Do Democrat Lawmakers Anticipate Treason Trials?

From Canada Free Press by Eric Rush: According to a report by Breitbart’s Elizabeth Sheld, eight Democrat lawmakers have proposed a bill that would eliminate the death penalty as a consequence for individuals convicted of numerous federal crimes, among them espionage and treason. Nothing happens in Washington without a reason, so The Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act (HR 3741) gives rise to a bevy of questions and suspicions. What motivation would congressional Democrats have for wishing to neutralize the death penalty option for such serious crimes? While the average news consumer is conditioned to summarily dismiss the machinations of government … Continue reading

Democrats. Self-Proclaimed “Friend Of The Little Guy” Last Part.

In this short series, I have attempted to shine the light of TRUTH on the myth, promulgated by the democrats, and their willing accomplices of the mainstream media, of their “concern” for the “little people”.   THIS sums up the modern-day democrats PERFECTLY. So does THIS.   With friends like THESE, we don’t NEED enemies. In Part One, here, I covered Obamacare, and the ridiculous costs of most forms of energy. In Part Two, here, I covered the democrats asininity on manipulating the housing markets, and the scam of alternative energy, and it’s effect on costs. In Part Three, here, … Continue reading

Bill Whittle: The End of the Beginning

In classic Bill Whittle style he describes this deceitful administration and how easy it was to fool the American people. (hat-tip Gunny G at the Anti-Liberal Zone) ~ Hardnox

Will The Doors Of Hell Swing Open ?

For THIS sonofabitch, let us hope so. Never has there been a more noxious, odious bastard than this asshat. From The Daily     I have a MUCH better place for YOU to be, Harry. See below. Even GOD knows what a prick this criminal is. THIS is what Dingy Harry TRULY thinks of America, and Americans.   Enjoy the stay, Harry. Hope it’s long, and TOASTY. Harry Reid hospitalized 9:28 AM  12/20/2013  By Alexis Levinson Political Reporter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid  is in the hospital, having checked himself in early Friday morning when he did  not feel … Continue reading


Read it, and see if you do not agree. Maybe NOT the “shadow chief of staff”. More like shadow PRESIDENT. From The Daily   Valerie Jarrett: ‘I’m not the shadow chief of staff’ 1:07 PM  12/18/2013  By Alex Pappas Political Reporter   This sums up WHAT Valerie Jarrett is. She is an extension of Obama, or, more precisely, HE of HER. Iranian born. Favored status towards Iran. Coincidence?  NO.   A HUGE no-shitter there. Choose the REAL president here. What exactly does she do? That’s a question often asked about longtime Obama family  confidante and senior White House aide … Continue reading

The Mitt We Never Knew

from the IJ Review: Did you ever wonder what kind of man Mitt Romney really was behind the scenes? The man we saw was always camera ready with answers in hand. Here’s a peek at the real guy, the dad, the husband and the candidate. I believe he would have been a great president and had it not been for the massive voter fraud perpetrated by O and his regime, things in America could be going very differently now. Greg Whitley is a close family friend who had exclusive access to Romney for six years and he recently directed a new … Continue reading

Schumer: Vets Should Take a Pay Cut – Not Congress

From Joe for America: Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that it’s time that US military veterans do their part for America by taking a cut to their retirement benefits. Because, of course, veterans haven’t done enough for the country. Members of Congress, however, should take no such cuts. According to the rather despicable gun-control advocating Senator Schumer, the government officials have sacrificed enough. Civilian federal employees have been cut, cut, cut. I think there was a  feeling, if you’re going to cut them further, which was done, that the military retirees should have about an equal amount. It’s small,” the New York Democrat told … Continue reading

Liars Hiring BIGGER Liars.

The Obama Regime figures it hasn’t lied enough about the “global warming” agenda, so it is bringing in one of THE biggest liars EVER. More Clinton Administration bullshitters practicing their “craft” where one would not have thought it necessary. From   Podesta Expected to Push Environmentalist Agenda in WH. Imagine. A KNOWN liar, lying for one of the BEST who ever spewed lies, working for the Crown Prince of liars. Look for bullshit like THIS to increase exponentially.   Obama’s NEW liar , oops, ADVISOR, and his OLD boss.   New Bosses same as the OLD boss.     by             … Continue reading

I’m Not Surprised With THIS Revelation.

The latest leftist nutcase shooting up a “gun-free school zone” seems to have an animus. GUESS WHO it is against. You never will. From   Arapahoe High Gunman: Republicans Are the Party of ‘Let ’em Die’.      Karl Pierson. At 18, a devout leftist. Looks as if the idiotic media CANNOT blame THIS one on “the right”. Not even close.    Undoubtedly young Mr. Pierson’s heroes. At least, he STILL can vote for them.   by             John Nolte                  14 Dec 2013 Early news reports have identified the Arapahoe High School gunman as Karl Halverson Pierson, an 18-year-old student. … Continue reading

You Can Do Your Part

If you find yourself without a place to protest the Obama administration this weekend, look no further than your local retailers. The movement is called “Impeach Obamarama” and has been designated for Dec. 14 and 21. The “mischievous” event encourages people to go to their local retailer and rearrange letters to spell “impeach Obama,” according to a post on the “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment Florida” Facebook page. Craft and hardware stores or departments are the most likely targets for the activity. The Facebook page “Breitbart – One Voice Silenced, Millions Awakened’s Photos” posted this photo taken at a Hobby Lobby store … Continue reading

Can the US Be Far Behind?

