Intellectual Froglegs: The Spy Who Shagged Himself

Here is the latest episode of Intellectual Froglegs from Joe Dan: Anyone surprised Obama won’t go away?  I didn’t think so. And neither are we surprised to find that our former lawless President abused even more of his executive powers as he walked out the door…leaving landmines and booby traps for Trump at every turn. Equally as offensive is the behavior of our media…which is merely an extension of the ‘establishment’ or ‘Deep State’ as they call it. Thank God for Donald Trump. I know of no other human that could survive the brutal pounding he receives daily from our national … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Evolution of a Revolution

Here is the latest production from Joe Dan at Intellectual Froglegs: Since 1980, I’ve never missed a Presidential election.  Although my first POTUS vote was for Reagan, I was so young, I wasn’t even aware of the primary process at the time.  So excluding that election, like most ‘Fly-Over Americans’, this Trump election represents the first time in my LIFE that MY candidate actually won…meaning the candidate I actually chose in the primary. But prior to that, we didn’t cry and curl up in fetal balls when we lost…  we adjusted, refocused and fought back. Following the elections of 2008 and 2012, It had … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Under New Management

Here is Joe Dan’s latest masterpiece in his rant on fake news, the fake media, and lefty assholes in general. This is really laugh out loud funny.  Be sure to watch he whole video to the end. Well done Joe Dan. Merry Christmas everyone!  It will be a good one even if you’re alone just by knowing that the left is being obliterated.  The rest is just extra. ~ Hardnox

Intellectual Froglegs: No Rules for Radicals

Here is Joe Dan’s latest episode. For this episode… the only theme I could really think of was…. “Whew.” A lot of us have been fighting this battle as hard as humanly possible since at least 2010— we were the original Tea Party.Now, seven years later— I can actually enjoy my Kentucky Basketball Wildcats and not have to worry about a communist in the White House. However—despite being totally repudiated—The Radical Left will not be deterred.  Hell, the House Democrats just re-elected Nancy Pelosi.  They will not learn a lesson, or change their evil ways.   They will modify.  They will recycle–and they WILL be back.  They are cockroaches. … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: American Badass – Trumpus Maximus

Here is the latest episode from our buddy at Intellectual Froglegs.  Well done Joe Dan.  Anyone with a few bucks to spare and support Joe Dan’s efforts would be greatly appreciated.  Hit the link below on the right. I predict that a major ass-kicking is coming next Tuesday.  The “monster vote” is coming which will propel Donald J. Trump into the White House and begin the wrecking of the Left’s stranglehold on the USA.   Yes, it’s coming. ~ Hardnox PS. – Caution: stay away from buildings higher than 3 stories, bridges and overpasses beginning Wednesday morning as the lefties … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs”: And the horse they rode in on”

Here’s our handsome buddy and fellow deplorable Joe Dan with his latest masterpiece: With the white-hot heat of a thousands suns, the America people HATE the traditional news media. Because we’ve been betrayed…  They’re supposed to be on OUR side! But liberalism destroys everything—whether it’s the NFL, education, the economy, healthcare, the list is embarrassingly long.  but in this case—our news media. The traditional media has become the government mouthpiece. The utter contempt that the traditional media has for the American people is PALPABLE–and second only to the comtempt the American people’s has for them. It is the media that gave us … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: “It Takes A Village Idiot”

Here’s the latest masterpiece from Joe Dan. Like Hillary herself… in order to support Hillary,you must be a criminal or a dumbass. And if you’re not in her inner circle— that rules out criminal. She doesn’t want to be president to save America, Hell, everything’s good in Clintonia.  This evil shrew wants to be president becauseit’s her #$%# turn, dammit. And if you think Hillary Clinton would be a better president than Donald Trump—-I can’t help you— Dr. Phil can’t even help your dumbass. You should be slapped and sterilized. To the sane people in the room—get involved.  Volunteer.  Take nothing for … Continue reading

In their Head Trump vs The Media – Intellectual Froglegs

In their Head Trump vs The Media – Intellectual Froglegs Enjoy on your Monday.       Thankfully Joe Dan is back and rocking it with Kevin Jackson!  at  10:45  Welcome back. Sorry for the delay, but a funny thing happened when I was on my way to publish this episode last Friday… I had a heart attack. But I’m back, and as Johnny Winter so eloquently put it— I’m still alive and well.  So, I hope you’ll pardon the short summary. My friend (and identical cousin twice removed) Kevin Jackson of the Blacksphere is my guest for this episode.  We always … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: “Guilty as Hill”

Here is the latest episode by Joe Dan Gorman with special guest cartoonist AF Branco. Yes, America is badass! Well done Joe Dan. ~ Hardnox

Intellectual Froglegs: “To Hillary in a Handbasket”

Here is Joe Dan’s latest gold plated episode: Foreign money owns our government. That’s the only explanation for years of horrible trade deals and other decisions counter to the interests of the American people…. and if you think its bad now—let Hillary “The Queen of Foreign Money” become president. We are watching ‘real time’— the power of foreign money in American politics. They’re trying to buy the presidency, and Hillary is more than willing to oblige. Otherwise there’s no way in hell, the target of a major FBI investigation would EVER be nominated by a major party… let alone, be endorsed by the sitting President of United … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Bedtime for the #NeverTrump Anger Babies

Here is the latest episode by Joe Dan: Joe is spot on, “the republicans were given both Houses to perform one job, and that was to stop Obama and they helped him instead”. ~ Hardnox  

Intellectual Froglegs: Words over Deeds – Why Americans detest Politicians

Here is Joe Dan’s latest. Joe Dan highlights why Trump has gotten so much support despite the nasty campaign and personal name calling. New ARG poll for South Carolina, post debate Feb 14-16: Trump 33% Rubio 16% Cruz 14% Kasich 14% Bush 9% Carson 3% What part of “illegal” doesn’t anyone understand?  For me, the illegal alien issue is critical.  I’m not alone on that one.  Millions of Americans can’t get jobs yet we are invaded by illegals taking jobs plus the H1B visa program is being abused resulting in legal immigration that are taking American jobs by the hundred … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

As we begin what is now the most important election year in modern history… we have to win.  There is no 2nd place trophy. Good intentions will not suffice.  Our children and our children’s children depend on our actions now. Ignore the know-it-all pundits, ignore the condescending insults, ignore the media attacks… and focus.  Get involved. Do whatever it is that you do best. And if you are unsure—volunteer. Everybody can do something. Will history judge us as the generation that finally stood up to the socialist rogue government, and took our country back?  Or will our descendants curse us for … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Trumpnado

Here’s the latest entertaining episode from Joe Dan. “It worked against Bush, it worked against Sarah Palin but it ain’t working against Donald Trump. And the establishment, including the media appears to be having a nervous breakdown. For six months now— everything they hit Trump with…just makes him stronger. And Trump is showing why his track-record of success is second to none. He’s blowing the competition away… Even if you are skeptical of polls, like me— look at the crowds he’s pulling. In the meantime, journalists, pundits and GOP consultants alike, have all been reduced to name-calling…  Trump is a liar, a racist, a … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: The Yuge Case For Donald Trump – Part 2

Joe Dan has done it again.  Here’s the latest episode of Intellectual Froglegs for your viewing pleasure: The lines have been drawn– there is a segment of society that no matter what… they hate Donald Trump, and the notion of him becoming president make them ill..  To them I dedicate this video. Heh, heh, heh. The number one, two and three issues are the border, the economy and immigration…. all three inextricably connected.  And America wants the damn wall that we’ve been promised for 40 years. Trump will deliver. The haters continue to claim Trump is no conservative… but his policies are conservative … Continue reading