Flynn Resignation – A Deep State Sabotage of Trump Administration

Published on Feb 14, 2017 CNN – November 15, 2008 –  “Russian President Eager to Talk to Obama” – President-Elect Obama (The United States presidential election of 2008  was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. Formally elected December 15, 2008)  (Sooooooo when did Obama or his people communicate with Russia?) “Medvedev, in Washington for the G-20 economic summit, said he hoped to meet with President-elect Barack Obama soon. “We have that understanding,” he said… The “first signals” he has received from the Obama administration, he said, are that they “are willing to think about it and not just rubber-stamp it,” referring to … Continue reading

PJ Watson: BOMBSHELL POLL – Europeans Reject Muslim Immigration In HUGE Numbers

This is good.  Paul Joseph Watson claims that American youth born after 1995 are or are becoming the most conservative generation since World War II.  Further, he addresses the 10,000 person poll conducted across Europe regarding support for muslim migration. Common sense is common sense.  Regardless of country, who would want an invasion by outsiders that would change your culture?  To that end, the left would have us believe that we are “racists” or “xenophobes” but I submit that those in muslim countries would oppose an invasion of Westerners in their lands if the roles were reversed. ~ Hardnox

PJ Watson: The Truth About the Berkeley Riot

The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S. Jeff Sessions is now the Attorney General of the United States.  Anyone willing to take bets how long this stupid shit will go on now? ~ Hardnox

PJ Watson: 20 Questions For Muslims

Here is Paul Joseph Watson’s latest rant on Lefties and muslims: Good questions… questions we have been asking for years yet Lefties can’t seem to be bothered with, since they have no brain power, other than to parrot what their masters say. They say ignorance is bliss.  If that were true why are Lefties always so angry?  Is it possible that deep down in their black hearts they know they suck?  🙂 ~ Hardnox    

PJ Watson: The Left & Islam – Unholy Alliance

Paul Joseph Watson presents his latest rant about what has occurred with these protests following the Trump inauguration. Nailed it.  The Left has aligned themselves with those that will see them dead.  No different than what we have been posting on for years with the homo/muslim marches.  The left are idiots and so easily duped… but we knew that already. ~ Hardnox

PJ Watson: The Truth About Depression

Why does popular culture glorify and fetishize depression? It’s now a form of virtue signaling to constantly drone on about how depressed you are on social media. How did being weak-minded and emotionally incontinent become a positive personality trait? Nailed it.  Being a depressed douche is not a strength.  Neither is being a snowflake. Funny how there are so few conservatives that suffer from depression.  The franchise is owned by leftards.  Coincidence? Nah… I didn’t thinks so. ~ hardnox

PJ Watson: Multiculturalism is Killing Germany

In the aftermath of yesterday’s terrorist attack in Berlin, Paul Joseph Watson has Anabel Schunke, model and reporter, on how German Chancellor Merkel’s policies have destroyed Germany. Rape and sexual assaults are off the charts in Germany and in most of Europe committed by muslims. The left is insane for allowing this to happen… so are those that vote these asshats into office. The same crap is happening here.  Trump has promised to stop this insanity, and rightly so. ~ Hardnox

PJ Watson: What They’re NOT Telling You About Fake News

“The originators of fake news are now lecturing us about fake news. Gimme a break.” Yes, it’s bullshit.  The presstitutes have been lying for decades and are the propaganda arm of the left.  Now they are nakedly visible to everyone thanks to Donald Trump for calling them out.  We’ve been doing it for years but Trump used his bullhorn to make it stick… and we thank him. ~ Hardnox  

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About Russia ‘Hacking the Election’

The left is willing to risk civil war in America & nuclear war with Russia because they’re butt-hurt about losing. Let that sink in. “Zero evidence”…. well, that never stopped the left from continuing a witch hunt. ~ Hardnox  

Paul Joseph Watson: Dear Blacks, Latinos & Gays

Here’s Watson’s latest rant regarding Trump’s “bullshit” racist label: Well done Paul.  Yes, the Left’s meme about Trump is bullshit.  Most people get it.  That’s why he was elected…. and lefty heads are exploding because their bullshit meme didn’t stick. Bwhahahhahahaha… ~ Hardnox

Hillary Clinton: Rape Enabler

Paul Joseph Watson hits another home run with this new video. Hillary – the women’s rights champion – defended a child molester who raped a 12-year-old girl, then laughed about knowing he was guilty. Like everything else, Hillary pretending to be some sort of champion of women is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Unfortunately there are plenty of lemming women that will vote for this beast only because she is a woman in order to “make history”, as if that worked out so well last time. ~ Hardnox  

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About the New York Bombing

As we all know by now there were bombings in New York City and New Jersey yesterday, and a jihadi went full “allahu akbar” in a mall in St. Cloud Minnesota.  Fortunately, the jihadi got whacked by an off-duty cop who happened to have his weapon. There has been scant media coverage on these events for the express purpose of not to give Donald Trump a narrative with which to pummel the administration and Hillary Clinton.  Here is Watson’s take: Further, on Friday a crazy black dude shot several cops in Philadelphia before getting perforated himself (DRT).  He left a … Continue reading