Mark Levin talks ‘Rediscovering Americanism’

On Fox & Friends today.  This is great.  Levin knocks it out of the park. Yes, the left is “nuts”.  We conservatives understand “freedom”.  The left does not.  They believe that freedom is bestowed by government.  In truth, that is the definition of slavery. I love that Trump is Tweeting.  My question is who determines what is presidential?  Personally, I think that President Trump is a fighter and I love it, and that’s plenty presidential in my view. Lastly, has anyone noticed that when Trump Tweets, “hey look, a squirrel”, the Left immediately unglues, then Trump just goes about following … Continue reading

Mark Levin On President Trump’s Agenda

On Hannity last night.  Mark Levin was a very harsh critic of Donald Trump for the longest time, in fact I viewed him a NeverTrumper, but over the last months he has really come out in support of the president.  Here’s what he has to say about the president’s task ahead: ~ Hardnox