Pat Condell: Europe’s Last Chance

Europe is on the verge of a civil war and the war has been imported into the continent. Well stated.  We have the same type of morons in charge here and the remedy is the same.  Jihadi war on our shores has already started yet we’re not allowed to discuss it without being labeled an islamophobe. Calling out the obvious is called common sense. Trump 2016.  Our last chance.  Build the wall, enforce existing laws.  Vote like your life depends on it, because it does. ~ Hardnox  

Gingrich and Becerra debate state of 2016 race

This morning on FOX News Sunday… After watching this I am convinced Trump will kick Hillary’s ass this November.  Former House speaker Newt Gingrich and Democratic Congressman Becerra (Dim-CA) react to Clinton “alleged” widening lead over Trump. The left is totally disconnected with the reality that Americans experience everyday. ~ Hardnox  

4 Sale: 1 Black Soul

Wow. Here’s something you don’t see every day.  You know it’s bad when someone is selling your “black soul” on Ebay, complete with a picture of a giant pile of bear crap. This was an actual ad :     DESCRIPTION OF ITEM : For a limited time, available to the highest bidder, is the unopened, unused, and unfortunately non-working soul of Hillary Clinton. Although many times souls are exchanged with the devil for favors or other worldly items, even lucifer said this one was a bit too evil for him so it is going to have to go for … Continue reading

Even THEY Don’t Buy Their Own B.S. Anymore

I have the same reaction ( plus a bit of throw-up in my mouth ) as this State Dept. spokesman does when I hear these words come from ANYBODY in the obamohammed administration : The background voice has it right. ~Terry

Debates vs NFL

We know she used the same strategy against Bernie. HildaBeast doesn’t want her minions to see her shredded in a debate, and her dirty laundry exposed, so she manages to get the debates scheduled at a time when the least people might see it. This time she is hiding behind football games. Longtime Clinton insider Dick Morris tells us why and how she manages to get away with it.     ~Terry

Test Your Stomach Strength

As you watch an Idiot mention himself 119 times in a speech supposedly about The Hilda Hag. Schmuck, thy name is Obama. And people worry about Trump as POTUS and the nuclear codes when this moron has control of them? The thought of this idiot in charge of ANYTHING remotely military should send a torrent of shit down one’s leg. More gut-wrenching videos by the serial narcissistic sociopath himself! CAN YOU HANDLE IT!? Jan. 5th, 2016: In 33 Minute Speech on Guns, Obama Refers to Himself 76 Times Oct. 1st, 2015: In 12 Minute Speech to America About Mass Shooting, Obama Refers … Continue reading

GITMO Prisoner Seen In Venezuela

Who didn’t know that 200+ released GITMO jihadis weren’t going back to terrorism?  Those GITMO prisoners are the worst of the worst yet the Brown Clown had them released.   It’s only a matter of time before one or more of those troglodytes makes it to our homeland and kills Americans. Donald Trump had it right when he stated this yesterday: “Ignorant” must be a codeword in Trump speak for asshole. ~ Hardnox

Who Hispanic Voters Support Most In 2016

What part of ILLEGAL ALIEN don’t the dims understand? GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dismiss the notion that legal immigrants are pro-illegal.  I have yet to meet one legal immigrant that thinks illegals deserve to be here.  I find it insulting that the DNC has illegals addressing the country at their convention. Build the wall! Stuart Varney discusses the other side… ~ Hardnox

Pete Hegseth Talks to Philly Cops Ahead of Expected DNC Protests

At the RNC in Cleveland last week, Pete Hegseth ventured into the anti-American protests, where some demonstrators were arrested after burning American flags. This week, the Afghanistan and Iraq War veteran talked to some Philadelphia police officers who are getting ready for the influx of crowds and protesters amid a heatwave that will have temperatures in the mid-90s all week. Hegseth noted what a phenomenal job the police in Cleveland did and explained that some Philly officers he talked to expressed concern that there’s a “target” on their backs. One female officer said they are confident in their preparations, but … Continue reading

Melania’s Hidden Racist Side

Melania Trump’s RNC Fashion: A Scary Statement I saw the headline and of course I had to go there. Yes it was a profound political statement written by a journalist of the most profound of political arenas…The Fashion Police ! After a few sentences that actually dealt with and praised the beauty of Mrs. Trump’s gown at her RNC speech Monday night, the writer got down to the not-so- hidden symbolism of it : RACISM ! I’ll pick up the article where she began unfolding what we simple minded sheep on the right are unable to recognize : “We are truly … Continue reading

Is there a Coup in the Works?

Not long ago Stephen Coonts put out a new book. LIBERTY’S LAST STAND. Islamic terrorists lit the fuse…but a treacherous president planted the bomb. With the nation in shock over a series of Islamist outrages (shooting up a Catholic grade school and a baseball game are just two of them) by “refugees”, the president of the United States – Barry Soetoro – imposes martial law, cancels the imminent presidential election, and suspends the Constitution. In response, Texas secedes—and what follows is the bloodiest, most harrowing internal insurrection since the Civil War. The purges that follow arrest thousands of people, including … Continue reading

Intellectual Froglegs: “Guilty as Hill”

Here is the latest episode by Joe Dan Gorman with special guest cartoonist AF Branco. Yes, America is badass! Well done Joe Dan. ~ Hardnox

Heeeeere’s JODI !

Been slackin’ on my Jodi vids lately. My Bad. To make up for it, I offer you a double dose of our Lovely Lib Lashing Lady…..     This Week’s…..     ‘Til next time…. ~Terry

Pedophilia – the Next Sexual Rights Revolution?

  JEROME R. CORSI NEW YORK – The underlying assumption that has led to the increasing legitimization of same-sex marriage is now fueling a growing effort in academic circles to mainstream pedophilia. Once considered taboo, psychologists are beginning to walk down the same path LGBT activists established more than 50 years ago, insisting that pedophilia is an inborn “sexual orientation,” not a learned sexual behavior. If people are born with a sexual attraction to minors, the argument goes, their “orientation” should be accepted as normative and not stigmatized. James Cantor, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in the Law and Mental Health … Continue reading

Keystone Blowback: TransCanada Sues Obama for $15 Billion

From Canada Free Press The boss explained in detail back in November why Obama’s refusal to permit the Keystone XL pipeline was a load of crap. We’ve talked about it a lot here, and when we do, we usually focus on all the economic benefits to the United States that were lost because Obama chose to cater to his extreme leftist environmentalist base rather than govern like a serious person. But we didn’t focus quite as much on the blow this dealt to TransCanada, the company that proposed to build the pipeline and lost seven years with nothing to show … Continue reading

Judge Jeanine Pirro: 1st Time History Pres Candidate Under Fed Investigation

The fix is in.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If Hildabitch gets elected president and escapes prosecution then game over.  America and a semblance of the rule of law is over. We have the Uniparty that is protecting an unindicted felon and while simultaneously trashing the republican candidate.  Unfrigginbelievable! Where TF are the FBI agents, DoJ lawyers that swore an oath to defend the Constitution?  Pussies! I am disgusted beyond words.  My head is exploding.  It’s time to fix bayonets. ~ Hardnox