Wild Bill: Scaring Silly People

Environmental Wackos have been scamming people for almost 100 years… I remember back in the 70’s we were all supposed to freeze to death within 50 years, so said the “experts”.  Then that fell on deaf ears and fizzled out.  Enter Al Gore, unemployed and defeated dim presidential candidate, looking for employment, next thing we know the planet will be melting.  Gore came up with the “carbon credit” scheme, or at least he pushed the idea, and it caught on.  Governments embraced it as it created a new taxable revenue scheme.  Brokers embraced it as a new stock where no … Continue reading

Wild Bill: Savage Poodle

Michael Savage and his poodle were assaulted by a militant anti-Trumper.  Bill has some words of wisdom…..and warning. Well stated Bill.  Yes, a German Shepherd is definitely a good prescription.  So is a .45. The Left is bent on violence.  They had better be careful what the do and what they advocate.  AG Sessions had better get busy cutting off the heads of the snakes that are financing these violent protesters. ~ Hardnox

Wild Bill: Common Sense Self Defense

Since the Leftist nutjobs are bent on violence, Bill has these words of wisdom should you be immersed in a violent confrontation with one: A well placed punch in the throat or a nuts works wonders too, and it doesn’t take much force either. On the other hand, unholstering my 1911 is always a showstopper though.  Just sayin.  🙂 ~ Hardnox

Wild Bill: The Black Rifle Coffee Company

An American company by veterans for veterans! We The People must support faithful, patriotic businesses….Bill says this is a good one to start with. A resurgence of patriotism is growing.  About time too.  The culture war of Conservatism versus Leftism is just now starting since we have a Pro-American Administration at the helm. America first, America always. ~ Hardnox www.blackriflecoffee.com

Wild Bill: Hornet’s Nest Politics

The left have political power mainly because of their nastiness and willingness to get in peoples faces. Bill has some thoughts on that. I agree with Bill’s message, but in my view the Christian right has a tendency to overreach.   This happened under both the Reagan and Bush 43 administrations in my memory.  People don’t like being lectured to nor do they want to have scripture quoted incessantly.  I think it kills the message. From my perspective, the return of the “10 Commandments” and the “Golden Rule” need front and center attention.  Both teach societies on proper societal behavior. … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Sheila Jackson Lee Decries Automatic Weapons Ownership in Speech on Gun Violence

Odd how these asshats always dismiss the failed policies of their party that has wrecked urban communities, especially the black communities. Now in an age of heightened barbarism, due to jihadis and racists elements largely fostered by lefty actions, these dipsticks would prefer to disarm the citizenry while they are surrounded by people with guns.  Hypocrisy much? Lee is clueless.  Automatic weapons are already forbidden and have been since the 1930’s unless one obtains a Class III license for thousands of dollars.  If there are indeed “automatic” weapons on our streets they came via the Open Border that you assholes … Continue reading

Wild Bill: The Lesser of Two Evils Foolishness

Bill takes on one of the most foolish of the “never Trump” arguments. The choice is clear.  No election in modern history has been any clearer.  Again for the umpteenth time, we have a choice between a flawed America loving man or the most evil crooked lying witch ever known in American political history.  It’s that simple. The NeverTrumprs can spare us their “righteous” bullshit.  Get over yourselves.  You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.  Pick a side. ~ Hardnox  

Wild Bill: The Obama Internet Jihad

Obama is set to hand control of the Internet over to foreign entities! Why? Good question.  The next question is how is King Putt able to get away with this without Congressional approval?  It’s not as if the internet is the Panama Canal or something. Putt is taking every brick out of our wall in order to make us weaker. ~ Hardmox