2,700 people – US troops (some list at as many as 1,200), other ally troops, and civilians at the base. I noted in my ARTICLE on July 20, the basic details as I found them at the time. Since then … Continue reading

This Patriot Is Issuing a Warning to NATO Forces

Whatever the UN is planning in concert with Barack Obama — UN listen up! NOTHING would unite our country quicker than to see any action or reaction by UN troops in our country in response to his call for assistance.  Do not be fooled.  We will take care of internal problems ourselves.  Obama has less than 6 months left and any aggression by UN or “undercover” UN troops will not be taken lightly.  Remember, our memories are long and justice WILL come when Obama’s term is over.  He has lied and is looked down upon with scorn all over the … Continue reading

Obama Administration Back Saudi Arabian Military Intervention in Syria Against Russia

From The Muslim Issue Saudi Arabia is the cause for the civil war in Syria. Here we see how the Saudis are willing to intervene by military force against anyone disrupting their desires Sunni occupation of Syria – using weapons which of course have been sold to them by nasty, toxic alliances with the West. Syria’s President Assad is a victim of terrorist infiltration. The constant meddling by the US and it’s bizarre support for Sunni leadership, responsible for over 90% of terrorism around the world, has helped to spread and facilitate Islamic terrorism. The Syrian conflict was started when … Continue reading

Hacked Emails Confirm NATO Push To Provoke, Escalate Conflict With Russia

From Reclaim Our Republic Just two weeks ago, a huge scandal erupted within another ‘union’ as Germany slammed NATO for “warmongering” destroying the fictional narrative that ‘innocent’ NATO was merely reacting to evil Russian provocations. Furthermore, as NATO accelerated its encirclement of Russia, with British soldiers deployed in Estonia, US soldiers operating in Latvia and Canadians in Poland, while combat units are being increased in the Mediterranean…  NATO found another excuse for war, assessing that it may now have grounds to attack Russia when it announced that if a NATO member country becomes the victim of a cyber attack by … Continue reading

NATO Goes For Relevance

after The Donald ripped them a new asshole back in April. EXCERPT:  “RACINE, Wis. — Donald J. Trump on Saturday went further than ever before in his criticism of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, telling a crowd here that he would be fine if NATO broke up. Mr. Trump had previously questioned the need for the organization, and on Saturday he reiterated his criticism that other NATO countries were “not paying their fair share” in comparison with the United States. “That means we are protecting them, giving them military protection and other things, and they’re ripping off the United States. … Continue reading

The Uniparty (D&R) Tries To Carpet Bomb The Donald

and continue to fail miserably. It is amazing that The Donald is fighting against not only the Democrat Nazi Party, owned and operated by and for George Soros – Nazi collaborator and fugitive from justice, (how appropos for the DNC to have a criminal as the boss) but the entire DC Cartel as well. The reality of the War on Trump is that the full weight of the GOPe scumbags, the Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street crooks, K/L/M Street lobbyists, the Dems and their Useful Idiots, the Liberal Lapdog Lickspittle Media, clowns like David “the crease in Obama’s trousers gave … Continue reading

Critics Call Trump’s ‘America first’ Policy Too Isolationist

Former deputy commanding general of U.S. forces in Afghanistan weighs in on ‘Fox & Friends’. The general is spot on in my opinion.  What is wrong with demanding that our allies “cowboy up” when it comes to their own defense?  To me that’s common sense and fiscally responsible. I’d also like to see the next president diminish our role in the United Nations and to reset the United Nations back to their original charter. ~ Hardnox