Karl Rove’s Words Are Being Taken Out of Context

I never thought I’d be defending anything Karl Rove said, but practically every news outlet in existence has made misleading headlines out of his statement to Chris Wallace on Sunday when Wallace brought up the Charleston shooting. Truth Revolt’s said, “Rove: Only Way to Reduce Violence Is Remove Guns from Society.” The Daily Caller’s headline was similar. It shouted out, “Karl Rove: Only Way To Stop The Violence Is To Repeal Second Amendment.” Rove replied: I wish I had an easy answer for that, but I don’t think there’s an easy answer. We saw an act of evil. Racist, bigoted evil, and … Continue reading

Vipers of the South

In the south we have many slithering vipers.  Most however avoid confrontation preferring to live quietly off the grid of human awareness unless cornered.  There are human equivalents here, though, with no such self-preservation skills nor morals.   Southern Poverty Law Center They say on their website:  “The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.  Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the Center works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality. Founded by … Continue reading

Environmental Leftists BUSTED Making “Polar Bear Global Warming Porn”.

As the polar bear (ursus maritimus) is THE poster child for the scam known as global warming, or if you rather, climate change, leave it to leftist “scientists” to falsify EVERYTHING. Dr. Susan Crockford from polarbearscience.com shows us how this bit of scammery is produced, and the LIES behind it.   Polar bear behaviour gets the animal tragedy porn treatment – two new papers Posted on June 12, 2015 | By Dr. Susan Crockford Recently, several polar bear biologists have teamed up with photographers to get pictures of starving bears into the scientific literature – and picked up by the media, with … Continue reading

Baltimore – Mosby’s Role Exposed

  Baltimore Sun broke a story on June 9, 2015 when it published memo documents from Mosby requiring cops to set up an operation at the very location BEFORE the incident. Which certainly decries that she had no prior knowledge or hand in this entire fiasco previous to its happening. –00–   By Kevin RectorThe Baltimore Sun “About three weeks before Freddie Gray was chased from a West Baltimore corner by three Baltimore police officers — the start of a fatal encounter — the office of prosecutor Marilyn Mosby asked police to target the intersection with “enhanced” drug enforcement efforts, court … Continue reading

Time To Pay A Visit.

Yes, friends, it is Wednesday once more. In honor of our friend and colleague Mrs. A.L., it is time to see who the coniferous champion is this week. As usual, there were no shortage of candidates, but THIS one sums up perfectly what Mrs. A.L. told us about those who are dumber than pinecones. So, without further ado, let us see WHO is……. MRS. A.L.’S HUMPDAY PINECONE Our coniferous champion this week is one Charles Lane, Editorial Writer from the Washington Post, with THIS asininity regarding the prison break of two CONVICTED MURDERERS courtesy of Patrick Howley at The Daily Caller.com: … Continue reading

Pamela Geller: Being Targeted by ISIS Won’t Stop Me

By Pamela Geller From Breitbart: Now that it has come to light that Boston jihadis Usaama Rahim and Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq were plotting to behead me, the mainstream media is in full panic mode, tying to deny the plot against me and downplay its significance. The media wants to make it all about Pamela Geller – “controversial,” “provocative,” “inciteful” – as if they think that if they get rid of me, they are rid of the problem. The media has been avoiding reality since 9/11, and now we are suffering the consequences of their avoiding reality. There is a … Continue reading

Hillary’s Aide Saw All Benghazi E-mails

WND Exclusive – Hillary’s top aide with terror ties saw all emails posted. Exposed to highly sensitive information regarding Benghazi by Robert M on June 1, 2015 at 6:09am in Groups Forum-America Conservatives2 Author: Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff writer and Jerusalem bureau chief. TEL AVIV – A full review of Hillary Clinton’s personal emails released last Friday by the State Department finds Clinton’s senior aide, Huma Abedin, was exposed to highly sensitive U.S. government information. It was Abedin who forwarded to Clinton’s personal email address details about the initial establishment of the U.S. special mission in Benghazi, updates about security … Continue reading

Time To Pay A Visit.

Yes, my friends, it is Wednesday once more, and that means we honor our late colleague Mrs. A.L. with the awarding of an honor named for her and that just fits SO MANY leftists so well. So let us venture into the wasteland that passes for liberal thinking, and see which FINE specimen of  “leftist thought” is the coniferous champion this week. Our awardee was referred to us by Hardnox himself, a hat-tip to him. Without further ado, here is this week’s….    MRS.A.L.’S HUMPDAY PINECONE   This week’s winner is the leftist lunatic’s version of what a “conservative” should … Continue reading

You Just KNEW This Was Coming

With the recent torrential rains in central and southern Texas, and the resultant floods, I knew it would not take long for the climate change clowns to be screeching “CLIMATE CHANGE DID IT” just like parrots. Right on cue, I was not disappointed. CNN, arguably the world’s WORST “news” network, trotted out serial liar and NON-SCIENCE guy, Bill Nye, to proclaimeth it so. At least it only hit 5,000 moonbat homes. Connor Williams at Newsbusters.org has it from the horse’s ass, as it were.   CNN’s Costello Cues Up Bill Nye: ‘Ready to Fight the Haters’ By Connor Williams| May … Continue reading

Hand in the Cookie Jar But Will These Slick Criminals Get to Court

Clinton Foundation reveals up to $26.4M in previously undisclosed payments   FOX NEWS May 22, 2015   Published May 22, 2015 FoxNews.com “The Clinton Foundation acknowledged Thursday that it had received millions of dollars in payments that had not previously been disclosed under a 2008 ethics agreement with the Obama administration. The Washington Post, citing foundation officials, reported that the payments were categorized internally as “revenue” instead of donations, which exempted the organization from including them in its public list of contributions. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, has faced questions about … Continue reading

