Sen. Cruz Introduces Bill for Term Limit Amendment

Hannity and Cruz discuss a Term Limit Amendment, Trump’s cabinet pick, Russian hacking, and Obama’s classless exit. I wholeheartedly agree.  Term limits would fix an enormous about of problems within politics. Cruz nailed it.  Good to see him aboard the Trump train. ~ Hardnox  

Hannity Interview with Assange

Sean Hannity flew over to the UK to interview Julian Assange who is the founder of Wikileaks which has leaked tens of thousands of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign chief), and a host of Clinton operatives.  The Democrats have never denied the content of the emails but have instead chosen to attack the leakers.  Moreover, the Russians did it and they are responsible for Hillary’s loss to Trump.  Never mind that she sucked as a candidate and that the DNC totally rigged their primaries since Hillary was preselected by the Party elite and the … Continue reading

Obama And Hillary Clinton Defend Black Lives Matter

The left is stuck on stupid.  It is so stupid that it should be criminal. All lives matter.  Groups like BLM and others need to be charged with complicity in murder.  The media also needs to be prosecuted for fomenting this narrative and giving legs to this crap, including those who finance these hate groups. Let’s face it, two dozen cops have been executed because of this.  Countless other lives have been ruined.  Cities have been burned and looted.  Lives have been destroyed. A reckoning is in order. ~ Hardnox

Speaker Ryan Announces His Agreement With Trump Agenda

On Hannity last night: Where was this bravado before?  What a snake.  The schmuck didn’t make an effort to stop Batears one time, now suddenly he’s acting like a conservative? Yeah, Americans gave you a fantastic opportunity to fix the mess!  Now do it. ~ Hardnox

Gingrich on President-elect Trump’s greatest challenges

Former House speaker weighs in on ‘Hannity’ I have no expectation of President Trump being “reasonable”.  Reasonable isn’t what got him elected.  We want Trump to take a wrecking ball to Washington DC and drain the swamp. THAT would be reasonable, and commonsensical.  We deplorables are tired of the shit that the left has created. ~ Hardnox

Gorka: Obama counterterrorism policy is ‘absolute insanity’

‘Defeating Jihad’ author reacts to information about Ohio State University attacker on ‘Hannity’ last night: Yes, on January 20, 2017 common sense will be reintroduced into our country. America! ~ Hardnox

Pence: Trump will take his case to the American people

Good interview on Hannity last night… I like Mike Pence a lot and he is a spectacular choice as VP. I hope Mittens is not chosen as Secretary of State.  He’s a backstabber.  I understand if  Trump choses Romney.  It’s a shit job but very high profile.  Trump needs to unite the republican party.  I got it.  On the plus side, Romney is no fool either.  He does have great business talents and can be ruthless.  That style of ruthlessness will be necessary to clean out the State Department.  The question is whether Romney will do Trump’s bidding on a … Continue reading

Conway Fires Back at Protesters, Transition Critics

Senior adviser to President-elect Trump speaks out on ‘Hannity’ last night. The nitwit critics don’t seem to realize the election was 8 days ago.  Past presidents took weeks and month to announce cabinet appointments. King Putt waited 5 weeks before the first one. The problem is that the media is in a frenzy over Trump as are the Uniparty asshats.  Secondly, the media has been in campaign coverage mode for two years and don’t know else to report and are in shock over Trump’s win. For crying out loud, let the man do the job and STFU already.  I’m sick … Continue reading

Thank You Hannity

America owes a round of ‘Thanks’ to Sean Hannity.   Many of the conservative ‘talking heads’ have been supportive of Trump. Many have not. But Hannity has been consistent and unwavering in not only his support of Trump, but in exposing the corruption, deceit, bile, and general sewer-dwelling character of the left. For this I salute him.   And now he has made it easy for all the celebs who promised to leave the USA if Trump is elected, to do so. He has a free one-way flight for them via Trump Express Airlines. Here is their “Welcome Aboard” announcement … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich: Hillary is a Criminal

This is a good interview on Hannity last night… and worth the watch. Let’s see… FBI agents are threatening to retire over Director Comey’s mishandling of the Hildabeast email situation… FBI agents are threatening to go to Congress as whistle blowers… Five FBI field offices investigating the Clinton Foundation…. 650,000 (SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND) emails on Carlos Danger’s & Huma Abedin’s private computer that contain classified materials and communications with Hillary Clinton… If Hillary gets elected she will most likely get impeached immediately…. President Tim Kaine?  No way… The mafia are rank amateurs compared to the Clintons yet Hildabeast … Continue reading

Newt Gingrich: Scandals Make Clinton Even More Frightening

On Hannity last night: Nailed it. A Hildabeast presidency is totally unthinkable especially since we have the latest document release from the FBI concerning her misuse of classified emails while Secretary of State; the WikiLeaks email dumps on voter fraud, campaign manipulation; and FBI arrangements, then lastly the Project Veritas Videos confirming voter fraud. Yeah, she’s a criminal and the entirety of the Left machine and 95% of the media are complicit.  It’s treasonous. I heard that the prison in Guantanamo bay is nearly empty. ~ Hardnox

Gingrich on the media’s deliberate effort to destroy Trump

On ‘Hannity,’ Former House speaker slams the mainstream media for refusing to vet Hillary Clinton. According to communications gleaned by the Wikileaks email dump, Hilary had veto power over the articles published by major news outlets. I agree with Hannity whereas it’s not possible for the average American voter to fully absorb or comprehend the level of corruption in our government.  Unless people take the time to read blogs like ours and others that expose the criminality then it’s impossible to wrap one’s head around the systemic corruption at every level. Further, the media is the left.  There is no … Continue reading