How About A Dose Of TRUTH ?

In the ongoing struggle to expose the global warming fraud for what it REALLY is, every once in a while we find a REAL diamond. This article is one. Polished to a “light of truth lustre”. I just LOVED this article by Dr. Tim Ball, and Anthony Watts at Hope you enjoy it as well.   The Role of the Media in Aiding and Abetting the Deceptions Seen in Climategate Anthony Watts November 29, 2014    Guest opinion. By Dr. Tim Ball I knew I was having an impact as a skeptic when I received a call from George … Continue reading

Politicians and Media Incite Violence in Ferguson

From Canada Free Press With Ferguson in flames and mobs running rampant, it became apparent to everyone—except the liberals and libertarians—that the media-hyped “militarization” of the police was not the problem. Instead, the problem in Ferguson was, and is, a criminal element doing drugs and determined to engage in anti-police violence. The additional problem is outside agitation. Police Officer Darren Wilson testified before the grand jury that Michael Brown, who was under the influence of drugs, was possessed like a “demon” and came after him before being shot and killed. Brown had just robbed a convenience store of swisher sweet … Continue reading

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT: Boehner The Balless Strikes Again

Or, one could call this other things, like WHAT F___ING PLANET is this guy on ? The remarks made by the Balless One, he of Man’s Country, rank right up there in the stupid department. Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourselves and decide. From Susan Jones at Boehner: ‘Something Will Be Done’ November 21, 2014 – 10:18 AM By Susan Jones ( – “President Obama has turn a deaf ear to the people that he was elected, and we were elected, to serve. But we will not do that,” House Speaker John Boehner told a … Continue reading

All I Ever Wanted To Know About Racism…..

….I Learned In Ferguson. **NOTE** I am solely responsible for any personal opinion expressed in this article. It may / may not , represent the views of any other writers of the Hardnox And Friends blog site. ~Terry    ————————————————- Just like when I had monsters under my childhood bed, I’ve pulled the covers over my head and hoped that ignoring this situation would make it go away. But like all good regime sponsored crises,  this monster just keeps getting fed and growing bigger and uglier. It’s now way too big to fit under the bed. With the grand jury decision on the … Continue reading

THIS Could Be BAD News.

BUT, it just MIGHT turn out to be GREAT news, if you are an investor, or wish for our currencies to return to a gold standard. I’m all FOR ending the WORTHLESS stacks of paper considered as “legal tender”. Great article from Jason Scheurer at   The Most Important Election You Haven’t Heard Of by  Jason Scheurer  15 Nov 2014, 1:23 PM PDT   In less than three weeks, the most important election of the year will take place in Switzerland, and you haven’t heard of it. While the U.S. focuses on the recent Republican victory, the financial markets … Continue reading

THIS Is What We Are Fighting.

I sometimes wonder about the left, and if THEY should be allowed “freedom of speech”. When one of the lunatics comes up with THIS bullshit, it answers my question. In the past, I have run posts on some of the insane things from the ultra-left media, usually with a chuckle, but THIS absolute bilge made my blood boil. ANY asshole who thinks THANKING, and SUPPORTING our troops AND being patriotic is “forced” or “compulsory” obviously needs a serious attitude adjustment. With a 4×4. The insanity comes from William Bigelow at Salon: ‘Forced Troop Worship and Compulsory Patriotism Must End’ … Continue reading

Does It Really Matter Which Party Is In Control?

From Blacklisted News: If you really think it matters which political party controls the U.S. Senate, please answer these questions. Don’t worry, they’re not that difficult: 1. Will U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast change from being an incoherent pastiche of endless war and Imperial meddling? 2. Will basic civil liberties be returned to the citizenry? You know, like the cops are no longer allowed to steal your cash when they stop you for a broken tail light and claim the cash was going to be used for a drug deal. Or some limits on domestic spying by Central State agencies. You … Continue reading

WTF ? “Global Warming ENTHUSIASTS” ???

Just when you think the global warming Nazi community can’t get ANY dumber, they trot THIS out. Too bad the FACTS that REAL climate scientists have discovered doesn’t “dampen” their “enthusiasm”. Of course, we know being a leftist is NEVER about sweating such things as facts. Here they are, global warming Nazis and James Skipnerd. Farm-fresh FACTS from Bob Tisdale at Enthusiasm about a Double-Dip El Niño (?) And Global Warming By Bob Tisdale /  November 6, 2014 In this post we can learn from someone’s mistakes. The author of the post at Slate clearly misunderstands many aspects of … Continue reading

Time To SINK The “Mainstream Media”.

In this article, the usual media suspects, led by, who else, the New York Slimes calls for the ELIMINATION of the two-year election cycle. This isn’t really new, BUT the fact they are so vocal about it should give cause for concern, as the rest of the media “wanna-bes” emulate the WORST “journalistic” company on the planet. Story from John Nolte at   When Democrats Lose Elections the Media Push to Annihilate the Constitution.   by  John Nolte   4 Nov 2014, 9:27 AM PDT Although I have no idea what will happen tonight, based on the insane, anti-Constitutional, … Continue reading

What A Sad Thing To See.

What has been a cable TV staple, and used to be an EXCELLENT tool since it’s beginning is NOW, thanks to the Nation’s Barack Channel, nothing more than another outlet for leftist drivel. If they would spend as much effort on getting a forecast right as they do being liberals, they MIGHT once again be something. Here is the latest from Tom Blumer at   With Anti-Christie Headline, Is It the Weather Channel, or Politics Channel? By Tom Blumer | October 31, 2014 | 5:59 PM EDT New Jersey Governor Christie rebuked a heckler during his visit to the area … Continue reading

“OK, Gang. Let’s Double Down On STUPID”.

