Clinton vs Trump – Taxes

  As we near the finish line if you have not thought about the policies Trump and Clinton have developed for their reasons to be elected, you really should be checking them out.  Do Not rely on what mainstream media and others have to say. For a very long time businesses and individuals have lamented the ever-increasing rules, regulations, and penalties that those in Congress and coincidentally those at IRS have been creating.  Nearly every year, there are mutterings of changing, simplifying, and reining in IRS.  There are also volumes of weighty papers and articles expressing economists, financial views, political views … Continue reading

Why Are Democrats So Anti-Freedom

is one question that needs to be asked at a debate. EXCERPT:  “In the latest partisan escalation on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democratic commissioner has ripped a Republican commissioner’s bid to protect books, radio and Internet media from regulation as “pitiful.” Ann Ravel, a former FEC chairwoman, joined other Democrats at a meeting this month to block Republican Lee Goodman’s proposal to explicitly expand the “press exemption” from regulations to books, satellite radio and Internet-based news media. In pushing his plan aside, Ravel said that she didn’t have enough time to consider Goodman’s proposal. Goodman noted that the … Continue reading

ISIS secret meeting turns into bloody massacre

ISIS secret meeting turns into bloody massacre Oct 3, 2016 Iraq News Amir Abdallah, Executive Editor of Iraqi News via Sharia Unveiled Diyala – Leader of al-Hashd al-Shaabi forces, Jabbar Maamouri revealed on Monday, that a secret meeting of the Islamic State’s leaders in Mutaibija area turned into a bloody massacre, due to disputes between local, Arab and foreign leaders. Mamouri said in a press statement, “Accurate intelligence information indicated that the leaders of the Islamic State group (ISIS) held a secret meeting in Mutaibija area, which is located between the provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin.” “The meeting turned into … Continue reading

Navy scuttles sailors’ enlisted rating titles in huge career shake-up

My father was so proud of being part of Navy during WWII. Had he not been sent home for youngest of two sons (underage no less), I absolutely believe he would have been navy career and never returned to his hometown. But then my sister and I would not exist. Still all the rest of his life I think he mourned that life circumstances prevented that from happening. This remained a sore spot between his older brother and my dad till his dying breath since his brother was the one who caught him at Pearl Harbor and had him shipped … Continue reading

The 2 Faces Of Miss Piggy

The hypocrisy in this manufactured story about former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is incredible given that Trump was the one who saved her career from ending up in the gutter, even though he had no contractual or moral obligation to do so. Sponsors were threatening to cancel her contract because she got so fat. Nevertheless, even though the company that owned Miss Universe wanted to replace her, Trump convinced them not to, wanting them to give her a chance to lose the weight first. Is this the action of a soulless, woman-hater ? Alicia Machado didn’t seem to think so … Continue reading

Message to United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent

    Washington Post By Ishaan Tharoor September 27, 2016   The history of slavery in the United States justifies reparations for African Americans, argues a recent report by a U.N.-affiliated group based in Geneva. This conclusion was part of a study by the United Nations’ Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent, a body that reports to the international organization’s High Commissioner on Human Rights. The group of experts, which includes leading human rights lawyers from around the world, presented its findings to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Monday, pointing to the continuing link between present injustices and … Continue reading

NYTimes: Don’t Vote for Trump

From (Cosmopolitan) A day after endorsing Hillary Clinton for president – and hours before Clinton and Trump will face off in the first of three presidential debates – the New York Times has published an editorial warning Americans of the potentially disastrous consequences of a Donald Trump presidency. The Times, which on Sunday called Trump “the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history,” makes its case simply by presenting facts about Trump’s record: He has encouraged violence against his opponent, admires demagogue Vladimir Putin and advocates water boarding those suspected of committing terrorism, though … Continue reading

Clintons and Liberal Media Probably Hope This Doesn’t Get Out Now Before Election

    OOPSIE The Clintons can’t hide their abuse of Haiti any more!  In their own words – Clinton’s have run Haiti for 25 years and they want the Clintons ARRESTED.   –Uriel–  

Immigration’s Alphabet Soup Is Turning Sour – Some of the mind-controlled rats there may need to be rethinking their employment soon

The September 8, 2016 OIG Report created quite a stir online and in congress. But there is so much more that should have been questioned and addressed.  This is only one drip in the dam.  We won’t know until after Trump takes office just how bad the deliberately altered statistics, the rotten inner management, and the truly frightening security threat will be.  The leaked documents may help but they only serve at this time to frustrate us simply because we know that Obama’s crew were only hired as YES worker bees. DHS OIG HIGHLIGHTS Potentially Ineligible Individuals Have Been Granted … Continue reading

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

In the debates last night, there was no clear winner in all honesty from my point of view. Trump went too easy on Hillary in several instances by allowing her to get away with debate issues. Hillary managed to “sound” like she knew what it takes to be president but the general public knows now from her own actions and illegal email server problems as well as leaked emails just how crooked she is. Trump got in jabs but he also got taken off topic and put in defense mode to easily. I doubt he makes the mistakes again though. … Continue reading

What Trump Left On The Table

Last night Donald Trump missed several key opportunities to hammer Hillaroid.  Newt Gingrich seems to think this may have been a deliberate strategy and overall a good thing, but I disagree. The very first question from Lester Holt, which began with the statement about “eight consecutive years of job growth”, was left unchallenged. Trump could have pointed to the recent Harvard study that presents, in eight charts, the true nature of the Obama “recovery”. He could have mentioned that the unemployment number drops as labor force participation shrinks. But he did neither. When Hillaroid began lecturing us on her plans … Continue reading

