Bill Whittle: Destination Russia

  With the world’s eyes on Russia, people are finally seeing the faults of a socialist-based society. Mistakes and failures are rampant; but this isn’t new for the nation. Lefties hold Mother Russia up as a prime example of an utopian land and are working very hard to convert America. Bill Whittle is ready to tackle that notion as the Olympics continue in Sochi. ~ Hardnox

Lefty 9th US Federal Court Strikes Down Anti-Concealed Carry Laws

As lefty heads explode San Francisco — California must allow law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms in public, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday, striking down the core of the state’s permit system for handguns. In a 2-1 decision, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco said San Diego County violates the Constitution’s Second Amendment by requiring residents to show “good cause” – and not merely the desire to protect themselves – to obtain a concealed-weapons permit. State law requires applicants to demonstrate good cause, as well as good moral character, to carry concealed handguns, while leaving the permit process up to … Continue reading

I will Not Pretend

To all leftists – past, present and future….   When you tell me that Americans’ choosing to be less productive because of Obamacare is a “good thing,” I will not pretend that you believe what you say. When you tell me there’s “not a smidgeon” of corruption in the IRS targeting of your enemies, I will not pretend, as some will, that you are sincere.   We both know you lie. When you tell me that $1 spent in food stamps puts $1.74 back in the economy, I will not pretend that you are anything but a brainless fool. I will … Continue reading

DHS Buying ‘Zombie Max’ Ammo Now

From Joe for America: Homeland Security Drops all Pretense with “Zombie Max” Purchase “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”  – Barack Obama; July 2, 2008 When Barack Obama made this proclamation, there was no Tea Party, no grass-roots  opposition to his forced passage of Obamacare, no usurping of the Separation of Powers, no Senator Ted Cruz, no government shut-down, no phony stimulus or millions of people waking up to find they in … Continue reading

Asshat Alert: Anti-Gunners Admit Gun Bans Don’t Work but Want to Pass Them Anyway

During a gun control debate in Oregon several notable gun control advocates have said that their suggestions, if adopted, wouldn’t end gun violence. In their own words: Oregon anti gun politicians and activists admit that “universal background checks”, “assault weapons” ban, and “gun free zones” won’t work! Hear from Governor John Kitzhaber, Ceasefire Oregon’s Penny Okamoto, Gabrielle Gifford’s husband Mark Kelly, Portland Police officer Donna Henderson, state senator Ginny Burdick, and former (disgraced) Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen. It’s obviously about control and nothing more. ~ Hardnox

Rand Paul Sues Obama for Every Phone User in USA

From The Daily Caller:   Rand Paul and Ken Cuccinelli suing Obama on behalf of every phone user in USA Are you an American? Do you use a phone? If the answer is yes, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is suing President Obama on your behalf and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is now your attorney. On Wednesday, Paul — along with the conservative group FreedomWorks — filed a  federal lawsuit against Obama, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper,  Director of National Security Agency Keith Alexander and FBI Director James Comey over the government’s collection of telephone metadata. “We believe that this lawsuit … Continue reading

Bon Appetit: The Latest State Dinner

Fox News: WASHINGTON –  Michelle and Barack Obama found just the right spot to seat a gent going stag to Tuesday’s state dinner: They plopped French President Francois Hollande down right between them in a giant party tent, and put the pshaw to all that drama about his solo trip to the U.S. after a very public breakup from his first lady. The A-list guest roster for the biggest social event of Obama’s second term — flush with celebrities, Democratic donors, politicians and business types — mostly tried not to go there, tactfully avoiding talk about “l’affaire Hollande.” “I don’t … Continue reading

Obamacare: The Law That Changes Daily

Yesterday: Steve Hayes, Kirsten Powers, and Charles Krauthammer join FNC’s Bret Baier on Special Report to weigh in with their compelling commentary in this discussion of the new Obamacare delay. Proof that even Obama believes that ObamaCare sucks. Boehner and the republicans could make political hay out of this if they actually had the stones to do it.  Time to draft articles of Impeachment if for nothing more than to highlight the lawlessness of Obama.  Of course, none of this would get past Harry Reid’s desk in the Senate but it might get the sorry excuse for a media to … Continue reading

Breaking My New Years’ Resolution.

I had resolved to write NO MORE global warming stories for this year. So sick of them, I could break out in goddamn hives. THIS one I could not resist. From The Daily   Report: 95 percent of global warming models are wrong. 3:30 PM  02/11/2014 By Michael Bastasch It is, Al. And it says YOU are more full of shit than a Christmas Goose. Environmentalists and Democrats often cite a “97 percent” consensus among  climate scientists about global warming. But they never cite estimates that 95  percent of climate models predicting global temperature rises have been  wrong. Former … Continue reading

Eric Holder to Step Down This Year

From The Washington Times: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder will step down this year, he said in an interview with the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin in the magazine’s Feb. 17 edition. In a feature article, Holder said he plans on staying in his position “well into” the year. Last November, Holder, the first black attorney general, told CBS News he didn’t have “any plans” to step down. Mr. Holder has made voting rights the test case of his tenure, the New Yorker reported. He has been a vocal critic of the Supreme Court case that invalidated key parts of the Voting Rights Act and has supported … Continue reading

