The Hits Just Keep On Coming.

Had this been Ford, Toyota, Honda, or anyone else but Tesla, Chevrolet, or Fisker, NHTSA would have been battering down the doors already. Houston, we have a problem. NO SHIT, Maynard. From The Daily   Get the wienies, marshmallows, and beer. We’re having a CAR-B-QUE !!     Hey, NHTSA, WHERE the HELL is the recall on THESE hazards ?? Government launches probe into Tesla fires. 11:55 PM  11/19/2013  By Breanna  Deutsch Three is not Tesla’s lucky number. After the electric car company’s third fire-related incident, the National  Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced Tuesday that it plans to launch  … Continue reading

One From The ” GEE, NO SHIT” File.

In the CLASSIC understatement of the year, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, (CD, NY), let this cat out of bag. Not like WE already didn’t KNOW this. From   Dem Senator: ‘We All Knew’ Obama Was Lying. You lying, corrupt BITCH. You have been a FINE replacement for Hillary. Lie worse than SHE does, and THAT is saying something.                 by             Ben Shapiro      17 Nov 2013, 1:03 PM PDT On Sunday, appearing on ABC’s This Week with fill-in host Martha Raddatz, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted that Democrats knew full well that Americans would be booted from their health … Continue reading

Something From The “That’s Total Bullshit” file.

It figures a communist cluck, and a socialist scumbag would come up with this harebrained scheme, that DAMN sure will NOT work as advertised. See if you don’t agree. From The Daily   CBO says carbon tax would cut deficit. 11:38 AM  11/15/2013  By Michael Bastasch  Babs Boxer, Communist, Ca. If THIS twit, and THIS one……. Bernie Sanders, Communist, VT.…..believe THIS is GOOD for America, you best bend  over and grab the ankles. It would be ANYTHING but good.   The Congressional Budget Office has suggested a carbon tax as one solution to  the federal budget deficit, estimating $1 … Continue reading

Cooked Condor ?? Roasted Robins?? Sauteed Snow Geese??

Here is another report on one of the previously untold hazards of “green” energy. Not only are wind farms chopping up scores of our feathered friends, it seems solar panels are searing them as well. From     Solar Panels Frying Birds Along Major Migration Path. Sure looks like a “Condor Cuisinart” to me.   From the chopper to the fryer, in two easy steps.              by             Warner Todd Huston       13 Nov 2013 Some animal rights activists are wondering just how many birds green energy may unintentionally kill as more and more birds turn up dead at solar energy … Continue reading

Will Hell Freeze Over ?

It will, if THIS legislation gets legs. A bad idea, that needs to die, like the 600,000 bats it kills each year. From The Daily Bipartisan coalition aims to end wind power subsidies. 4:02 PM  11/14/2013  By Michael Bastasch We’ve pissed away ENOUGH taxpayer funds on these, enabling THIS to happen…..   Has ANYONE heard from The Audubon Society about THIS travesty? Time to put them on milk cartons. And, we DAMN sure don’t need to see any more of THIS.  Especially at $ 4 million apiece. Click link above. Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo leads a bipartisan coalition calling for … Continue reading

THIS Could Happen, If Only……

….. the damnable democrats, environmentalist wackos, and the Obama Regime get the hell out of the way. Most likely won’t happen in MY lifetime. From The Daily   ONLY if the wacko birds GET THE HELL out of the way. United States may be close to reaching energy ‘self-sufficiency’. 9:50 PM  11/13/2013  By Michael Bastasch SAFE, and EFFICIENT.    And, CAN help LOWER costs. BIRD KILLERS, and FIRE HAZARDS. And, PROHIBITIVELY expensive. Although, take away THIS party’s GRAFT, I suppose it COULD be cheaper….. If the jackass fits……… Personally, I think democrats LOVE punishing the “poor” in this fashion. They … Continue reading

A Lesson Not Learned

“Hope and Change” was the populist catchphrase Barack H. Obama rode to the presidency. Once there, he set upon achieving his campaign promise to fundamentally transform America, and transform he did. From Moscow to Mexico City, Berlin to Beijing, Abu Dhabi to Zagreb, Obama “reset” the Nation’s political, economic, and military relationships worldwide. Many long time allies and partners found they were shunted aside in favor of former foes. Increased tension in the Middle East, renewed bluster by North Korea, the resurgence of Al Queda, are but a few examples of the chaos emanating from such dramatic power shifts, and … Continue reading

Fire Up The ‘Dozers, And Shove’em Into Overdrive.

