Lou Dobbs: Obama ran ‘a racket’. Its criminal. Special prosecutor HAS to be assigned by Sessions

Last night… Of course, Obama ran a racket as do most in Washington.  This is the swamp that President Trump wants to drain.  There are thousands of rackets at play right now enriching all the players involved, hence the bullshit Russian meme, hence the call for impeachment, hence the protests, hence the idiocy, courtesy of the UniParty. The Russian meme is falling apart under its own weight because its bullshit and there is no evidence that it ever existed in the first place. Indictments and Arrests?  Oh good.  I can’t wait. ~ Hardnox

DOJ drops opposition to Texas voter ID law

Published on Feb 27, 2017 Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on the Department of Justice reversing its position on the Texas voter ID law. Fox News AP February 27, 2017 AUSTIN, Texas – The Trump administration plans to abandon the federal government’s longstanding opposition to a key portion of Texas’ toughest-in-the-nation voter ID law, a U.S. Justice Department spokesman said Monday. It’s a dramatic break from the agency under President Barack Obama, which spent years arguing that the 2011 voter ID law that Texas’ Republican-controlled Legislature passed was intended to disenfranchise poor and minority voters. Danielle Lang of the Washington-based Campaign … Continue reading

Dobbs with Paul Sperry: Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Leftist Organizers at Alinsky Camps

Last night, New York Post contributor Paul Sperry joined Lou Dobbs on Wednesday night to discuss Barack Obama’s shadow government organization to sabotage President Trump.  Sperry says Obama has trained tens of thousands of organizers (32,000 as of now) already in Alinsky tactics at his boot camps with at least that many more to come. This is stunning.  As Dobbs says “this is the critical issue facing this country” and I cannot agree more.  The Left is looking to crash this country by any means necessary. What is also amazing is that Obama has had the time to train these … Continue reading

Lou Dobbs: A Few Thoughts Now On What Has Become The Dirtiest, Nastiest Presidential Campaign

It boils down to the Establishment or the wrecking ball known as Donald Trump. Trump has simply exposed the criminality of the Clintons and the corruption of government unlike anyone before.  Did he do or say stuff he maybe shouldn’t have?  Yup.  So what?  In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t mean a damned thing. Meanwhile we’re supposed to dismiss the criminality of the Clintons? If this nation chooses Hillary we are truly screwed.  Game over.  Turn out the lights. ~ Hardnox

Jerry Falwell Jr: GOP Elites Were Behind Trump Sex Talk Tape

On Lou Dobbs program last night. Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. told Lou Dobbs on Tuesday that he was tipped off about the GOP elites’ plan to knock Trump out of the race. Yeah, there are too many strange coincidences.   The UniParty republicans are shit scared of a Trump presidency. ~ Hardnox