Judge Nap on Apple vs. FBI

From Fox News Insider: Family members of San Bernardino victims are calling on Apple to unlock an iPhone that once belonged to one of the two terrorists who killed 14 people at an office Christmas party in December. Google and Microsoft have agreed that Apple should not create a backdoor to the iPhone, as the FBI has asked. The Justice Department filed a motion Friday to compel Apple to go along with the request. FBI Director James Comey just released a statement on the matter: The San Bernardino litigation isn’t about trying to set a precedent or send any kind of … Continue reading

These “He Said, He Posted, He Is A Liar” HAS To Stop

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been online “questionable” photos and comments about the presidential candidates. In one we see an obviously fake photo of Rubio supposedly shaking Obama’s hand. Then this appears splashed across several news sites including one in the UK… Dailymail.co.uk “Rubio wages war on Cruz over photoshopped picture of the senator and Obama shaking hands: ‘It’s a disturbing pattern – every day they’re making things up’ ‘This is how phony and how deceitful the Cruz campaign has become,’ the Rubio campaign said Website, therealRubio.com, is sponsored by Cruz’s campaign and attacks Rubio for amnesty … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: Words over Deeds – Why Americans detest Politicians

Here is Joe Dan’s latest. Joe Dan highlights why Trump has gotten so much support despite the nasty campaign and personal name calling. New ARG poll for South Carolina, post debate Feb 14-16: Trump 33% Rubio 16% Cruz 14% Kasich 14% Bush 9% Carson 3% What part of “illegal” doesn’t anyone understand?  For me, the illegal alien issue is critical.  I’m not alone on that one.  Millions of Americans can’t get jobs yet we are invaded by illegals taking jobs plus the H1B visa program is being abused resulting in legal immigration that are taking American jobs by the hundred … Continue reading

Trifecta: Either Way This Election Will Start a Revolution!

Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Steve Greene opine about the present state of the electorate and its mood about Washington politics and the various scandals surrounding Hillary Clinton. I hope Scott Ott is correct, and I agree 100% with Bill Whittle. Of course, the mood of this country would not be possible were it not for the utter fecklessness of our elected leaders and the turd shiners in the media that have been feeding us bread and circuses for decades. Change is coming. ~ Hardnox

Senator Cotton Speaks Up for Citizens on Guantanamo

It’s gratifying to see at least a few of the newer senators get the reason we voted them into office. They are not there to “make deals”, to line their pockets, or shaft their states — but to speak for and protect the rights of all citizens and the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic be they Wall Street, United Nations, or Radicals. They do not have to be liked by cronies but speak from an informed, intelligent,common sense mind on truths that are important. They are there to represent their STATE not party. Democrats and Republicans, or in truth … Continue reading

Andrew Napolitano: FBI Could Recommend Prosecution For Hillary Clinton

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on the latest details on the FBI investigation of Hillary’s mishandling of secret and classified documents.  Now the investigation has expanded to include Hillary’s selling access in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation. Prosecuting her yesterday wouldn’t be soon enough.  Good grief, the woman is beyond corrupt. ~ Hardnox

Pentagon Considers Demoting General Petraeus

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has hinted that Four Star General David Petraeus may get demoted for leaking classified information thus realizing a reduction in pension.  Judge Andrew Napolitano weighs in on why this is nothing but political hackery directed from the top. All roads lead to Benghazi. ~ Hardnox

Movie Critics Seethe Over ‘War Pornography’ of ’13 Hours’ Benghazi Movie

From: newsbusters.com,  by Christian Toto,  on Jan 16, 2016,  see the article HERE. You can’t please everybody, especially hard-left film critics who don’t cotton to heroism draped in the American flag. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi isn’t getting pummeled by critics in the grand Michael Bay fashion. It’s still angering critics who treat any film with masculine heroes fighting for their fellow man as cliches, cartoons or worse. Take Jordan Hoffman’s scorched earth review at The Guardian. He calls 13 Hours a “bizarre mix of war pornography and dour isolationist posturing.” It stars a half dozen interchangeable bearded, … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro Let Philadelphia Mayor and Democrats in Congress Have Both Barrels – Go Judge!