Virginia has Entered The Twilight Zone

Below is an email letter received from Mark Obenshain (who lost the AG’s race).   Dear X: What a difference one vote makes. A new Lieutenant Governor—that’s all that was needed for Democrats to reorganize the Senate, and now they’re taking full advantage. The changes are striking, and to see that, you need look no farther than the  committee vote on legislation raising the minimum wage to $9.25 per hour, $2 above the federal minimum wage. The vote in the Commerce & Labor Committee yesterday was 10-6. The AFL-CIO, SEUI, the United Food and Commercial Workers International, Progress Virginia, and Virginia Organizing were … Continue reading

Savage Asks Questions O’Reilly Didn’t

From WND: On his nationally syndicated show today, talk-radio host Michael Savage will present the questions he would like to ask President Obama in a sit-down interview. “The Savage Nation” airs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time, noon to 3 p.m. Pacific, on Cumulus Media Networks stations and others nationwide. Savage said they’re “questions Bill O’Reilly didn’t ask” in his interview with the president before the Super Bowl on the Fox television network. He poses his invitation to Obama this way: “Dear Mr. President, I and millions of Americans who love this nation would like me to sit … Continue reading

What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement?

From the NJ Times:  By Nicole Glonek The more information about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement that comes out, the more alarmed I am by it. Anyone who would think to support the TPP has no regard for Americans. Few members of Congress have seen the complete draft text of the TPP, yet hundreds of corporate advisors, from Wall Street to Walmart, reportedly have been given access — the same firms that have effectively wrecked our economy. These firms are the only ones who will benefit from TPP at the expense of American workers. The claim is that TPP will create … Continue reading

Where the Stars & Stripes and the Eagle Flies

Written by Larry Reams and posted in the Grassroots Commentary at The Patriot Post: Let me quote a statistic: “In America, statistics show that less that 5% of registered voters actively participate within the fabric of politics beyond the act of voting. Within this small number, there is even a smaller percentage that comprises the leadership of both liberal and conservative activists. Within these tiny percentages, the fate of the nation resides.” (Confrontational Politics; H.L. Richardson; 2010; p.36) Do let that sink in. That 5% includes liberals and conservatives. Here’s a few more to make my point. Rounding to the nearest … Continue reading

REALLY?! We are going to fall for this?

From Fox News  Schumer offers answer to GOP’s fear on Obama and immigration: enact now, start law in 2017 Published February 10, 2014 New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer offered a compromise Sunday with House Republicans who say they cannot pass immigration reform legislation for fear President Obama won’t enforce the related laws — pass the legislation now and enact it when the president leaves office. “Let’s enact the law this year, but simply not let it actually start until 2017, after President Obama’s term is over,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Schumer, who helped lead his chamber … Continue reading

Sikhs Not Satisfied With New Military Rules

From Voice of America: The United States military recently announced new rules that it says will give service members more freedom to wear beards and certain garments for religious reasons. Members of some religious groups, however, believe the new rules don’t go far enough. The U.S. military generally bans beards, as a way of maintaining uniformity and safety. Now the military will make it easier for service members to get waivers to keep their beards on religious grounds – and wear certain religious items, like turbans — as long as they don’t interfere with the mission or the use of … Continue reading

If Not So Darned Sad, this Would be Funny …

From the Pundit Press NAACP Holding Rally to Protest Voter ID Laws; Photo IDs Required to Attend by Aurelius • February 8, 2014 The NAACP will be holding a march to protest voter ID laws. In order to attend, all members are required to bring along a photo ID. In a flier entitled “Important Dos and Don’ts for Marchers!!!,” the NAACP state at the top that all protesters conduct themselves “in accordance with the historic custom of the Civil Rights Movement.” They should also listen to their “marshals at all times” and follow the “Dos” and “Don’ts” underneath the opening paragraph. Some … Continue reading

Connect the Dots: The Shadow Party

NOTE: This piece was originally published on Townhall in 2009. I’ve updated it prior to republishing here. LEGEND: The players are highlighted in bold RED, the funds, organizations, and groups are highlighted in bold BLUE, and the money that changes hands is in bold GREEN. If you missed the first Connect the Dots segment on George Soros, click HERE to read it. The Shadow Party  No one knows for certain who first coined the term “Shadow Party,” but Business Week Journalist Lorraine Woellert might have been first when she called the Democrat network a “shadow party” in a September 2003 article. Since … Continue reading

Testimony of a Patriot Under Fire

  Catherine Engelbrecht is the founder of both True the Vote, and King Street Patriots. This is her testimony before Congress last week regarding the abuses by various government agencies: “I refuse to be cast as a victim… a victim has no options… I will continue to speak out…”   ” I will not retreat nor surrender” From Bravo! ~ Hardnox