From Canada Free Press: Belgium: Senate Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to Euthanize Children Belgium, soulless Home of the European Union,  has taken its next step to becoming the first country in the world to allow euthanasia for terminally ill children—extending to toddlers a 2002 law legalizing euthanasia for adults in a 50-17 vote. Life has no value for 50 Belgian Senate members spurred on by a 13-4 vote from a Senate Committee long pushing for euthanasia for children. In typical Belgium Senate style, the vote-by-number, aping paint-by-number vote tally, divulges no names attached to the vote, making government-sanctioned childhood euthanasia … Continue reading

Ahhh…Yes. Those KIND, GENEROUS Liberals.

Or, maybe NOT. THE most ODIOUS of ALL the communistic liberal loon Hollyweird leftists has a “Charitable Foundation.” Take a guess how much this BITCH’S “charitable foundation” gave in the last 5 years. From The Smoking via Report: Jane Fonda’s Foundation Hasn’t Given One Penny to Charity in Five Years. THIS is what a communist SLUT looks like. Anyone remember THIS ?? Or with THIS haughty asshole ?             by             Breitbart News                  12 Dec 2013, 10:12 AM PDT Jane Fonda, one of Hollywood’s most liberal stars, runs a charity that hasn’t donated a penny to good causes over the … Continue reading

Some Gave None, Some Gave All

On the one hand, we have this – two pukes who don’t know come here from sick-em’ about the American people or what this country is really about. They stand for nothing. On the other hand, we have, or we had, guys like this, who absolutely gave their all, because they believed in what we’re doing. They stand for everything. Marine Lt. Gen. John Kelly gave this speech in 2010 just four days after his own son had passed away. Here’s the bulk of it: Two years ago when I was the Commander of all U.S. and Iraqi forces, in fact, … Continue reading

How Is “The War On Coal” Going?

Unfortunately, it’s STILL going strong, especially under Asshat’s watch. Secession is sounding BETTER all the time. From The Daily   Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South. 1:57 AM  12/10/2013 By Michael Bastasch OK. Northeast liberals. SHUT ALL THEM DOWN NOW. We shall see how LONG you can last during THIS period of “global warming”. Assholes. The CLEANEST, and SAFEST of ALL electrical generation sources, and you MOONBATS would NEVER allow another one to be built. THINK about THAT when WE secede, leaving YOU assholes in the DARK, and hopefully, COLD.   Eight Democratic states … Continue reading

Mandela’s Funeral and Inappropriate Preening

From the Daily Caller: Nelson Mandela’s funeral has been used an opportunity for ambitious politicians to strut and pose, to advance their careers and claims, says Mark Leibovich, author and chief correspondent for The New York Times Magazine. “A big-ticket funeral can become a great theater for preening and networking and peacocking, the kinds of things that people in media and politics are known for,” Leibovich told The Daily Caller. President Barack Obama flew down there on his huge blue-and-white Air Force One, to give a 19-minute speech about the lessons that Nelson Mandela could teach American politicians. He made sure to be seen … Continue reading

One For The “Doubting Thomases” Out There.

Many times in past posts I have criticized the ENDLESS parade of Harvard “geniuses” among government types. Seems they ARE NOT as smart as the leftists coming FROM THERE would have you believe.  From   Massive Harvard Grade Inflation Revealed. What a farce. High school dropouts have more “honor” than graduates of THIS liberal Mecca have. And, more COMMON SENSE as well. Like THIS asshat, and THIS one…… Liberal icon, and serial womanizer JFK, and on to THIS one…. NOTHING needs to be said about THIS one, or THIS one as well….. Now how many of you knew Ted … Continue reading

Sure Hope They Have A LOT Of Disinfectant.

The BECS, TOTALLY ignorant of this HALLOWED ground, makes it about HIMSELF. I know, I know. What else is new?  From   Obama Honors Pearl Harbor Dead with Picture of Himself. Too bad the asshole didn’t fall in. Jerk.   I wonder if the idiot even KNOWS what happened at this revered site. Doubtful. by             William Bigelow           8 Dec 2013, 12:03 PM PDT President Barack Obama’s Facebook page on Saturday posted a message honoring the dead from Pearl Harbor—accompanied by a picture of Obama descending the stairs next to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. The picture barely fits the name of … Continue reading

Another “Obama Success Story”.

Bad enough the asshat hates the nation, BUT our national SYMBOL as well ?? And, WHERE is the OUTRAGE from the environmentalist left?  From The Washington   Obama administration issues permits for wind farms to kill more eagles. By Stephen Dinan The Washington Times Friday, December 6, 2013   THIS magnificent creature was named our NATIONAL BIRD for a REASON. Not a crow, not a tufted titmouse, not a robin, but an EAGLE. Strength, beauty, grace in one avian package.   HERE will be the result of another one of asshat’s “brainstorms”.   And to THINK, this is acceptable … Continue reading