As if the Weather Channel didn’t have ENOUGH credibility trouble, they have decided to TOTALLY toss in with the global warming Nazis. Last week, John Coleman, a co-founder of TWC, came out and committed the EXTREME sacrilege towards the Church Of Man-Made Global Warming, of which Al Gore is the High Priest of. The first part is from Anthony Watts and reader Pat from The second part is TWC’s statement, from The Weather Channel pushes back against John Coleman Anthony Watts / October 30, 2014 The Weather Channel posted this yesterday, no doubt to counter TWC founder John … Continue reading

From The “AMEN,BROTHER” File For Oct 30 2014

We will NEVER again witness a leader such as Ronald Reagan was. Impossible. The GOPe leadership simply will NOT allow it in these days of pandering to democrats, who will NEVER vote GOPe anyway. I still miss him too. Story from Courtney Coren at   Michael Reagan: US Longs for Leader Like My Father Wednesday, 29 Oct 2014 03:54 PM By Courtney Coren In memory of the speech that former President Ronald Reagan gave in 1964, Michael Reagan tells Newsmax that the nation needs a leader like that again, one who can “rise above all the chatter” and preach … Continue reading

Dear AP, Your Anti-Israel Bias is Showing – Again.

In case you missed it, Associated Press tried to pull a Ferguson with a police involved shooting in Jerusalem.  They then tried to backtrack, but Robert Laurie at called them out. They could have at least used Obama’s “workplace violence” angle… Yesterday, I alluded to the long, storied, history of bias at the Associated Press. Today, we have a brand new example – and it may be the worst one we’ve ever seen. Wednesday, in Israel, a group of commuters were standing together, waiting for a train.  Sadly, a Palestinian terrorist with a history of anti-Israeli violence was driving by … Continue reading

From The “Are You Shitting Me” File for Oct 23 2014

Yesterday, we brought you the story of the global warming lunatics claiming your TOASTER was to blame for global warming. In today’s installment into insanity, we see THIS. From Michael Bastasch at  The Daily   Claim: Global Warming Is Shrinking Goats 6:57 PM 10/22/2014  By Michael Bastasch  Contributor     Is global warming causing goats to shrink? That’s what researchers from the UK’s Durham University are claiming. Smaller goats are evidence that global warming is impacting animal size, say researchers. Durham researchers studied the body size of Alpine Chamois mountain goats over three decades and found that young Chamois … Continue reading

Some MORE Wheels Falling Off The AGW Wagon.

In many of my global warming posts, the name John Coleman surfaces every now and then. John Coleman was a co-founder of The Weather Channel, back around 1982 or 3. Mr. Coleman is one of the LEADING voices against the AGW scam. Which is ONE reason WHY he sold out his share of TWC. His latest position will NEVER see the light of day on his creation. From World Net and   Climate change PROVED to be ‘nothing but a lie’, claims top meteorologist. The debate about climate change is finished – because it has been categorically proved NOT … Continue reading

The Global Warming “Kick To The Chops” For Oct 23, 2014

In an absolute DAMNING of the U-frigging-N IPCC, and it’s HIGHLY flawed “climate modeling” to keep the ruse of AGW going, THIS paper kicks them right in the nuts. All along we have been told by our “betters” that the U-frigging-N IPCC was THE authoritative source on AGW, and THEY were to be believed over REAL scientists. Read the report, and decide for yourselves. This comes to us from Anthony Watts, and Dr. Tim Ball at Where Was Climate Research Before Computer Models?       Anthony Watts /  October 22, 2014 Guest essay by Dr. Tim Ball I … Continue reading

Wonder WHY We Have Not Seen THIS Report ?

Pretty obvious answer here. The report’s AUTHORS would LOSE a TON of donations if it WERE to become widespread knowledge. Well, rest assured WE here at H&F will do our part to help SPREAD the word. Kind of like jam on toast. THICK. Anthony Watts and Alexej Buergin at have the story. World Disasters Report for 2013 – lowest number of catastrophies and deaths in 10 years. Anthony Watts / October 18, 2014 Alexej Buergin writes in WUWT Tips and Notes about a report from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) that puts climate … Continue reading

MORE Leftist Lunacy On Ebola.

Instead of blaming Obola’s incompetence, the L.A. Slimes blames the NRA. Too bad the Koch Bros. didn’t buy this rag out, and make it extinct. Talk about a “HUNH???” moment. The story from AWR Hawkins at   L.A. Times Blames ‘Fourth Branch of Government’–the NRA–for Ebola by   AWR Hawkins    12 Oct 2014 On October 4, Breitbart News reported an emerging narrative on the left, as MSBNC blamed the National Rifle Association (NRA) for Ebola’s arrival in the U.S., as well as new cases of the disease that have followed since. Why is the NRA to blame? Because they successfully opposed President Obama’s … Continue reading

Nothing Like The Smell Of Leftist Fear.

It HAS to be. Otherwise, HOW does shit like the following EVER get taken seriously. Here is the story, from Desperate Democrats’ new political ad blames Ebola on Republican budget cuts 13Oct, 2014  by Samuel Gonzalez   It’s indeed the silly season in which politicians throws everything on the wall to see what sticks. Real Clear Politics reports The Agenda Project is a progressive non-profit political organization founded in 2010 by  author Erica Payne. This ad, featuring clips of Mitch McConnell, Pat Roberts, and many other Republicans implies that austerity cuts to the CDC and NIH are responsible for … Continue reading