  Judge Pirro puts liberal mayor and Democrat congressmen in the mud. Thank you Judge for standing against these fools. In case you missed her reference to House Resolution 569.  Here is what I found out… (Sidebar — I couldn’t find the resolution info on media or in Congressional information until today’s articles.  Interestingly, Vienna had the information in December) Gates of Vienna Baron Bodessey December 29, 2015 Full article HERE. Our Washington D.C. correspondent Frontinus sends this report on proposed House Resolution 569, “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States”, which is now before … Continue reading

State Senator From Louisiana Rips Into Obama

Elbert Guillory – Black Republican State Senator and Statesman from Louisiana DAILY CALLER Alex Pappas Political Reporter January 5, 2016 Elbert Guillory, the Republican state senator in Louisiana beloved by some conservatives for his YouTube critiques of the president, is out with a fiery clip ripping into President Obama over ISIS and guns. “Instead of moving troops to secure our southern border, he opens up the floodgates to Syrian refugees,” Guillory says in the video shared first with The Daily Caller. “And throughout what is rising to level of a new world war, he remains driven to reduce our rights … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: There’s a New Sheriff in Town

As we begin what is now the most important election year in modern history… we have to win.  There is no 2nd place trophy. Good intentions will not suffice.  Our children and our children’s children depend on our actions now. Ignore the know-it-all pundits, ignore the condescending insults, ignore the media attacks… and focus.  Get involved. Do whatever it is that you do best. And if you are unsure—volunteer. Everybody can do something. Will history judge us as the generation that finally stood up to the socialist rogue government, and took our country back?  Or will our descendants curse us for … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine: Instead of Blaming Guns, Start Shooting Terrorists

Another first rate rant by the good judge: Amen judge! Obama is such a douche, albeit a dangerous one. Newsflash to King Putt: he won’t get our guns.  Not gonna happen.  The cops won’t collect them either.  Putt can shit in one hand and wish in the other,  netting the same result.  How about enforcing the over 20,000 gun laws already on the books.  Putt might be tired of getting letters from victim’s families.  We’re tired of Putt releasing criminals from prisons,  releasing illegal aliens from detention centers, commuting sentences of drug dealers, refusing to address islamic terrorism, and generally … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: Into the Fog — Obama, Hillary, Trump, & Space Exploration

Barack Obama is feckless, Hillary Clinton is corrupt, Donald Trump gives us whiplash, and ISIS continues to attack us, but at least SpaceX had a marvelous landing! “Thin skinned, not so bright, narcissist”… that nailed King Putt.  🙂 Putt’s last year will be quiet the ride.  He’s planning on being a total asshole with his “pen and phone”.  I hope Congress shoves them up his ass.  I can dream, right? Yeah, it’s foggy alright.  It’s our elected leaders that are in a fog.  The people, not so much. ~ Hardnox

CAIR Warning to Politicians Deserves FBI Investigation

Recently CAIR and other Muslim Organizations came together to “impart” a threat.  One which all Americans need to consider carefully.  As far as I am concerned it is an all out declaration of political war on US soil by organizations deemed to be terrorist sympathizers and has crossed the line into treasonous acts.   First Definitions (for those unenlightened) Hamas – “zeal.” Founded in 1987 at the time of the Palestinian uprising, the intifada, in Gaza and the West Bank. It is one of 28 groups officially declared a “foreign terrorist organization” by the State Department. Its goal is to … Continue reading

Media Fail: 56% of Americans Now Want Fewer Refugees

From Breitbart: After months of a coordinated DC Media campaign to emotionally blackmail and shame Americans into turning against Donald Trump and the Republican Party as a whole over the issue of refugees, a Wall Street Journal poll shows that a clear majority of American now want fewer refugees, or none at all. In September, only 41% answered in the affirmative that the “U.S. should take in fewer refugees or none at all.” Today that number has jumped a full +15 points to 56%. After the ISIS terror attack in Paris, some Republicans came out in favor of halting President … Continue reading

Obama Gets 10 Pinocchios For These Statements

From The Daily Wire: Obama: Media Exaggerates Islamic Terrorism; Underreports Victories Over ISIS Speaking with NPR’s Steve Inskeep, President Barack Obama subtly blamed the media for irresponsibly exacerbating fears of terrorism among Americans. Obama stated that not only was the focus on “foreign” terrorism overblown relative to “domestic” terrorism, but that successes in the war against ISIS were not being effectively communicated to the public. The root cause of public disapproval with his policies towards ISIS, Obama contended, was an ineffective public relations and communications strategy. Inskeep’s opening question was premised on a characterization of Americans as feckless with respect … Continue reading

Wild Bill: The Glenn Beck Betrayal

Bill is more than a little pissed at the goofball Glenn Beck who has recently disparaged conservatives as “racists”. Well said Bill. Beck must be off his meds again.  I think he’s been off them for about 5 or 6 years now at which point his rantings became irrelevant and often delusional.  One of the worst things a person can be is a traitor.  Beck has erased any doubt. I can’t help but wonder who Beck’s new or prospective paymasters are now, or if he’s hedging for a spot on FOX who have turned against conservatives. ~ Hardnox