Judge Jeanine Pirro: “Lock her Up”

The gloves are off.  Jeanine Pirro calls for the arrest of Hildabeast and the dissolution of the Special Councel (witch hunt) led by Robert Mueller. Hear, hear… Jeanine echoes how we all feel about all this criminality. There will be enough people to fill up GITMO. ~ Hardnox

Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

Jeanine rips Jeff Sessions a new one in her open:   Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch discusses new findings on the Uranium One deal and Hillary:   Here’s the whole show:   Seriously, it’s a thousand miles beyond ridiculous that the Clintons haven’t been indicted yet.  Ditto with their enablers.  Ditto with those in government who are doing the foot-dragging. Sessions has either been threatened, blackmailed, or is part of the problem.  I have been reading that nearly 1900 indictments are forthcoming or are already being served.  Supposedly. most of the indictments have some sort of Clinton dirt attached whereas … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

Yeah, lock the criminal old hag up…. fire Mueller, fire Rosenstein and let’s stop with this kabuki theater. Oh, and fire Sessions if he doesn’t indict James Comey, Wasserman-Shultz, and the rest of the criminals of the Obama era. While he’s at it, indict Soros too for funding all the anarchists.  Enough of this shit.         Here’s the whole show:  

Washington Free Beacon Behind Original Fusion GPS

Washington Free Beacon Behind Original Fusion GPS   Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses latest information on anti-Trump attempts to get dirt on Republican presidential candidates  and how Hillary Clinton, DNC, and their pals in government colluded to take down Trump and other Republican candidates.       Oh my goodness, how the piglets are squealing!   –Uriel–

The Mainstream Media Uses Harvey To Attack President Trump

The lefty media is brain-dead.  There’s no doubt about it anymore.  Instead of rallying to help America they use every opportunity to trash the president for imagined slights or mistakes yet they were all silent with Obama, Hillary, and the entire cadre of criminals on the left.  It is disgusting. They consider themselves the “Main Stream Media”.  These self-important talking heads and their networks don’t reflect the Main Stream of America. ~ Hardnox

Comey & Hillary Collusion?

Sure looks like it. Judge Jeanine Pirro sits in for Sean Hannity.   Odd, how all of us here called this criminal bullshit a year ago but now the “experts” are weighing in.  In fairness, Jeanine was on it as was Hannity.   A Federal Judge has ordered the release of the FBI’s Hillary information over the emails.  Tom Finton, president of Judicial Watch, is a guest and offers his insights. Seems to me the Obama hold overs are protecting the UniParty members.  Where’s Jeff Sessions? It is way past time for a purge. ~ Hardnox