ASSHAT ALERT : Or, From The ” WTF Did He Say ?” File For May 22 2015

Yes, my friends, the media-proclaimed “smartest man on the planet” uttered this insanity at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony. Anyone who thinks climate change, global warming, or any nom de fraud you give it, is THE cause of Islamic extremism is not fit to lead ANYTHING, let alone the United States. Read the asshat’s blatherings for yourself, IF you can. From Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters.org   Nets Ignore as Obama Blames Rise of Terrorism on Climate Change By Scott Whitlock | May 21, 2015 | 11:52 AM EDT       All three networks on Thursday again skipped Barack … Continue reading

Way To Go Ted Cruz

    It is so good to hear a politician think on his feet, open his mouth and actually have excellent answers even when harassed.    He will hopefully keep this up and give everyone a better understanding of who he is before election day. Just this one video gives me a bit of hope that if elected, this man can lead. –Uriel–  

Some MORE Leftist Hitlary Lunacy

These media morons sure are putting the very miniscule amount of credibility they have left into making sure Hitlary’s sordid past is protected from her future. The latest to fall on the Hitlary sword is Susan Milligan from U.S. News And World Report. Shit, who KNEW they were still in business ? Ken Shepherd from Newsbusters.org has the lunacy.   Milligan: Unfair to Expect Hillary Clinton Supporters to Name Hillary’s Accomplishments As Secretary of State By Ken Shepherd | May 20, 2015 | 8:25 PM EDT   U.S. News & World Report‘s Susan Milligan wildly spun for Democratic presidential frontrunner … Continue reading

Time For Something NEW.

As all our regular readers, and fellow bloggers know, we recently lost an EXCELLENT blogger, a champion of OUR version of conservatism, a good friend, wonderful wife, and just an outstanding woman in the lady we know as Mrs. A.L. for Always Learning. Now Mrs. A.L. could cut a lefty with her quick wit, and rapier-like mind, leaving the lefty wondering “what the hell just happened”, but I NEVER heard her utter epithets like I, and most others on our side do when confronting sheer leftist stupidity. No, indeed. Where I would call them assholes, idiots, f—ing morons, what have … Continue reading

Lies, Damn Lies, And TRUTH

All in one article no less. For years now, we have heard the ecoloon left bemoan the subsidies that fossil fuel industries, and power generation using those fuels, has received. We see in this story, from Donna Rachel Edmunds at Breitbart London.com, fossil fuel subsidies, which I am against, BTW, are DWARFED by “green energy” subsidies, which I loathe even MORE. IMF Attempts to Hide True Cost of Renewables by Claiming Fossil Fuels Receive Large Subsidies  by Donna Rachel Edmunds  18 May 2015   Fossil fuel companies are benefiting from a global subsidy of £3.4 trillion a year, the International … Continue reading

From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File for May 18 2015

Ever since “progressivism”, “liberalism”, “socialism”, or any other “ism” has been practiced, especially in America’s inner cities, the results are usually devastating. None more so than the shape most of our urban areas across the country find themselves, many after DECAEDS of liberal democrat control. In this piece from Stephen Green with PJ Media.com, he lays it out for us from a leftist’s point of view. ‘Libertarians of Convenience’ “Progressives” learn the hard way from Detroit that zoning laws suck. Will it inspire any other lessons? by Stephen Green May 15, 2015 – 5:31 am Enjoy the fruits of progressive … Continue reading

O.K., Folks, It’s SUNDAY !!

Time once again to find out who our Weasel Of The Week is. This week’s winner goes way back in leftist circles. He, of course, is a Columbia University graduate, life-long democrat hack, wealthy, and a HUGE Clintonista. This is a guy who was in the Clinton’s infamous “War Room” inside the White House when B.J.Bill was soiling the Oval Office carpet, then after THAT fiasco was over, our Weasel then went on to, where else, a leftist lamestream media outlet, the one I derisively called the All Bill Clinton network. The leftist maggot has gone on to be the … Continue reading

NOXIOUS RANT ALERT : Amtrak Wreck: All Republicans Fault

As all of us know by now, there was an awful Amtrak wreck on the line between Philadelphia and New York Monday night. Initial reports are the engineer was going at least twice the speed limit for the particular stretch of track. Instead of the White Mosque, and democrats focusing on finding the REAL cause, they, before all the victims were accounted for, and the dead had not even cooled yet, were, wait for it……blaming Republicans for funding cuts. No shit, the pine cones actually did. Charlie Spiering from Breitbart.com  has the absolutely disgusting story.   White House Politicizes Tragedy, … Continue reading

THIS Ought To Get The Moonbats A’ Flappin’

In a stunning reversal of position, the Obama Regime has done something RIGHT, and decided to approve Shell Oil’s petition to drill off the coast of the Chukchi Sea. Must be Shell came up with the right size money bag, eh ? You can already bet the ecoloons, Big Oil haters, and the rest of the leftist assholes who voted for the BECS are whining in their wine about now. The story comes from Coral Davenport at The New York Times.com, no doubt the Slimes will be pissed as well. Administration Gives Conditional Approval for Shell to Drill in Arctic By … Continue reading

O.K, Folks. It’s SUNDAY !!!

Once again, it is time to find out this week’s winner of the stylish pitcap, for oral asininity. While there are always enough worthy candidates, this week’s winner is SUPPOSED to be on OUR side. Last week, in Garland, Texas, Pamela Geller hosted an event to draw cartoons of the false pedophile prophet. And, just as certain as mice to cheese, out comes the “believers”, to try to shoot up the place. They FAILED, thanks to GOOD GUYS with guns. In the ensuing fallout in the lunatic leftist media, you would have thought that Geller herself was the jihadist, NOT the … Continue reading