Judge Jeanine Pirro: 1st Time History Pres Candidate Under Fed Investigation

The fix is in.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Hildabitch gets elected president and escapes prosecution then game over.  America and a semblance of the rule of law is over. We have the Uniparty that is protecting an unindicted felon and while simultaneously trashing the republican candidate.  Unfrigginbelievable! Where TF are the FBI agents, DoJ lawyers that swore an oath to defend the Constitution?  Pussies! I am disgusted beyond words.  My head is exploding.  It’s time to fix bayonets. ~ Hardnox  

Judge Jeanine Pirro: What Happened In UK Will Happen Again in USA

Yup, the experts got it wrong.  They have been totally wrong.  The politicians have it wrong too. A thorough housecleaning is coming. The left needs to brace for impact.  We’ve had enough of their shit. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine – Clinton Emails

In cased you missed Judge Jeanine Sunday… The way I understand Executive Orders is that they carry the force of law when they take authority from a legislative power which grants its power directly to the Executive by the Constitution. Or is that just for everyone BUT Obama and his cronies? Hillary – Did you forget Obama’s Executive Order 13526?  Besides statutes and laws, Obama went to great lengths to write this EO dated December 29, 2009.  Section 4 deals with safeguarding items 2 and 3 specifically puts paid to the lie of having a personal server. So drag her to … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine: Hillary has no chance of winning in November

This is a segment from 2 weeks ago but relevant today considering Hillary’s beat down yesterday in West Virginia. The professional asshats keep telling us that Hillary will beat Trump in November. She can’t even beat Bernie.  Anyone that thinks Trump can’t cream Hillary must believe in unicorns. Assholes. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Hannity: Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Interviewed By FBI

Hannity and Pirro discuss the latest events surrounding the Hillary email scandal. I’m not holding my breath that the Queen of Pantsuits will get indicted under this administration.  On the other hand, maybe it’s a good thing.  Trump can bash her with this issue for the next 6 months. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Clinton vs Sanders – Trump vs Cruz vs Kasich

In case you missed it… I really love this gal. Bernie beating Hillary?  I love it how Jeanine skewers Hildabeast and I doubt Sandernista will get the nod because of the Dim superdelegates but it’s funny anyway.  Hillary is such a shitty candidate that she is being rejected by lefties once again.  Bwhahahahahahaha. Trump not getting to 1237 ahead of the convention? The socialist wing of the democrat party is bigger than expected? The Republican Rules Committee the week before the Convention? ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro – April 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Vs FBI – Email Scandal – Time Is Up!: I think Hildabeast has Obama by the shorthairs.  I hope I’m wrong and that the Judge is right. Judge Pirro does have a wonderful way of maintaining optimism insomuch that the witch will get her comeuppance, especially since our heads have been exploding for so long. All Eyes On Wisconsin – Trump Bad Week?: Donald Trump Campaign Reacts To Tough Week: Former Secret Service Agent Reacts To Trump’s Campaign Manager Incident: U.S. Border Patrol Council Endorses Donald Trump For President:  

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Anti-Trump Protests in NY & AZ

The left owns this violence, lock, stock and barrel.  That’s all they have. They had best be careful.  Regular Americans are a peaceful lot but we will only tolerate a certain level of bullshit.  The cup is about to overflow. Robert Zimmerman is a douche. ~ Hardnox