Here is some more of the total asininity coming out of the U-frigging-N’s lie fest in Warsaw. And, I’m SURE the administration secretly supports it. From The Daily   US to oppose UN climate ‘reparations’ proposal. 5:11 PM  11/14/2013  By Michael Bastasch   Fuel’em, lube’em, fire’em up. The assholes from the U-frigging-N are STILL trying to loot the U.S. Treasury. WAY past time to turn THIS into THIS……. … And, for good measure, throw in THIS as well….     Nothing but lying FRAUDS.       The United States will oppose the United Nations’ efforts to set up … Continue reading

Grey Lady Down.

Another one of these leftist media stories I NEVER tire of seeing. From   Rats Leave New York Times Sinking Ship.   From THIS.   To THIS.  After hitting the Iceberg Of TRUTH.               by     Larry O’Connor     13 Nov 2013, 5:48 AM PDT “Nearly everyone who gets a lucrative offer will leave. The era of the lifelong Timesman — or lifelong Timeswoman — is over.” That’s what an anonymous former New York Times journalist told HuffPo’s Michael Calderone when asked about the alarming number of staff departures at the Grey Lady. Journalist Matt Bai is the third New … Continue reading

When A Country Has ADULT Leadership…..

….they tell the U-frigging-N to pound sand. In a piece I find heartening, the Australians had THIS to say in Warsaw. From Australia to UN: No More ‘Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism’. Refreshing to hear a NATION tell this bunch to piss off.   Come join US, mates. We have PLENTY of THESE to knock the Den Of Thieves down. YOU bring the Foster’s, we will bring the Budweisers!!!                by             Tony Lee         11 Nov 2013 Australia’s cabinet has decided it will reject new contributions or taxes related to climate change at this week’s annual United Nations global summit … Continue reading

Another “Obama Green Energy Success” Story…….

….that the environmentalist wackos, the administration, and limpstream media does NOT want you to know. All those ethanol mandates to the national motor fuel supply looks like it is doing more HARM than GOOD. Imagine that.  From The Daily   Is the ethanol mandate worse for the environment than fracking? 12:03 PM  11/12/2013  by Michael Bastasch Let’s see if I get this right. The loony left think THIS is EVIL, with ZERO incidents of contaminated water, but THIS…………………. …….which leads to THIS……..   …..HUMONGOUS algae blooms, depriving rivers, and streams, eventually the Gulf and other large bodies of water, … Continue reading

Calypso Louie. Still Crazy.

Nation of Islam “leader” Louis Farrakhan recently opined about the sentence of the former Mayor, and Chief Thief in Detroit. Proof this dude is DELUSIONAL. See if you don’t agree. From The Detroit November 11, 2013 at 1:24 pm Farrakhan: Feds will feel ‘wrath of God’ for Kilpatrick’s sentence. Robert Snell   Crazy Louie Farrakhan. WHO is going to feel the “Wrath Of God”, Louie? YOU. For being a hypocritical asshole. This sonofabitch is RIGHT where he BELONGS. Just not LONG ENOUGH. Detroit — Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the people responsible for sentencing former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick … Continue reading

So, It Wasn’t SUV’s After All ?

In a recently released study from THE leading voice of reason in the AGW debate, it looks like something OTHER than the dreaded SUV is the culprit. Look for the Fraudacle to label this man as a “denier” in 3….2….1. From The Daily Study: El Nino caused half the global warming since 1970s.   5:30 PM  11/11/2013   by  Michael Bastasch  Found NOT GUILTY of the “crime” of Man-Made Global Warming. HERE is the GUILTY party. El Nino. As “judged” by Dr. Spencer.   Along with THIS asshole. As to his “quote”, THIS is the TRUTH…..   THAT is TRUTH … Continue reading

Looks Like This Shined Turd Is Losing It’s Lustre.