Part 7 – Taking A Hard Look At Obama’s Address To The UN General Assembly

NOW Can We Get Impeachment Charges Started On Obama and His Minions Either by the Wimpy Congress or by Our State Attorney Generals? Mark Levin: Obama speaks at UN, trashes America, attacks capitalism, pushes globalist agenda 0-20:50 after is call ins   Obama Tells The UN That America Needs To Be Ruled By International Outsiders The Doctor of Common Sense

Another Black Martyr In Charlotte

I wanted to write my own article on Keith Lamont Scott. I always feel compelled to let the truth be known about all of the “He was a good boy” thugs like ‘Family Man’ Scott, Trayvon ‘Skittles’ Martin, Michael ‘Gentle Giant’ Brown, and all of the street-ape scum that the media twists into martyrs and helps to empower BLM, the race baiters, the lefties, and those who are just out to have a burnin’ and lootin’ good time without fear of consequences due to protection by the enabling POtuS, DOJ, PCness, and the lefty media.. Not that my words would … Continue reading

Trump Is So Disturbing To Islam Members That They Are Considering Leaving

Trump Is So Disturbing To Islam Members That They Are Considering Leaving – Really?   I doubt it! Godfather Politics April 18, 2015 Dave Jolly Arabic Streets Signs In American City Indicates Islamic Takeover Steve Tarani, author and speaker, recounts what he saw when he rode with a member of the Detroit Metro SWAT Police as they drove around Detroit and into Dearborn: “The street signs suddenly went from English to Arabic. There wasn’t a single English word on any shop or any street sign. And in fact, these little yellow signs were posted all along the edges. Jeremy said … Continue reading

More Trouble In Clintonland

as a money laundering ring is exposed. Oddly enough, Brock has ties to the owner/operator of the DNC, one George Soros, who pays Media Matters big bucks to lie like a rug. Follow the money when it comes to Democrats and it will ALWAYS lead to a cesspool of corruption. EXCERPT:  This is serious. David Brock operates over a dozen pro-Clinton organizations from his office in Washington DC. Uncovered records expose a constant flow of money between his organizations. Brock’s unregistered Professional Solicitor, the Bonner Group, receives a 12.5% cut every time money is moved. There’s a reason why David Brock chooses to house an unregistered Professional Solicitor in … Continue reading

How Many More Times Do We Have To Learn That Warnings About Possible Terrorists Were Ignored

  Fox61 BY CNN WIRE, UPDATED AT 12:21PM, SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 NEW YORK – Bomb suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami’s dad contacted the FBI in 2014 to say his son was a terrorist, but he later retracted it. And Rahami’s wife left the US a few days before the NY, NJ bombings, an official said. A notebook found on Rahami contained ramblings about terrorists and also mentioned Anwar al-Awlaki, the Yemeni-American imam who was a spokesman for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, according to a law enforcement official. The notebook, which also referred to the Boston Marathon bombers, had a … Continue reading

Terrorist Attacks Over The Past Weekend

Will our officials FINALLY step up? Here is what the BBC  has to say: (note:  Ironically, I found not one mainstream liberal media article while searching.) September 19, 2016 Timeline Saturday 09:30 local time (13:30 GMT): Pipe bomb explodes on route of charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey Saturday 21:00 local time (01:00 Sunday GMT): Manhattan pressure cooker bomb explodes Saturday 23:30 local time (03:30 Sunday GMT): Manhattan second pressure cooker bomb found but does not explode Saturday 20:00 local time (02:00 Sunday GMT): eight people stabbed in Minnesota Sunday 20:30 local time (01:30 Monday GMT): first of five … Continue reading

Kurtz: Trump beats the press, again

Yeah, Trump has labeled the alphabet media correctly.  The media IS the propaganda arm of the democrat party and those of us paying attention have known it for a long time.  Now many more Americans have come to that realization thanks to Trump. Last Friday, Trump beat the media like a rented mule.  Bwhahahahahahaha. The birther issue was brought up by Hillary recently to paint Trump as anti-black and it backfired since it has been revealed that Hillary first raised the Obama citizenship issue in 2008. Funny how Trump was never accused of being racist before he announced his candidacy. … Continue reading

The Original ‘Birther’

Years ago,Obamalama billed himself as having been born in Kenya. Maybe he thought it was a sexy way to sell books, get a foreign student scholarship, attract women (or men ) – who knows? But it’s a fact that he boasted about it. This is the image of his bio used by his literary agent to get a contract for his first book which was to be “Journeys In Black And White”, but was abandoned by obozo who later put his name to “Dreams From Whoever My Father Is” or something like that.       Miriam Goderich, the editor of the biographical text … Continue reading

Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About the New York Bombing

As we all know by now there were bombings in New York City and New Jersey yesterday, and a jihadi went full “allahu akbar” in a mall in St. Cloud Minnesota.  Fortunately, the jihadi got whacked by an off-duty cop who happened to have his weapon. There has been scant media coverage on these events for the express purpose of not to give Donald Trump a narrative with which to pummel the administration and Hillary Clinton.  Here is Watson’s take: Further, on Friday a crazy black dude shot several cops in Philadelphia before getting perforated himself (DRT).  He left a … Continue reading