Judge Jeanine: We cannot have a president plagued by scandal

Published on Nov 6, 2016 America needs a commander in chief focused on daily briefings, not one worried about investigations Spot on –  We can NOT afford to have this woman representing our country around the world.  Especially, we can not have one who is so obviously ill in a time of global, financial, and constitutional crisis about to visit our country. –Uriel–

Judge Jeanine: We Need a President Not Under Criminal Investigation!

Great opening statement!  Donald Trump Jr. is a guest and gives insight into the campaign’s prospects and the corruption of Hillary.  Retired Gen. Flynn is also a guest and provides insight with respect to foreign leaders who are looking forward to working with Donald Trump to engage ISIS. This is a good interview. Well done Judge.  I hope President Trump makes her his press secretary. America needs an “America First” president not a crook. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Countdown To The Final Presidential Debate

Here’s a “special addition” of Judge Jeanine from Sunday night: The media is giving Donald Trump the Herman Cain treatment.  It worked against Cain but it’s unlikely it will work against Trump since he’s fighting back.  Cain folded. Meanwhile, the media is totally ignoring the WikiLeaks email dumps that expose the vile underbelly of the Clinton machine. If women get suckered by this move then women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  I don’t believe women to be stupid but I believe that the Left thinks they are. Trashing Trump as a sexual deviant is all the left has.  It’s a … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro: Clinton Accusers Speak Out

Kudos to these women for coming forward.  They deserve justice.  Sadly, justice may not come in this world but it will come. The narrative that the left is spewing regarding Trump being some sort of sexual predator is laughable considering who the messengers are.  None of us are laughing.  Both Bill and Hillary should be in jail. Lastly, with the latest dump of emails from WikiLeaks, it has been disclosed that the Hillary Campaign orchestrated the narrative to be used against Trump. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine to PC Republicans: “Shame on them”

This is good… “… you’re going to jail… ” We all sure hope so.  Today would be good. Too bad we’ll all need to wait until January 21 or unless she croaks first.  Either will work. Funny how Hillary couldn’t wait for her plane to take off so she and her team could be served drinks last night.  All those meds and alcohol must must be great for her.   Keep it up. Lastly, all those pantywaist republicans that bailed on Trump… F**k You!  He’s our candidate and our only bulwark against Hildabeast.  We won’t forget your cowardice. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro – Terror & The 2016 Race

Listing to Hillary?  Good grief… she sounds like fingernails dragging over a blackboard. Yeah, Americans want a change in direction.  The left has made a wreck out of America. Meanwhile, Trump is gaining in key swing states despite Hildabeast spending millions in negative advertising. Hey, Pennsylvania… step up. ~ Hardnox