For most of this year, Tesla Motors has been the darling of the capital markets. After a crappy 3rd. quarter, and poor 4th quarter guidance, the bloom is coming off the rose. Not to mention, 3 ill-timed FIRES. From Investors’ Business Daily .com   Tesla Hauls Automakers From  Leading Industry Ranks. By ALAN R.  ELLIOTT, INVESTOR’S  BUSINESS DAILY  Posted 11/08/2013 06:15 PM ET From hero to ZERO in 60 days or less.      My, how QUICKLY they become CAR-B-QUE.   What goes UP, MUST come DOWN. With a thud. The week’s meltdown in shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) dragged the automakers … Continue reading

Obama’s Secret Iran Détente

From the Daily Beast: Long before a nuclear deal was in reach, the U.S. was quietly lifting some of the financial pressure on Iran, a Daily Beast investigation reveals. How the sanctions were softened.   The Obama administration began softening sanctions on Iran after the election of Iran’s new president in June, months before the current round of nuclear talks in Geneva or the historic phone call between the two leaders in September. While those negotiations now appear on the verge of a breakthrough the key condition for Iran—relief from crippling sanctions—began quietly and modestly five months ago. A review of Treasury … Continue reading


Not much to add to this  excellent piece by one of my favorite sources. From Michael Bastasch at The Daily I would LOVE to hear asshats like THESE complain about “skyrocketing energy costs”. I’d BITCHSLAP the stupid right out of them. ANALYSIS: We’re going backwards. 10:00 PM  11/08/2013  by Michael Bastasch It’s the dawn of the 21st century and the country is on the verge of what  could be the biggest energy boom in history, but out-of-control environmental  policies could drag  us back into the dark ages. From renewable  energy mandates to  anti-genetically modified crop campaigns, extreme environmentalism and … Continue reading

HERE Is The REAL “War On Women”.

Courtesy of the economic “prowess” of the Obama Regime. These numbers tell the story. From   357,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs in October; Female Participation Rate Hits New Low.   November 8, 2013 – 9:24 AM  By Ali Meyer       And to THINK, YOU morons SWOONED over this asshole. ( — American women participating in the nation’s labor  force hit a new low at a rate of 56.9 percent in October, according to  data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Additionally, the number of women holding jobs declined by 357,000  from September to October, … Continue reading

Hmmm…… I Thought These Things NEEDED Wind.

Guess even a wind turbine can’t take too much of a breeze. Our latest wind turbine story is out of Oregon. From The Daily Wind turbine collapses from too much wind. 5:49 PM  11/08/2013 by Michael Bastasch   I wonder if it ended up like THIS one? Click above link.     A turbine at one of the largest wind farms in the world has collapsed —  thanks to too much wind. The 10-year-old turbine collapsed after a windstorm swept through the area  earlier this week, reports the East Oregonian. The Stateline  Wind Farm is run by NextEra Energy, … Continue reading

We Make Jokes, And It Turns Into The TRUTH.

We’ve always joked about how the global warming wackos have this as their “religion”. Turns out, we were MORE RIGHT than we thought. From The Daily I thought the ACLU BANNED “praying in the public square” ? All-Communist Lovers Union. SILENT about this “religious organization”.   Not a religion? Greens pray outside EPA for CO2 cuts. 11:35 AM  11/08/2013  by Michael Bastasch Belief in man-made global warming has been derided by skeptics as a  “religion,” but yesterday environmentalists gathered outside the Environmental  Protection Agency to  pray and urge the agency to cut carbon emissions from coal plants. The environmental … Continue reading

Let’s Play “Connect The Dots”.

Yesterday, I had a post up about CNN getting out of the news business. They should have made it IMMEDIATELY, before THIS stupidity got out there. See if YOU can make the “connection”. From CNN Blames Christians for Obamacare Problems. Is THIS a BIGGER laughingstock than THIS ?  ……     Too close to call, IMHO.             by    Joel B. Pollak         8 Nov 2013, 12:14 PM PDT CNN has blamed Christians for the problem of Americans without health insurance, calling it “The Obamacare ‘scandal’ you haven’t heard about.” In an article on’s Belief Blog, CNN writer John Blake says that, … Continue reading